How Do I Stop My Laptop Battery From Draining So Fast?

Laptops are compelling devices that make them part of some people’s daily life. They can hold vast amounts of data and information with regards to work and business, and they can also be used for gaming and other entertainment.

However, since they are versatile devices that can be powered through power outlets and can also run with their batteries, the problem of being drained so fast is still present.

How do I stop my laptop battery from draining so fast? It is a problem that a lot of people try to overcome, and it can only be done by minimizing the device’s power consumption. This is a thing that can be done in a lot of ways, mostly by tweaking the settings of a laptop and keeping it simple by reducing the peripherals used by the device.

These tweaks’ only goal is to reduce the laptop battery’s load, allowing it to have more energy focused on the main function of your device. However, with these adjustments, the performance of the device can be affected. But all of them will contribute to your goal to try to stop your laptop battery from draining on a faster phase.

Here I am going to provide you plenty of information that has something to do with laptop batteries. I will try to charge you and feed you a lot of precious details that will help you understand why laptop batteries drain so fast and how to prevent it.

I also included a few helpful tips that can optimize your laptop battery and then further extend its operating time.

So, let’s not keep you waiting and go to the cheesier parts of the guide!

Average Time a Laptop Battery Can Operate with One Charge

To be able to understand the full scale of what we will be talking about in this article. We first have to establish the average battery life a laptop battery should have.

According to most laptop manufacturers, the average operating time of a fully charged laptop battery can only last one to six hours.

This amount of time also depends on the various factors listed below:

● Battery Capacity
● Age of the laptop battery
● How the laptop is used
● The peripherals used by the laptop
● Running a lot of unnecessary programs
● Others

The bottom line is that the operating time of a single fully charged laptop battery depends on the amount of power the device uses.

If the laptop operates on a very demanding level where it is set on the optimal performance, and it uses a lot of peripherals, then the run time of its battery will be shorter.

On the other hand, if the laptop has low power requirements, its battery life will be much longer.

6 Tips that Are Stopping Your Laptop Battery from Draining so Fast

I understand that you are here because you are one of those people trying to solve the problem with a laptop battery that drains so fast.

Fortunately for you, I have approached the most cheesy part of the guide. The part where I am going to provide you with the tips that will help you extend the operating life of your laptop’s battery and try to reduce the amount of speed that it gets depleted.

Check them out!

Tip1: Tweaking or Adjusting the Laptop’s Power Settings

One of the best ways to optimize a laptop battery life is by going into the device’s power settings and making adjustments to maximize the use of its battery.

Most laptops today are engineered to have the power saving mode when they are running on battery. Using this feature will allow you to have longer running time, and it can also be adjusted to squeeze out more juice from the battery of the device.

Tip2: Dimming the Laptop’s Screen to Reduce Power Consumption

A laptop is composed of plenty of various components, and one of the most power-hungry components of such a device is its screen. The screen of your laptop consumes a lot of energy when it is set to the highest performance, showing a bright and clear display.

Adjusting the brightness setting of your laptop will definitely reduce its power consumption and extend its battery life a little further.

Tip3: Remove Peripheral Devices from Your Laptop

Using external peripheral devices for a laptop like speakers, mice, webcams, and others also contributes to its battery load.

Turning these devices off will significantly reduce the power consumption of the device, further extending its run time, and decrease the rate of discharge of its battery.

Freeing your laptop from these devices will allow it to focus all of its power on the laptop and the tasks it is supposed to handle.

Tip4: Don’t Leave a Disc on Your Laptop’s Disc Drive

Leaving a disc on your laptop’s disc drive will leave it working and consume power as long as the disc is in there.

In a case like this, the disc drive will continuously drain the battery of the device because it will continuously eat up chunks of energy just by spinning the disc within.

So, if you want to extend your laptop’s run time, you have to make sure that your disc drive does not have a disc left on it.

Tip5: Disabling the Unnecessary Programs, Your Laptop is Running

Other factors that contribute a lot to drain a laptop’s battery are the applications or programs that it runs.

Some of these programs are not necessary to the laptop’s function, and most of these programs are employing background applications that continuously run as background processes. These processes consume a lot of power, and disabling them can significantly reduce the unit’s power consumption.

Removing or disabling these unnecessary programs will not only optimize the battery life of your laptop but also boost its performance. It lowers its power requirements and allows it to allocate its power consumption to the more important programs.

Tip6: Turning Off the Connectivity Features of Your Laptop (Optional)

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity of laptops are among the most power-hungry components of laptops, and disabling them will greatly reduce the power the device consumes.

However, this is an option that a lot of laptop users might probably go against since the Wi-Fi connectivity can be essential to whatever it is people do with their laptops.

If you will need to use your laptop offline, having these connectivity features turned off can be very manageable.

However, if you need to use the Wi-Fi, you can leave it turned on while the Bluetooth feature is disabled. This can further increase the laptop’s run time since disabling the Bluetooth will free up some power that can be diverted to other functions of the device.

Those are the few helpful tips that you can do to extend the battery life of your laptop!
Again, I would like to remind you that some of these adjustments may affect your laptop’s functionality and performance.

It will be up to you to decide what tweaks to do and what are the things you can sacrifice to lengthen optimized battery life.

Taking Care of Your Laptop Battery by Charging it Properly

Another factor that may contribute to a fast-draining laptop battery is poor upkeep or low maintenance. If the laptop battery is not well taken care of, its performance will reduce, and its run time will also decrease. One of the overlooked maintenance factors of laptop batteries is its proper charging.

To help you make sure that you are properly charging your laptop battery, here are the good practices that you have to keep in mind:

1. Don’t Wait for the Battery to Be Fully Drained Before Charging It

One of the misconceptions when it comes to charging a laptop is that many people charge after its battery is fully drained. Keep in mind that a laptop battery can be charged while being used, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Laptop batteries are designed to tolerate charging while they operate, which helps them keep them in top shape due to the innovation and evolution of batteries.

2. Never Short the Battery of Your Laptop to Fully Drain It

Another good practice that you have to keep in mind is never short circuit a laptop battery to fully drain its charge.

As we mentioned earlier, a laptop’s battery is designed to be charged while the device is being used, and there will be no negative effects by doing so. So, it is perfectly fine to charge it while you are using your laptop.

3. Avoid Leaving Your Laptop Plugged In When the Battery is at 100%

Leaving a laptop plugged in on the main power source is fine, but it is not ok when it comes to its battery. Although it won’t have any bad effects on your laptop, leaving it plugged in for a long time can be dangerous for its battery.

By doing so, it will generate a tremendous amount of heat that will greatly affect the health of the battery. Overheating is one of the most common factors that lead to a battery’s demise, and leaving a fully charged laptop battery plugged in for too long can trigger it.

So you have to keep in mind that overheating your laptop’s battery is not a good thing and will eventually lead to its demise.

That is how you properly charge a laptop’s battery. By keeping these things in mind and doing them, I can assure you that your battery will have a longer service life.

With all the tips I gave you about extending the run time of your battery, this guide will surely help you harness the full potential of your laptop’s battery. So, be sure to put these resources in proper use.