What To Do After Your Auto Battery Is Dead

Signs your vehicle battery is dead.

One of the most frustrating experience that every car owner might have is suffering through a dead battery. It is an annoying inconvenience or set back that may leave stranded at any location any time. When your car battery dies, it loses its ability to supply power to the car and eliminating its ability to crank the engine.

This problem can occur anytime of the day and anywhere and what makes it very frustrating is because it seems to occur at the worst time. Fortunately, there is something that you can do to handle this issue and this article will teach how to properly handle the situation.

As you continue reading below, you will find a complete guide that will give you a list of what to do when the car battery dies. It is a full step by step guide that will help you properly handle the situation and bring your car battery back to life.

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This article will also give you a list of the most common reasons that why bar batteries die. Allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to prevent the problem to occur.

The Most Common Factors That Leads To A Car Battery’s Death

Before you learn how to fix the issue of a dead battery, learning and understanding factors that leads to the battery’s death is also essential. Not only that it enhance your awareness regarding the problem but it will also allow you to make the necessary adjustments and use them to formulate your own preventive measures to extend your battery life.

A factor that can lead to a car battery’s death is the age. Maybe the battery has already reached its expected life span. Normally, car batteries last for two to three years and it can also extend for another two years if they are properly and well-maintained. Aside from this factor, some of the common factors that leads to a battery’s death are listed below.

● Storing the car for long periods of time without starting it. Batteries self-discharged as time goes by and if they are left unused for while.
● Leaving electronic parts of the car on when the car is not running. Keep in mind that your car battery powers the headlights, interior lights, flashers and the radio. Leaving them switched will drain the battery’s power.
● Leaving the air conditioner on when the vehicle is parked and not in use. The car’s air conditioner is one of its components that uses a lot of energy. Leaving it switched on will quickly deplete your automotive battery.
● The lack of maintenance is also a great factor that could lead to the death of your car battery. If sulfation in the battery is not addressed as early as possible, the increasing sulfate build-up inside will eventually render it to be unresponsive.
● Storing it on a place that with low temperature. Cold environments with extremely low temperature freezes the battery which will slowly eliminate its functionality and ability to store power.

Now that you know these common factors that greatly contributes to a car battery’s death, you can keep them in mind to make sure that you keep away from them. Keeping away from these factors will extend the battery’s life and avoid wasting energy.

Addressing The Issue If Your Auto Battery Is Dead

If you are facing a problem with a dead car battery, just stay calm and don’t panic. When your automotive battery dies, all you have to do is to supply it with power from an external source. Doing this will help your battery to do its main purpose, igniting the engine and start your vehicle. This process is called jump starting!

Normally, jump starting requires the help of other people for the process to be successful. Today, you can also do it by yourself by using a device specially designed for jump starting a battery. With a car battery jump starter, doing this process will be very easy and simple.

Jump Starting A Car with A Dead Battery

When it comes to jump starting your dead car battery, there are 3 ways of doing it. All of them are proven and effective methods that you can use depending on the situation.
Choosing the suitable method will depend on the vehicle transmission type and other factors.

To learn more about these three ways of jump starting your dead battery, they are listed and explained below.

1. Manual Transmission Jump Start

helping to move your car This process is only applicable to vehicles with manual transmission since it requires the use of the transmission stick. For this jump start process to be successful, you will need to ask some people for help to push your car. Position the transmission stick to the second gear and then step on the clutch.

Ask the good samaritans to push the car until the vehicle reach a good speed. Once you obtained a good speed release the clutch and work on pumping some gas until the engine starts to get the vehicle running.

This is a proven and very effective method of jump starting a vehicle. However, if you are in the middle of nowhere and you can’t find anyone to ask for help, this process is not achievable. You may have to call for a roadside assistance to assist you.

2. Jump Start With Another Car

Connecting jump cable to the dead vehicle battery. You can also jump start your car with a dead battery with another car. This will require to look for another car and jumper cables to connect your battery to the working battery of the other car.

To learn how to this method you can follow the steps listed below.

● Step 1 – Prepare the jumper cables that you will use to connect your car with a dead battery to the other car’s working battery. Keep in mind that you will use the red jumper cable for positive and then the black cable for the negative.
● Step 2 – Take the red cable and attach one of its end or clip and connect it on the positive terminal of your dead car battery. Take the other end of the cable and then connect it to the working battery’s positive terminal.
● Step 3 – Make use of the black jumper cable and connect one end to the working battery’s negative terminal. Then take the other end of the black jumper cable and connect it to any unpainted part of your car’s engine. Make sure that it is metal.
● Step 4 – Once you made sure that you have a solid and secured connection, you can then try to start your car.

3. Jump Start A Car Using A Jump Starter

Jump starting your car with a jump starter is probably the best option that you can do today. This is also the best method to use for emergency situations. This is a method that you can use when you got yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere and you can’t find anybody to help you push your car or ask another car owner for a little help. All you have to is to have device with you all the time and you are ready to go.

Auto battery jump starters are portable devices and they are very easy to store. They are also very affordable as they only cost less than a $100. So buying one to bring it with you all the time is probably the best way to handle car battery problems.


This simple yet useful guide that will tell you what to do when a car battery dies will help you handle the situation properly. The three ways of jump starting a car is all you need to know how to fix the issue. All you have to do is stay calm and think of what is the best suitable jump start method that you can use on your current situation.

Of course, taking well good care of your car battery is also the ideal way of trying to prevent it from happening. So make sure to keep away from the factors that greatly contributes to the death of a car battery.

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