Does AutoZone Give You Money For Old Car Batteries?

All of us know the dangers of improper disposal of electrical waste, especially batteries. Not only that, but it also adds to our carbon footprint, inappropriate disposal of car batteries can be harmful to humans. This is why some auto parts shops offer rewards to people that surrender old automotive batteries.

Most of these rewards are in the form of money or free service. If you take a closer look at a system like this, you can say that it is a win-win. However, there are only selected establishments that have a program like this.

Does Autozone give money for old batteries? If you wonder if Autozone is one of those establishments offering money or buying old car batteries for recycling. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, Autozone does not buy old car batteries.

However, they are happy to accept old ones for recycling, and they offer a merchandise card that is worth $10 as a reward for bringing in an old automotive battery. If you purchase a replacement battery at Autozone, they will then test your old one and see if it is still worth reviving, and if it is, you will get a discount for your replacement.

They will label your battery as used and sell them for a lower price. That’s a win-win for both parties, allowing them to make money and then give you a discount for your replacement battery. If the old battery is not worth it, they take them straight to recycling, but give you a 90-day warranty for your replacement unit and reward if you return it when it dies.

Autozone also charges you a core price as a deposit when you purchase a battery from them. This is to make sure that you will bring your old battery back to them for recycling. Upon returning your old battery, you will get your core deposit. That is how Autozone’s policy works.

Trying to do the right thing by properly disposing of your old automotive battery and wondering if you can get a few bucks bringing it to Autozone? You probably got the bad news earlier.

However, don’t you lose hope because there a few ways that you can do to get a few bucks from it. Stick for a while, and I’ll tell you how you can properly get rid of old car batteries and make a few bucks from them.

The Significance of Recycling Old Automotive Batteries

As I mentioned earlier, the carbon footprint that we have today is at its all-time high, and that means we are trying to destroy our own planet. Old car batteries are considered one of the biggest contributors to this electronic wastes.

If we are to reduce this carbon footprint and help our environment to recover, we need to do our part by properly getting rid of these e-wastes.

Apart from its devastating effects on our environment, car batteries, especially the lead-acid ones, contain various toxic chemicals. Not only that, but these chemicals can also contaminate the area or the environment when the battery is left on the ground.

It is also hazardous to people, and getting contact with these toxic chemicals can cause skin irritation or, worse, lead to severe health issues.

So, if we are concerned about our environment and responsible enough to care for other people, we to start properly disposing of old automotive batteries. This may seem to be a small thing, but it can be a good contribution to our cause, and it may even give you a few bucks.

The Proper Ways of Getting Rid of Your Old Car Batteries

If you want to contribute to our cause and help reduce our carbon footprint, you can start by being responsible and getting rid of your old car battery properly. In case you are not sure how to do this, here are several ways that you can choose from. Some of these methods will help our environment and allow you to get a few bucks in your pocket.

1. Securely Storing the Old Battery in the Vehicle

The first option that you can do if you have an old automotive battery is to safely and securely store it in your vehicle. This is a temporary method that will only make you a responsible car owner by keeping it isolated and preventing it from contaminating the environment or harming other people.

To do this, you can carefully place your old car battery on a plastic container with a secure lid and then store it in your car’s trunk. But you have to keep in mind that you have to dispose of it when you get a chance to visit a proper recycling establishment.

If you are to do this, you have to make sure that you are wearing the proper safety gear, such as goggles and rubber gloves. Also, be sure to put on a secure lid on the plastic container that you will be using.

2. Visit a Mechanic to Replace Your Car Battery for You

In case you need to replace a dead automotive battery. A convenient option that will allow you to properly dispose of your power cell is to have a professional mechanic do it for you.

Bring your car to a professional mechanic shop and have them replace your car battery for you. With this, you will save a lot of time and effort because the mechanic will be the one doing all the work from taking out the old power cell all the way to installing the new one.

This will also allow you to leave the old unit at the shop and then let them do the dirty work of properly getting rid of the old battery they replaced. However, this option comes with a cost since you will have to pay for the service.

3. Bringing the Old Automotive Cell to the Retailer Where You Got It

Before you get rid of your old or dead car battery, try checking your receipt for it when you bought it. Many retailers like Autozone, NAPA, O’Reilly, and more are charging core deposits to make sure customers bring the old batteries back for recycling.

If you have paid for a core deposit for your battery, then you can get that money back and add it to your budget for buying the replacement unit you need. In case the receipt of your old battery is lost, or it does not have a core deposit, you can still bring the old battery to retailers that accept old batteries for recycling.

Autozone offers a merchandise card worth $10 for an old battery. This can be as good as money that you can use to get a few merchandises from them. Most retailers test the old batteries returned to and see if they are still usable if the battery is not worth reviving, it heads straight for recycling.

4. Let a Designated Recycling Establishment Recycle the Battery

One of the most common ways of properly disposing of an old car battery is by letting a designated establishment do it for you. You can take your dead automotive battery directly to the designated depot within your area and leave it to them.

There are establishments like this that offer on the spot pickup services where they will send personnel to your location to fetch the old car battery. Establishments like this are government-sanctioned, so you won’t have to pay any kind of fee for the service.

If you are to opt for this option, you can try checking out the web and search for the depots within your location.

5. Let an Auto Shop Get Rid of the Dead Car Battery for You

Another excellent option for getting rid of a dead automotive battery is letting a reliable auto shop do it for you. This option may also earn you a few bucks because this method basically sells an old car battery to a shop.

You can either bring your old and dead unit when you are to purchase a new replacement part or just take it to the shop and get paid for it. Some shops also add some discounts if you are to buy anything from them, which is a great bonus for you.

A lot of car owners prefer this method because if they are a regular customer of the shop, they get a lot of benefits just from selling an old car battery. This is an excellent option that you can also try for yourself.

6. Selling the Dead Automotive Battery to a Scrap Depot

Finally, you can also get rid of an old automotive power cell and earn a few bucks by selling it on the nearest scrap depot in your area. This is another great option you can do if you lost the receipt of your old battery.

Scrap metal shops are equipped with the knowledge on how to properly dispose of dead automotive batteries. What they do is they disassemble the batteries and properly get rid of the toxic chemicals and other non-usable components of the battery, then recycle the parts that they can sell or use.

If you are to choose this option, it is good to check various scrap depots and compare their rates for buying old batteries. This will allow you to pick the depot where you can get more money for your dead battery. You can also use the rates to negotiate for a bit more bucks.

There you go! Those are the several options you can choose from when it comes to getting rid of an old automotive battery the right way. Keep in mind that some of those options will require you to uninstall your car power cell yourself. So you have to remember to proceed with caution and wear safety gear.