How Much Is A Car Battery At Costco?

Getting to know the price of vehicle battery from Costco.

When it comes to automotive batteries, price doesn’t guarantee quality. Keep in mind that cheap batteries are not the top performers in professional and real-life tests, but they are not also consistently the worst performing once either.

With that being said, you can’t tell if a car battery is bad or good based on its price. So if you are planning to purchase a car battery, why don’t consider going to Costco.

If you are wondering how much does an auto battery cost at Costco?, then you will have to read this article!

In this article, you will get all the information that you want to know about Costco. It will also provide you the right information on how can you purchase a good and reliable car battery from the said store.

This article will show you what are the battery types and brands they offer and it will also give an idea about their prices. It will also guide on how to get the right car battery replacement you need to get the best value for your money and make sure that you are making the right investment. So let us begin by understanding what Costco is!

What Is Costco?

It is a well-known American Retail store that became very popular in the shopping community because of the huge bargains and amazing discounts that it offers. It is a one-stop shopping center covers all categories and offers a vast range of products to its clientele.

Apart from its huge shopping facilities, it also has a tire center, car battery center and all sorts of facilities to cater to all shopping necessities. So if you are looking for a car battery replacement or a new battery, it can be a great place to check out.

What Are The Battery Types And Brands Costco Offers?

After the Costco Kirkland battery was discontinued. The Costco Auto Center only offers one brand for their car batteries; this brand is Interstate. All of the auto batteries they offer are covered with up to forty-two months warranty, so if the lack of brand concerns you, then it shouldn’t. Costco Interstate Batteries are perfectly compatible with cars, trucks and marine vehicles and they are known for their reliability and dependability.

With more than 65 years of industry service at their back, these Interstate batteries are designed and engineered to power all types of vehicles even with high electric consumption. They also come with a 12 – 42-month warranty to build trust.

The Price Of Costco Interstate Auto Battery

Costco Interstate batteries are priced depending on their size and type. Right now the prices of these batteries range from $50 – $100 depending on the battery type that you will be purchasing and its size. There’s also a $15 core fee which is refundable when you return the old Costco battery.

Every battery will also come with a specific warranty depending on the battery that you will purchase, warranty ranges from 12 months up to 42 months. If you purchase a battery at Costco, the installation will also be free.

How To Purchase A Vehicle Battery At Costco

The only way that you can purchase a car battery at Costco is by visiting the local Costco Store near you. All you have to do is to visit their store and head to the Tire Center department and approach a customer representative.

They will assist you and provide you with your needs. After you select the car battery that you want to purchase, a Costco representative will also install the battery on your vehicle for FREE.

Main Aspects To Consider In Purchasing Batteries

If you are going to buy an automotive battery for your vehicle, there are important aspects that you have to consider to make sure that you are buying the right one. Rushing to purchase a battery without considering these aspects will waste your you time and money.

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So before you make your purchase, make sure to keep these things in mind:

● Correct Dimensions and Size – Automotive batteries come in a variety of sizes which indicates the dimensions. Each vehicle will require a specific size of the car battery that will fit on your vehicle’s battery tray. To learn about the size that will perfectly fit your vehicle, make sure to check your owner’s manual or consult a professional mechanic.
● Amount of Time it Can Run on its Own – This determines the reserved energy of the battery that allows it to run on its own. With a high energy reserve, it will help the battery in situations where the vehicle’s engine is failing or the alternator is failing. So make sure to identify enough reserve capacity you need for your vehicle.
● Required Amount of Power – It will refer to the power required to start your vehicle or ignite the spark plug. You can check the Cranking Amp which is the energy required for normal temperatures and Cold Cranking Amp which refers to the energy required for low-temperatures.
● Available Warranties – In purchasing a car battery, you will also have to consider the warranties offered. If possible, choose the battery with the longest period of free replacement. Considering warranties will protect you from incompetent car batteries and will also make sure that you are getting a battery with good quality.


Costco is an excellent choice for purchasing a new or a replace the car battery. Although it only sells one brand of battery, the warranties that it offers a too good to pass on. As we mentioned above, the price itself can’t be the basis of a car battery’s performance. As long is it offers optimum performance, that battery can be a good choice for your vehicle.

This article provided with a lot of information regarding how Costco can be a good choice. It also provided you information about how much is a car battery at Costco and other information like how to purchase a car battery on the said store.

The article also provided you with a list of significant aspects that you have to consider before purchasing a car battery. It is information that will guide you on buying the right automotive battery that will be perfectly compatible with your vehicle.