Dead Cell Phone Battery Tricks: 2 Ways To Do It & Paid Course

Lean how to jumpstart your dead cell phone battery.

Mobile phones are becoming a necessity these times. People are almost dependent on their phones. When their phone battery gets low, they start to panic. If they could only know specific dead cellphone battery trick to revive it at once, they will do it.

What are the ways to revive your dead phone’s battery? There are ways to restore your phone battery in case there is no charger around. Just follow these simple steps, and your phone battery will surely work again.

Method 1: Jumpstarting Your Phone Battery
Method 2: Freezing Your Phone Battery

These are proven and tested methods to revive your phone’s dead battery.  However, when doing any of these method you have to observe and practice with caution.  Every battery is liable for a chemical leak or short circuit break that could harm you or anything.

More Details On Reviving Your Dead Phone Battery

Here you can find the detailed instructions on how to revive your old phone battery using the given method above.  As we always remind people, be careful when performing this battery restoration by yourself.

Method 1: Jumpstarting Your Phone Battery

Step 1: Prepare all the materials needed:
● Any brand of 9V battery
● Electrical tape
● Black and red wire
Step 2: You have to connect the red and black cable to the battery terminal of the phone. Phone batteries have smaller terminals. You can locate them by looking at the + and – signs.
Remember not to connect the plus and minus signs of the terminals all by itself.
Majority of the phones have more than one terminals. Try to utilize the one that is farthest from each other. Avoid using the center terminals.
Step 3: Try to cover the battery terminals with electrical tape. Be sure that the wires go to the correct terminals. Favorable to positive and negative to negative.
Step 4: Connect the cable wire. Positive wires should be connected to the positive terminal; negative cables will go to the negative terminals. Do not interchange the connections as this will result in a short circuit.
Step 5: Make sure the connections are secured with electrical tape. Keep this away from water and heat and let it stay in a cool, dry place.
Step 6: Let it sit for about a minute or more. Regularly check the battery for a little warmth. To be sure, check it after every 10 minutes.
Step 7: Disconnect the wires if the connection is warm enough.
Step 8: Insert the battery in your phone and check if it’s already turning on.
Step 9: If it turns on, check your battery level if it is still low, try to charge the phone whenever you can get the chance to charge it.

Method 2: Freezing Your Phone Battery

Step 1: Detached the battery from your mobile phone.
Step2: Place the battery in a sealed plastic bag. Avoid using paper bags or aluminum bags as water can penetrate in this kind of materials.
Step 3: Freeze your batteries by placing it in your fridge. Leave it there for around 12 hours overnight.
Doing this to your battery may give your cells a little charge or be able to hold the remaining charge good enough to be used for your phones.
Step 4: Get the batteries from the freezer. Allow it to warm down a bit to room temperature. You cannot use the batteries straight from the fridge.
Step 5: Remove any moisture that you can find in your batteries.
Step 6: Attach the battery back to your phone. Charge your phone using its charger. Allow at least 48 hours of charging time.
Step 7: After 48 hours of charging, you can now turn on your phone and check the battery level. The phone will be able to hold a charge again after discharging it fully.

These are the quick and straightforward steps that you have to make once you run out of battery and it turns dead without having any charger around. We do this quick revival technique for a dead cell phone battery to restore the power to out mobile phones.

Can I Apply The Exact Method For iPhone Battery & Samsung Galaxy Tab As Well?

Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPhone batteries are made specifically for their particular brand. Though some methods may become applicable to both, it is highly discouraged. Samsung and iPhone have different mechanisms that may be compromised by using the same way for both phones.

Is A Battery Reconditioning Charger Also Great Option For Dead Cell Phone Battery Trick?

Based on my own opinion, a battery reconditioning charger can be used for a dead cell phone, but I do not advise doing it. There are many quick and straightforward options for reviving a dead battery.

