Harley Davidson Battery Charging Instructions

Tips you can charge your harley davidson battery with my article.

When we talk of Harley Davidson, the first thing that comes to mind is the first-class, most efficient, and sturdy type of motorcycle in the whole wide world. That is how Harley Davidson is made known in the world of motorcycle enthusiasts. New owners of a Harley Davidson motorcycle would like to know a lot of things, especially when it comes to charging its batteries.

What is the recommended Harley Davidson battery charging instructions? Harley Davidson gave their recommendation on their battery charger manual. According to the makers of Harley Davidson motorcycles, one of the best way to avoid shortened lifespan is by using a maintenance-type battery like the Harley Davidson Battery Tender.

It differs from other regular battery chargers because it features an internal circuitry which charges the motorcycle battery at a desirable rate and it automatically changes its mode to protect the battery from overcharging.

Self-discharges of batteries happen fast during hot weather. It occurs mostly during the summer time. When the battery is charged too profoundly, it may create permanent damage.

As like in any case of battery maintenance, overcharging does not produce a positive effect on the battery. Whatever battery you used, always keep in mind that overcharging kills the battery instead of prolonging them.

Before Getting Into The Subject, Can You Charge A Harley Davidson?

Yes, Harley Davidson motorcycle batteries can be charged. The makers of the Harley Davidson motorcycles even offered advice on how to charge their batteries properly to avoid depletion.

How To Charge Your Harley Davidson Battery

Harley Davidson batteries are better charged with a Harley Davidson Battery Tender. It features a three-way charging system. It does complete monitoring of the battery voltage which keeps up the battery to become fully charged.

The good thing about the Harley Davidson battery tender is that it automatically switches to float mode to maintain the charge of the battery for a more extended period. One thing that you need to remember when charging any battery is to practice caution every time.

Overcharging may harm the battery, so we are always grateful that we have this Harley Davidson battery tender to check the input of voltage to avoid overcharging the system.

Tools You Need:

● Battery Charger
● Digital Multimeter
● Gloves and Goggles
● Cables and Wires
● Clamps and Clips

3 Best Picks Battery Tenders For Your Harley Davidson

I have chosen the best three battery tenders you can use entirely for your Harley Davidson batteries. I have gathered this information from Amazon.com based on the reviews of the people who have tried using the product.

So far, these three battery tenders have gathered the most number of positive reviews!

1. 1.25 Amp Weather-Resistant Battery Charger

This battery charger is water, shock, and vibration resistant in one. Added to that it is a lightweight battery charger with just 4 lbs weight. It can charge both flooded and sealed AGM, maintenance-free, AGM and lead-acid battery.

They used the float or the maintenance charge to maintain the battery without creating damage to the cell itself. It uses an integrated smart control that ensure that the battery is charged safely with the use of the ISM or the Infinite Sequential Monitor. The ISM conforms to the battery in need of proper charging.

It also has reverse polarity protection and spark proof to keep you safe all the time. You can charge and go.


● It is fully mountable.
● It is vibration resistant.
● It has a steel casing for extra strength.
● It works at 5 amperes.
● It is completely safe.
● It comes with a two-year warranty.


● LED lights burned out quickly.
● It has a vast R.F. noise generator.

Product Specification:

Brand: Battery Tender
Model: Battery Tender
Item Weight: 2.2 lbs.
Product Dimension: 11.6 x 11.3 x 4.6 inches
Voltage: 12V

2. 800 mA Weatherproof Dual Mode Battery Tender

It is another fully automatic Harley Davidson Weatherproof Dual Mode Battery Tender. It can be used ideally for both short and long term battery charging needs.

You can choose from the given options of charging. It provides an optimal charging for your Harley Davidson lithium and AGM batteries.

It also comes with a waterproof housing to make sure that it won’t be having problems if ever water gets into your storage room. It is a vibration and shock resistant with reverse polarity protection. You can be sure to be safe when using it for charging your batteries.


● It has a selectable option for charging.
● It is waterproof for your protection.
● It is vibration and shock resistant.
● It has an LED front panel to show the battery’s state of charge.
● It has a maximum charge rate of 800mA.


● It has no recorded failure or weakness.

Product Specification:

Brand: Harley Davidson
Model: 800mA Weather Proof
Waterproof: Yes
Output Voltage: 12V
Output Current: 0.80 amperes
Warranty: 3 years.

3. 750mA SuperSmart Battery Tender

This battery tender is one of the finest form compared to the usual and normal auto trickle chargers. The circuitry is built-in and enables the charger to change itself from on to off as often as needed to prevent overcharging the batteries.

It has a 7.5 amp fused that quickly disconnect the battery charging loops. It has circular terminals that could quickly attach to the screw of the cell ends for a more secure connection.


● It has a 7.5 amp fused battery charging loops.
● It has a circular terminal for more natural connection.
● It can accept voltage from North America.
● It is equipped with an easy black disconnectors.
● It gives an output of 12VDC @ 750mA.


