How Long Do EGO 56v Batteries Last?

The revolutionary breakthrough of cordless tools has been very beneficial to homeowners and households today. EGO Power+ is one of the best selection of gardening equipment in the market today, and with the range of tools it has in its arsenal.

It is a brand widely-known for taking the gardening to the next level. Powered by the famous, industry-leading battery technology, known as ARC Lithium, EGO Power+ gardening equipment is considered one of the best in the market today. That is why a lot of experts today often wonder how the said cell technology can have this kind of impact.

How long fo EGO 56V batteries last? According to EGO Power+, their 56-volt batteries with the patented ARC Lithium cell technology typically has a shelf life that can last up to ten (10) years.

The company also supported this claim with a statement that all of their batteries are designed to be stored for at least ten years without affecting their cycle performance and battery capacity.

However, these batteries should be stored after thirty (30) days and discharging them for about 70% of their full capacity for better longevity.

Based on the battery experts, even with regular use, an EGO Power+ battery will last from five (5) to ten (10) years. An EGO 56-volt cell may also last even longer if the user won’t require its maximum capacity for every usage.

In case the battery has reached the ten-year threshold, and it still has 60% capacity, or it still can hold up to 60% of its original capacity, it will still be useful for several years. It proves that the patented cell innovation is superior to its counterparts.

Finding you here reading an article that talks about an EGO Power+ battery tells me that you own a piece of EGO equipment. Or perhaps you are contemplating buying one and want to make sure that you are making the right decision. Well, you got a few details about an EGO battery earlier. Stick for a while and learn more!

In-Depth Look at Specs of the EGO Power+ 56-Volt Batteries

If you want to learn everything, there is to know about the EGO Power+ 56-volt battery aside from its average life expectancy. Your best bet is to understand the full specification of the said battery.

To help you with this, I am inviting you to join me as we take a plunge and have an in-depth look at the EGO battery itself. We’ll be starting with the basic and essential things and slowly dig deeper.

Complete Specifications of the EGO Power+ 56-Volt Power Cell

As popularly advertised, EGO batteries are engineered with the patented ARC Lithium power cell technology. A battery innovation that is considered superior and the top of the line allows them to deliver exceptional power and performance beyond belief.

The 56-volt batteries, like any other EGO power cells, are designed to be perfectly compatible with all EGO equipment. It is also crafted with the Keep-Cool cooling system, which allows it to perform well even in extreme conditions and prolong its battery life.

The 56-volt ARC Lithium power cells from EGO Power+ are distinctly rated with a 2, 2.5, 4, 5, and 7.5 Ah outputs and built to deliver longer-lasting power in any kind of weather condition. The innovative battery is masterfully crafted to have a rapid charging capability and features a distinct ARC design to work well with its cooling system.

Integrated with a fuel gauge, the battery has a feature that tells the user how much charge is left within it, giving the user idea when it needs to be recharged.

EGO 56-volt batteries are made to be compatible with all EGO battery chargers and all outdoor equipment under its product line. And like any other EGO power cell, any 56-volt variety also comes with a three-year limited warranty and a recharge rate depending on the kind of charger being used.

Charging Time Information of the EGO 56-Volt Battery:

Using the Rapid Charger of EGO Power+: Charging time is around twenty-five (25) to one-hundred forty-five (145) minutes, depending on the battery model.
Using the Standard Charger of EGO Power+: Charging time is around forty (40) to sixty (60) minutes, depending on the battery model.

A Quick Look at EGO Power+ Line Up of Batteries

Now that you’ve seen the complete specification of one particular battery model offered by EGO Power+, I think it will be a great idea if you are familiar with all of the other 56-volt batteries EGO has in its arsenal.

This will not only make you aware of the other batteries, but it will also allow you to have a quick comparison of these batteries. So, join me as we take a look at each battery EGO Power+ has on its selection.

1. Power+ BA1120 2-Amp Power Cell

First on EGO’s battery line up is the BA1120, a 2A ARC Lithium cell also rated at 56 volts that offer 40% more output compared to its 40-volt counterparts.

Like any other EGO power, BA1120 is also equipped with the patented Keep-Cool cooling technology for a longer lifespan. The battery is built with advanced power management innovation and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

2. Power+ BA1400T 2.5-Amp Power Cell

The next on the line up was the one that we already talked about earlier. It was the BA1400 model; now, we are going to take a look at the next model, which is the predecessor of the one we took a deeper look at earlier.

