How Long Does It Take To Jump Start A Car Battery?

How long it's taking to jumpstart your car battery totally depends on how you do it and ways to do it.

I’m sure you know what jump-starting a car battery means, but do you know how long it takes to jump a car battery? This is a question that has no straightforward answer. Nevertheless, in this article we will try to determine the length of time it takes to jump a car and the reasons why getting the right answer is almost impossible.

How much time is needed to jump a car battery? The “jumping” actually takes only as long as it takes to turn the key or switch on the ignition. A few seconds is all that it takes to jump a car. That is if the only thing wrong with the car you’re jumping is a discharged battery.

In some cases, it takes two or three attempts at “jumping” before the engine starts. How long that will take depends on you, the driver. But, if after the 3rd attempt, the battery is still dead as a dodo, stop at three because the reason why the engine won’t start may not be the battery but something else. Continuing to jumpstart the battery can result in damage, not only to the battery but also to the car’s electrical system.

If after “jumping”, you turn the key and you don’t hear a “click”, it could be that the booster cables are not properly connected with the terminals.

If the car starts after you jump it but the engine conks out again after “jumping” then most probably the problem is the alternator.


“How long does it take to jumpstart a car battery” should not be the question. It should be, “do you know how to jump a car battery”. Having a dead car battery to deal with is a pain. That is why knowing how to jumpstart a dead battery and have the car running again either with the help of a portable jumper or a healthy battery of another car is a big advantage.