DeWALT Battery Warranty {What You Should Know About It?}

Dewalt is a well-trusted brand in the power tool industry. Apart from being widely recognized for its top of the line quality power tools, this brand is also very popular for taking good care of their customers.

As a brand with a remarkable reputation, Dewalt offers different kinds of warranty policies applicable to its exceptional selection of tools and products. These warranty policies cover all Dewalt products, including their batteries.

What should you need to know about the Dewalt battery warranty? All products manufactured by Dewalt are under different policies, and as for their batteries, they are under their three-year limited warranty policy.

Since batteries are considered to be regular parts expected to be affected by wear and tear due to constant use, they have separate coverage from the policies of the tools. If the battery is defective or not working correctly, there will be a 30-day period from the date of purchase to return it for a complete inspection or replacement.

Depending on the model, batteries are also covered by Dewalt’s two-year or three-year FREE service. Stated on their policy, battery warranties are voided if the battery packs have tampered in any case. Dewalt will not take responsibility for damages due to any human intervention or manipulation.

In addition, batteries sold with heated jackets are under their standard three-year warranty that includes a one-year service, along with the 90-day money-back guarantee.

Battery Models Covered by Dewalt’s Two-Year FREE Service:

● DC9096
● DCB207
● DCB122
● DCB120
● DCB127
● DCB124
● DCB203BT
● DCB207
● DCB240
● DCB361

Battery Models Covered by Dewalt’s Three-Year FREE Service:

● DCB200
● DCB609
● DCB204
● DCB203
● DCB205
● DCB204BT
● DCB206
● DCB205BT
● DCB606
● DCB230
● DCB612

If you own multiple Dewalt cordless power tools, their batteries are essential to you, and it is an excellent thing that they are under warranty.

Here, I am going to establish the importance of Dewalt’s battery warranty policies. I will also help you maintain your batteries and provide you a list of the best practices for longer Dewalt battery life.

Benefits You Can Get from the Battery Warranty of Dewalt

Batteries are the lifeline of any power tools, regardless of the brands, no power tool will operate without its battery.

But what if the battery suddenly refuses to work? It will be a big problem, right. With the battery warranty of Dewalt, this won’t be a big problem. As long as the battery is still covered by its warranty policy, you can take it to a Dewalt service center and get repaired or a new replacement for FREE!

One of the good things about Dewalt batteries is that their buyers have 30 days to return a defective or malfunctioning battery. This 30-day period begins the day after the date the battery was purchased.

Apart from this 30-day return period, batteries from Dewalt also have a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, where customers not satisfied with the performance of the battery return it and refund the money they paid for it.

Free Repair Service for Covered Battery Packs

Dewalt’s battery warranty entitles the clients three years of FREE repairs for batteries with defects due to ineffective materials and craftsmanship. The three-limited warranty period starts from the day the battery is purchased.

Stated on the policy, Dewalt will not acknowledge the free battery repairs for damages caused by normal wear and tear. The warranty will also be nullified if the damage of the battery is caused by attempted repairs or other human manipulation.

Along with the three-year FREE repairs, Dewalt battery owners will also have FREE service coverage ranging from one to three years, depending on the battery model. With this, Dewalt will maintain the battery to keep it optimized and then replace the parts that are worn due to regular use.

Battery Packs with a 2-Year Service – DCB203BT, DCB120, DCB361, DCB124, DCB240, DCB201, DC9096, DCB207, DCB127, DCB122

Battery Packs with a 3-Year Service – DCB200, DCB203, DCB609, DCB204BT, DCB205BT, DCB204, DCB206, DCB230, DCB606, DCB205, DCB612

That is how the three-year limited warranty for Dewalt batteries work. If you take a look at it closely, you will see that Dewalt batteries offer a lot of benefits.

The very first thing that you will notice is the great potential to save money. With these batteries, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on repairs. As long as your battery is still covered by the warranty, you can save a lot of service fees that is good for three years.

Your cells will also be maintained by the manufacturer itself, keeping it in top shape, you won’t have any problems with its performance.

Best Battery Practices for Optimized Battery Life

The use of cordless or battery-powered power tools offers a lot of great benefits to users. Due to their compact size and portability, they are straightforward to use, and they can be carried around conveniently. However, they also have a few drawbacks. And for these kinds of power tools, their greatest weakness is battery life.

A tool’s battery life limits its efficiency and productivity since recharging the device means stopping work. Fortunately, there are several things that we can do to enhance a battery’s runtime. Below, we listed some of the best practices that you can do to get a longer runtime from your Dewalt batteries. Check them out!

Charge the Battery in the Proper Way

According to Dewalt, the proper charging of batteries will significantly help extend the runtime of power tools and battery life.

The proper charging of batteries allows them to store energy by letting every cell be fully charged efficiently. This gives the battery a lot of power to allocate to every component of the tool.

If you haven’t got any idea on how to charge a Dewalt battery properly, I’ve prepared a step by step guide for you below:

1. Let the battery be discharged through normal use, not by taping the trigger and wait for it to be discharged.
2. Once you feel that the tool is starting to lose power, detach the battery from the tool and let it rest until its heat dissipates.
3. Check your battery after leaving it to cool for two hours and make sure that it has cooled down to room temperature.
4. Place the power cell on its charger and leave to recharge overnight or let it charge for at least eight hours.

That is the proper way of charging the batteries of Dewalt. By properly charging your battery, you are not only improving its runtime, the bigger picture on this is that it also helps it by enhancing its service life.

Avoid Completely Discharging the Battery

Discharging the battery until it is fully drained or discharging it too low may damage its health and lead to its early death. Running it down until it has no charge left in, it can also affect its runtime due to capacity loss.

Draining the battery down to its last charge will also be bad for its health that can also push it through its edge, rendering it to be dead.

Keep Your Battery Cool at All Times

Exposing batteries to extreme heat is bad for both its health and runtime. At high temperatures, batteries tend to be more efficient, leading to a quicker rate of discharge, which means a shorter runtime.

Consistently operating a battery in high temperatures that increases its discharge rate also generates too much heat. This can cause the battery to start losing its capacity, which is really bad for its health.

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