A battery reconditioning chargers are used only for vehicles and deep cycle batteries and AGM. Small cells used for phones and other gadgets are so small that using a reconditioning charger may damage it than to recharge.

Is There Any Method I Can Refurbish My Dead Mobile Battery?

You can recondition your cell phone battery without the need for a unique tool. You can do it manually by just following these simple steps.

● Let the battery die down naturally.
● Wait for 30 minutes, then turn it on again. Let it die naturally again for the second time.
● Once the phone is discharged, charge the phone for 30 to 60 minutes or until the battery is full.
● Try to use your phone and let it discharge until the phone shuts off automatically for the third time.
● The reconditioning process may take a week or so to do, but doing this will on your battery life. In the reconditioning process, you are strengthening your batteries. Just charge the battery when it is depleted with power.
● Charging the battery more often would require you to do the reconditioning procedures again.

Ez Battery Reconditioning Online Course Can Solve Any Dead Cell Phone Battery

If you are looking for a way to solve your battery problems, the easiest way to do it is by enrolling yourself to an Ez Battery Reconditioning Online Course. By learning the process yourself, you will not worry about having dead batteries. You don’t need to hire someone to do the job for you.

Ez Battery Reconditioning Online Course will train your skills in refurbishing dead batteries, from cell phones to vehicle batteries.

Here are some of the best features offered by Ez Battery Reconditioning Course:

● A Well-defined list
● Simplified Method tricks
● Complete information
● Tips in buying reconditioned batteries
● Secret strategies

Ways To Maintain To Prolong Your Phone Battery Life

Aside from the details mentioned above, there are few tricks and techniques you may use to prolong your phone battery life. These methods may not be familiar to many, but you may also try doing this method to find out if it works.

Technique 1: Cleaning your phone’s contact point

For an extended period, your mobile phone’s battery gets subjected to oxidation. Cell phones use lithium batteries. The metal surface of a lithium battery can suffer from oxidation as well. If it happens, it will be the cause of a shorter lifespan of a cell and may be damaged too.
To avoid oxidation from happening, you must do routine cleaning to the battery terminals. Remove any rust or residues that have built in the terminals. A clean contact with your phone is essential to ensure that the battery will function well.
Wipe the phone’s metal contact with a gentle and soft cloth. Doing this regularly will significantly improve your battery’s performance. It can prolong the life of your battery too.

Technique 2: By using a bulb

Drain your mobile phone battery by fully discharging it. After removing it, charge it again. We call this method as the deep discharging method. We are priming the cell by draining out all of its internal energy.
You will need at least two wires for this. Connect the wires to the positive and negative terminal of the battery. The bulb doesn’t have any terminal except its bulb screws. All you have to do is to attach the wires to the bulb screws.
You may now connect your mobile phone battery to a 1.5 bulb. It is one of the most effective ways to drain your battery’s power. Any power residue will be transferred to the lamp. You may notice a bulb light getting dimmer until no more light is shed. It means it exhausted all the remaining power in the battery.

Technique 3: Daily Care

Nothing can beat the daily care technique. The only way you can extend your battery life is to do its regular preventive care and measure to avoid exhaustion and overcharging.
Stick to the standard charging procedures, and you must do this during the first three initial phases, most notably during the first charge. When the phone signals a low battery, you must be able to charge it at once.
Avoid overcharging your phone or leaving it with the charger on overnight. Unstable charging can damage the phone battery.

Technique 4: Lemon Juice

Insert a penny on one side of the lemon and a nail on the other side. The coin and the pin should not come in contact with one another.
The zinc which is the nail and the copper penny is the electrodes while the lemon juice is the electrolyte.
When you connect the lemon with a voltmeter, it will register a volt reading of .906V. It may not be able to power up the entire bulb, but it will surely save your phone’s battery from complete depletion.

Cell phone batteries are not things. It also comes with a price. However knowing the strategies I have and remembering the dead cell phone battery tricks, hacking out our phone batteries to revive and restore its life will be a lot easier for people.