The BA1400T 2.5A ARC lithium cell. This is almost similar to the one we discussed earlier, and the only difference that this unit has lesser runtime than the BA1400.

3. Power+ BA2240 4-Amp Power Cell

Although this EGO battery has been discontinued due to undisclosed reasons, I thought that being aware of this BA2240 model is still a good thing.

Anyway, this is a 56-volt battery rated with a 4 amperes output that was commonly used for EGO equipment that requires a larger input voltage.

4. Power+ BA2800T and BA2800 5-Amp Power Cells

The 56-Volt batteries in the EGO Power+ line up are the 5Ah batteries that come in two models. The BA2800T and the BA2800 ARC lithium batteries.

Similarly, rated with a five ampere-hours output, both of these cells are ideal for the larger EGO equipment with more power demands. These battery models both have the patented battery technology as well as the advanced cooling system.

5. Power+ BA4200T and BA4200 7.5-Amp Power Cells

The last batteries in the EGO line up are the 7.5 Ah variety that is considered the most powerful ones in the selection, in terms of output.

Both the BA2400T and BA2400 models are the recommended models for the heavier EGO outdoor tools or equipment due to the output they offer.

However, they are still almost similar to the other cells in the lineup, since all of them feature the same cell technology, cooling system, and features. These models just offer more output than others.

Those are the models of the 56-volt ARC Lithium power cell that EGO Power+ offers. All of them listed above are rated at 56 volts, and the main difference they have from each other is the output each of them has to offer. All of them are built to be compatible with all EGO tools, equipment, and chargers.

Choosing the Ideal EGO Power+ Battery for Your Needs

As widely established and advertised, all EGO Power+ batteries are engineered to be perfectly compatible with all EGO tools or equipment, as well as chargers. This means that any 56-volt EGO battery will be capable of running any tool under the EGO Power+ product range.

With all of this said, you can buy any EGO battery to power your tools and equipment. However, if you take a look at it closely, choosing what battery to purchase can either help you lower your expenses or lead you to overspend.

To help you avoid this from happening, here are some of the significant aspects that you have to have considered when it comes to choosing the ideal battery for your needs.

As we are going along through each aspect, I recommend that you take some notes because it will help you when coming up with a decision.

The Average Capacity that You Need from the Battery

One way of saving money when purchasing an EGO Power+ battery is by getting the ideal battery model with enough capacity for your needs. Keep in mind that the more the capacity an EGO Power+ battery offers, the more expensive it will be.

Buying a battery with a capacity that overly exceeds your requirement will be overspending since you will be using the battery with too much capacity for smaller workloads.

So, the best way of choosing the ideal model of EGO battery for your needs is to do a quick assessment. Take time to check the size of your garden or lawn and have a rough estimate of how much battery capacity you will need to cover everything.

After doing a quick assessment and having a rough estimate, you can consult an EGO expert and inquire how much capacity you will need to cover your entire garden or lawn.

Once you got a solid idea of the battery capacity you will need, you can base your decision on it.

You also have to keep in mind that the higher ampere-hour rating only means longer runtime, and every model is capable of powering EGO equipment. Getting the model with the capacity to cover your entire needs will be enough.

Weight of the Battery that You Will Purchase

In case your EGO equipment is the handheld ones, then it is also advisable that you think about the weight of the battery to purchase. Keep in mind that the more capacity the EGO battery has, the heavier it can be.

Heavy handheld equipment like string trimmers and blowers can easily exhaust your hands by its increased effect of fatigue and reduce productivity.

So, choosing a lighter battery model with enough capacity is more beneficial than the heavier models.

It is also more practical to choose the lighter model because it will lengthen the runtime of handheld tools, boosting their productivity. Same with the mowers, lighter batteries can boost their productivity than the heavier ones.

Those are the two major aspects that you have consider when you are to choose the right or ideal EGO battery for your needs.

By thinking about these factors listed above, you can reduce your expenses and allow you to get the right battery model that will give you the best value for your money.

Final Thoughts

Those are the essential information that you have to learn and understand about the EGO Power+ 56-Volt batteries. Remember that all EGO batteries have a minimum shelf life of ten (10) years, and with regular usage, they are to last from five (5) to ten (10) years.

They also even last even more depending on the capacity left within the batteries after the ten years. I also added some more helpful information that will help you choose the right battery for you and help you save a few bucks.