Dead Car Battery Tricks That You Can Try To Start Your Car

A dead car battery or finding out that your car battery has died is one of the most frustrating situations that a car owner may experience. Aside from limiting your mobility, it can also leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Having a dead car battery and a car that won’t start is a problem that can be fixed by a jump start.

In this article, you will learn 3 dead car battery tricks that you can try without jumpstarting your car when you find yourself in a hopeless situation. These are proven tricks that can be considered.

Keeping these tricks in mind will be very helpful in some situations especially in emergency scenarios where you will need to get your started at the soonest time possible. To learn more about these tricks, please feel free to read about them below!

1. Using Epsom Salt to Revive Your Dead Car Battery

If your automotive or car battery is beginning to showing some the signs of failing and it starts to sound like it is struggling to ignite the starter. You can try this wonder solution that will only require you to use the ever reliable Epsom Salt.

For this very simple trick, all you have to do is to prepare two ingredients; Warm water and an ounce of Epsom Salt. With these two ingredients, you only have to dissolve the Epsom Salt in warm water until you get the wonderful solution. Once the solution is prepared, take it and pour it to every cell of your car’s battery.

Epsom salt is known to be a good battery reconditioning component and this wonder solution is a great way to break down the sulfate build-up in your battery. This is also a proven way to battle sulfation that occurs in batteries.

2. Using Baking Soda and Petroleum Jelly

In this trick, you will need a brush, baking soda, warm water and petroleum jelly. For this trick, you have to make a simple solution by dissolving three tablespoons of baking soda on a tablespoon of warm water. Then use the brush to clean the car battery’s panels, eliminating the build-up of corrosive elements.

Once the panels are thoroughly cleaned, you can use a towel to wipe them dry. After drying the panels take your petroleum jelly and apply some of it on the panels to create a protective layer that will prevent the build-up of dirt and corrosive elements.

3. Giving Your Car Battery a Dose of Aspirin

If you are having troubles on starting your car and you think that your car battery died on you, try giving it some Aspirin. You can try this trick by simply putting a couple of tablets of Aspirin in the battery and wait for a while to let it do its wonders.

This trick may seem to work because Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid that reacts with the sulfuric acid within the power cell to produce charge. However, the charge that the reaction will produce might be the last one that is only enough for this try. So make sure to fix the issue as soon as possible.


There you go! Those are some of the useful and helpful tricks to start your dead car battery that you can try to whenever you are left with a vehicle that won’t start.