● No record of weakness or poor functions.

Product Specification:

Brand: Harley Davidson
Model: 750mA automatic charger
Type: Charger
Voltage: 12V

Does Battery Tender Extend A Harley Davidson Battery Life?

We all know that battery maintenance is a very personal issue. It all depends on how you took care of your battery that will determine the longevity of your cells. It is entirely dependent on so many factors.

For Harley Davidson, a good battery must be able to work for at least five years. They can replace the battery at any Harley Davidson dealer who can supply the perfect replacement for your battery’s individual needs.

Though proper maintenance may add value to the lifespan of your batteries, using a battery tender may help extend the lifespan even more.

The battery tender works as the maintenance that controls the input and output of power supply. It avoids overcharging, which is one of the primary cause of battery depletion and death.

What If You Have A Battery Tender Problems?

Battery tender help keep maintain a battery, but what if the problem is the battery tender itself?

It will be easy to troubleshoot a battery tender if you can quickly locate that the problem comes from the battery tender itself. According to experts, several issues will come from the battery posts’ electrical connections.

Here’s What You Can Do If You Have Battery Tender Issues

Step 1: Try to disconnect your battery tender. Create a solution in a spray bottle. You will need 1 tbsp. Of baking soda dissolved in a cup of water. You will use this solution to clean the electrical contacts of the battery tender.
Step 2: Give more time for the battery to charge. When the red light is on and stays longer in that status, it only means that it will take a longer time for charging, maybe the battery is big enough to be charged shortly.
Step 3: Make sure that you have an A.C. power in the electrical outlet that you are using. Once done, disconnect the battery tender from the battery. Use a voltmeter to check the voltage. If the green lights turn on, check its tension. That means that the battery is already fully charged.

What are the things you need for these:

● Baking soda
● Water
● Spray bottle
● Clean cloth
● Voltmeter

Battery Tender Warranty

Deltran, the makers of Battery Tender gives the warranty that its charger products will have a period of up to 10 years warranty. It also depends upon the charger model. It is official from the date of purchase and against the defective artistry only.

If the battery is warranted against charger product malfunction, then they will replace the product for free.

Will Any Battery Tender Or Any Other Charger Brands Work For A Harley Davidson Battery?

On the question of whether you can use other charger brands for a Harley Davidson battery, the answer will always be yes. But, that doesn’t guarantee that it will work according to what you expected. The worst thing that could happen is to damage your battery.

There is nothing wrong with using another charger for a Harley Davidson battery. However, we can never tell how compatible it will be with your batteries since I have already explained that H.D. batteries are built with a mix of complexity and simplicity.

Ways To Install A Battery Tender On A Harley Davidson

Here is the step by step procedure on how to install a battery tender on your Harley Davidson.

1. Remove the seat. Use a large screwdriver to remove the bolt. You will need a bigger bolt to remove the screws without removing the battery.
2. Connect the red lead to the positive side; the black point to the negative side. Make sure that whenever you put the wires, your seat will not be able to crush it.
3. Place the seat back, then pull the plug or the adaptor whenever you need to recharge it. A battery tender will help you extend the life of your battery.

I gathered that information by watching this video below:

Is It Okay To Charge A Harley Davidson Battery With A Car Charger?

The makers of Harley Davidson motorcycles does not recommend the use of a car charger to a Harley Davidson battery. The reason is simple. A bike has a different voltage capacity than a car. A motorcycle only supplies nothing more than 7.5 Amps when in a charging process.

A car charger may give you more than the required voltage and may cause your battery to overheat. Harley Davidson recommends the use of a motorcycle or trickle charger to help keep maintain the battery. (Learn more this specific topic by reading this article).

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Harley Davidson Battery?

A Harley Davidson battery needs at least 12 to 20 hours of charging time before it reached a full charge mode, that is with the use of a trickle charger. However, the charging time varies depending on the type of charger and battery you use. When the battery is dead, it will no longer hold its charge no matter how long you charge it. (If you are regular motorcycle driver, then click here to learn about it).

What Can You Get Out Of Charging A Harley Davidson Battery?

By charging a Harley Davidson battery, you get to have a longer lifespan for your cell. Regularly charging your battery means you don’t have to worry about getting stalled in the highway. Charging your battery only means that you care for your battery and you properly maintain it.

Cautions When It Comes To Charging A Harley Davidson Battery

The only caution that we need to remember when we charge our Harley Davidson battery is to avoid overcharging it. I think it goes out to all kinds and types of cells.

Overcharging the batteries will not give any positive benefits to the battery. The more you cheat it, the more you shorten its lifespan.

The complexity of an excellent motorcycle like Harley Davidson also requires a superior battery to complement its performance. Following the Harley Davidson battery charging instructions will help you in the proper maintenance of your battery.