How Long Is The Solar Battery Lifespan?

Are solar batteries lasting long?

The solar batteries lifespan is an important factor that is being taken into consideration by its manufacturers to make sure that the batteries are reliable. The design of the solar batteries allows them to resist the cold and heat cycles.

However, like most things, the solar batteries we have today are still not perfect and will age eventually. In this article, let’s know more about the lifespan of solar batteries and what you can expect from them.

What You Need To Know

As a user of solar batteries, you need to know some of the technicalities of this kind of battery so that you will know how to properly care for them to ensure a long life of service. Know the best batteries for solar off-grid use.

It is also vital that you choose a good type of battery. For example, lithium batteries offer a lot of advantages for the consumers. This is something you have to know if you are considering using lithium solar batteries.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Solar Batteries

There are several types of solar batteries, but some can last longer compared to others even if they have the same power source. There are mainly three factors that can affect the lifespan of solar batteries. These are their cyclic life, their depth of discharge, and their temperature. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these.

1. Cyclic Life Of Solar Batteries

The solar battery’s lifespan can be determined by its cyclic life or the number of use cycles it has performed. For example, a flooded lead-acid battery can be expected to provide three hundred to seven hundred cycles. A gel battery can give you five hundred to five thousand cycles. While lithium batteries can provide two thousand cycles.

2. Depth Of Discharge Of Solar Batteries

The solar battery’s depth of discharge is the measure by which the battery is being used in relation to its capacity. When batteries are charged and discharged, they degrade.

Over time, the battery’s capacity for storing energy is reduced. An example of this is having a battery with a capacity of 100kWh. If it has a 60% depth of discharge, it will only have a 40kWh capacity.

3. Temperature Of Solar Batteries

If stored in an area with higher temperature, the chemical activity of the battery is higher. When the temperature is low, the capacity of the solar battery decreases as well. However, you should note that the cyclic life of the battery is decreased when it is placed somewhere where the temperature is high.

Prolonging The Lifespan Of Solar Batteries

You can get the best solar battery on the market. However, if you do not care for it with proper maintenance, it won’t last long. Here are some of the steps you can take to extend the solar battery’s life.

Step1. Minimize The Number Of Batteries You Use

When you use more batteries, this will also increase the resistance and connection, leading to an uneven charging. Use only four batteries or even less for your bank.

Step2. Regularly Charge Your Solar Batteries

Always keep your batteries charged. If you leave them uncharged for a long time, they will be damaged. Make sure that to turn on the charging source so that the solar batteries can be continuously charged. (You can read our article on how to charge a battery with a solar panel​).

Step3. Perform Equalization

Equalization is when you overcharge your batteries but in a controlled way. When you charge the batteries unevenly, there will be sulfation on the battery’s plates. With overcharging, you can remove this sulfation with the help of gassing. Look for solar batteries that have a controller so that you won’t accidentally overcharge the battery.

Steps4. Choose A Good Type Of Battery

​I recommend that you choose lithium batteries. They are the best batteries for solar power storage. They have a good lifespan and can last for less than a decade. You can also replace them easily in case they are not properly functioning because they have waterproof connectors and plug.

Make sure that you use a lithium battery that has 12.8v or 25.6v of rated voltage. This is so that they will last longer. Also, they are more environmentally-friendly. Overall, they are a great choice for the type of solar batteries to get.


Hopefully, you know more about solar batteries lifespan with this article. Remember the factors that affect the life of your solar batteries so that you know how you can prevent them from affecting your battery’s length of service. It is important to note that proper maintenance of your batteries will prolong its life. So, do take care of your solar batteries properly.​