How Big Of A Generator Do I Need For My Camper?

Family time and camping never go wrong. The activity creates a priceless moment to view nature from a different angle. Talk of the relaxation that comes with being out there into the woods, for instance.

You can never undermine the packages that come with ‘getting away.’ Whether using a camper, RV, tent, or your usual ride, people love to go out there into nature to replenish their souls while discovering new places. Although the reason for camping is forgetting the real world, it’s not necessarily that you leave the modern society behind. That’s where generators come in handy. You need power.

So, how big of a generator do I need for my camper? There is no specific answer to this inquiry that I find many new campers asking. By now, you must be aware that generators come in different sizes and designs. When talking about the size, we mean that they provide varying power. Therefore, you need a generator that has a size that matches your power needs.

In other words, the bigger the generator, the higher the output. Therefore, before concluding on the size you intend to buy, you need to ask yourself where you need to use the generator in your camper.

Watts Law

Well, when it comes to generators or other power output equipment, it’s good to learn from the basics. Watts’s law is something you have heard back in your high school days. If you’re new into the world of generators and campers, it’s a thing you ought to revisit.

You will need this law to help evaluate the required wattage. With the results in handy, it will be much easier to tell the amount of power you need for this special occasion, camping.

If you can recall well, back in your physics classes, there was something called Amp and Volts. You may have forgotten about the two word. But, at least they ring a bell on what watts law is all about.

Amp is this setting is the amount of electricity used by an item. A volt, on the other end, is a measure of the pressure of the power. The watts are acquired by multiplying these two (Amp and Volts). After getting the figure, you can now easily shop for that generator and brand that fits your needs.

Most likely, you have come across friends suggesting for you to buy the exact size of the generator they are using. Well, it’s a good idea as it saves you the hustles of researching and stuff. But, you need to understand that the power requirements in their camper may be more or less. Therefore, it’s good to do the math yourself and to avoid disappointment or unnecessary buying.

3 Best Generators for Campers

Here are different types of generators, based on the size, and how best you can utilize them while out there camping.

1. 2000-Watt Camper Generator

The 2000-watt generators are the most common sizes you can find in campers. You may ask yourself why they are popular. Of course, with their low price, you expect them to be used by many out there while camping. But, the power supply is a significant reason here. These types of generators are in a position to provide less than 20 amps.

With 20 amps of power supply, it means that you can perform a lot of basic tasks. For instance, with the size, you can ensure that your TV is powered. Also, things such as charging your phone can’t be a problem with the generator. Therefore, if you intend to use the generator on such activities, among many other small things, then a 2000 watt generator should be your priority.

As said earlier, a 2000-watt generator can only deliver less than 20 amps. You don’t, therefore, expect it to run the AC of your camper. Also, some things such as microwave can’t work with this small size generator. Therefore if you intend to use your generator on the items, or even water heaters and fridge, it’s recommended that you opt for a larger size as compared to this one.

2. 3600-Watt Camper Generator

In some instances, specialists will advise you to go for a 2000-watt generator. Then, they will tell you to run your fridge on gas, for example. Well, it’s a good idea, and that I wouldn’t go for as there are other costs involved.

A 3600-watt generator can save you from all these miseries. With a 3600-watt generator, you can have sufficient power to run the AC. The size can not only accommodate the AC and fridge but can as well run the converter and a few more devices. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to attaching more appliances while out there camping, this is the size to go for.

3. 4500-6500-Watt Camper Generator

If you find the above size to be unwelcoming, then you can go for these high-end generators, 4500 to 6500 watt. With the size, you can expect them to be reliable and serve you in the longest time possible. They offer a whole lot of power.

However, as compared to the previous sizes, you can expect to part with a considerable sum of cash. But, they are worth every penny, especially when it’s a camper set. They never disappoint.

When it comes to appliances in a camper, with this size, you can run almost anything without surprises. One thing that many people are ever scared when out there camping is running out of power.

Well, with such a big size, you may have to forget about that fear. You can include things such as; cooking hob, battery chargers, hot water, fridge, and ACs, among many other camper appliances. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-end power supply, you ought to go for the generators with this high power.

5 Tips on How to Shop for a Generator

By now, you’re well versed in the size of the generator you need for your camper. Well, the next move is to head straight into an electronics store and start shopping. It’s at this point that more drama starts to arise.

Remember, there are many different models under the same size. The newbies, especially, may find this confusing as they find themselves torn in between the many choices. Without saying much, here are the top things you ought to consider to help narrow down your options.

1. Price Tag

A generator is an expensive device, and yet essential for your camping. Therefore, when out there shopping, the first thing you should consider is the price tag. Currently, there are many generators in the market, with the same watt, but varying prices.

The prices are dependent on the additional features, and brand in addition to the size. It’s recommended that you go for one with a price that matches your budget. However, you shouldn’t let the lower prices confuse you because cheap products aren’t always genuine.

2. Warranty

As said earlier, generators aren’t that cheap. Therefore, after buying one, you expect it to serve you in the longest time possible. You should consider the warranty offered by the brands in your options.

A perfect choice should have an extended warranty that is hard to resist. With a good warranty, it means that you won’t have to incur the high cost of repairs or loss in case the generator dies a few months after it’s bought.

3. Portability

When shopping for a new generator for your camper, another thing that you ought to consider is portability. Remember, when out there in the wilderness, you may need to carry the generator from one point to another.

As you are aware, generators aren’t that light in weight. Therefore, you need to go for a generator that won’t be a problem to carry around. You should look for things such as wheels and handles amongst your options. Luckily, currently, most generators come fitted with all these features.

4. Watt

The size of the generator is essential when shopping for the first time. As explained in this piece, the generators come in different sizes, and that can be bought based on your needs. Therefore, when out there shopping, you should have the power supply in mind.

By doing so, you save yourself from the disappointment that may arise from picking a less or more powerful generator. The tip may also save you from spending unnecessary cash on a high-end item that you may not require.

5. Fuel Used

Some generators run on petrol while others run on diesel. These two are the most common fuels that generators use. When shopping for a generator, you should consider the fuel used.

Remember, these fuels come at different prices, and that means you may save yourself from high costs that may come picking one generator over the other. Also, some fuels are rare to find. Therefore, you should go for a generator that uses a fuel that you can easily find regardless of your location.


Picking the right size of the generator for your Camper can be a pain in the neck. When you’re a newbie, especially the many options in the market can get you lost.
Explained in this article are some of the different generators you can find in the market, based on the size. Read through the entire piece to understand how you can make the whole search easy based on your power needs.

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