How Long Should A Motorcycle Battery Last?

how long do you think your bike's battery will last?

Motorcycle batteries are in demand also nowadays. Just like car batteries, the number of motorcycle riders is increasing daily. It would mean a double in the use of motorcycle batteries. Users of motorcycle batteries are asking the length of time they could use their cells.

How long should a motorcycle battery last? The makers of motorcycle batteries state that a motorcycle battery usually lasts for about 48 months. You are lucky enough if you can reach even half of that length. In some cases, the battery died prematurely because of poor maintenance.

Batteries, whether for car or motorcycle, requires proper maintenance to prolong its lifespan. No battery lasted long for reduced maintenance. Most cells, which are well-maintained, followed similar methods and procedures.

Main Factors That Kill Your Motorcycle Battery Life

A good motorcycle owner always sees to it that his battery is still in good condition and well-maintained. You have to keep your battery on the proper maintenance charger. But for first timers, it will always keep them wondering why their batteries got drained and dead when you have just bought it.

Here are some of the factors that kill the life of your motorcycle batteries:

1. There Is A Leak Circuit Somewhere

This leak circuit is a merely a low-level circuit that sucks your battery dry. It drains your battery. The leaks may come from your motorcycle accessories, GPS, alarms, and some other sources.

One way to check is by removing the negative cable of the battery and using your volt-ohm meter in the current mode. Place the meter leads in between the negative wire and the negative terminal while the unit is turned off.

Zero should be the current draw, but a few milliamps are quite acceptable. If you can record a drain of an amp or more, you should need further investigation.

2. Ground Connection Is Poor

The reduced ground connections of the battery and the frame can stop charging. You need to check all the links with a high current carefully. You have to remove them by cleaning them using sandpaper or with a scotchbrite very lightly.

3. The Regulator Or Rectifier Is Dying

When your voltage regulator is already dying, your battery may die too. It is most common to high-mileage motorcycles.

First, you have to check all the connections. Start with the connection from the alternator up to the regulator. Most bikes are known for frying the connectors.

Better check and consult your service manual to check on the alternator’s resistance and regulator wires. The commonly used regulators seldom outlast the motorcycles though there are some motorcycles which have regulators that last longer than the others.

4. Overloaded Accessories

If your motorcycle has too many accessories, it could also kill your motorcycle batteries. You have to check the battery voltage while the engine is running and accessories on. If it doesn’t register a 13.8 V or something better, your charging system cannot accommodate your add-ons.

Some motorcycles have some extra juice so you can have something to spare for your accessories or it would be better to find a powerful and better alternator.

5. Heat And Vibration

Batteries are not built to last forever. Heat and vibration can shorten the lifespan of your motorcycle batteries. When heat and vibration strikes, even the well-maintained batteries will give up. The damage incurred from the broken plates or internal connections can be deadly for your cells.

How To Check The Battery’s Health So You Can Take Care Of It To Last Longer

Test your battery’s health to ensure that it is in good condition and will not put you in an emergency. Battery testing is always associated with regular battery maintenance. You may compare this with a regular car check or getting your car an oil change.

However, a battery is badly needed for everything we use daily like a car to providing energy and power to your car’s devices and computer. We don’t like dead batteries. Prevention is better than cure as we always say, and this is quite applicable to our motorcycle batteries.

1. Headlight Testing

This is one of the easiest and fastest test to see if your battery is getting low. Start your car and turn on the headlights. If it looks healthy, then your battery is working great.

You can now rev up your engine. If the brightness of your headlights remains the same, your battery is working fine. If the lights get even brighter when you rev up the engine, it only means that your alternator is producing enough charge.

2. Multimeter Test

The use of a multimeter is another easy way to test your battery. Please make sure that your voltmeter is set to 20DC volts. You will find a V sign in the multimeter to indicate volt.

1. The positive red meter must probe to the positive red terminal.
2. The negative black meter must probe to the negative battery terminal.
3. Ask someone to turn your headlights on. It will provide the battery with a lighter load.
4. A 12.5 V or higher indicates a reasonable charge, 12.3 means you only have 75% charge, 11.8 V or lower means you have less than 25% charge.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Battery Failure?

Battery failure happens when we practice some of these things. Most owners are not aware that a simple habit can ruin their batteries. You are not driving long enough, or you are using your electronic gadgets while the engine is off.

If you are not charging your battery and it is always less than 80%, sulfation may occur. Acid stratification is one of the reasons why a battery shortens its lifespan.

Any Recommend Motorcycle Battery That Will Last Longer Than You Are Currently Using?

Just like car batteries, there are many different brands for motorcycle batteries. They look similar, but they differ in specifications and of course the lifespan of the cell.

I have gathered information in about the best motorcycle batteries based on the reviews of people who have used and tested these motorcycle batteries.

1. ExpertPower Standard 12V 7Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery (EXP1270-2)

This battery model is a 12V battery which is commonly used in home alarm systems and cable boxes. Its small size is very convenient in popular applications like the security system and UPS or Uninterruptible-Power Systems.

The external casing is made out of a hardened ABS plastic that protects against leaks and spills. This battery uses an AGM technology or Absorbent Glass Mat that is capable of delivering very high currents that offers a long service life.


● It is one of the highest reviewed lead acids and sealed batteries on Amazon.
● It is maintenance-free and valve regulated.
● It is used for alarms, lighting, electronics and emergency systems.
● It is user-friendly and provides easy installation.


● No recorded complaints.

Product Specifications:

Brand: ExpertPower
Model: EXP1270-2
Item Weight: 9lbs.
Product Dimension: 5.9 x 5 x 3.7 inches
Voltage: 12V

2. Supersmart BMS Lithium Battery, 12V 2.5AH, 150CCA

This lithium battery is powered with a protective circuit module board. This module board is considered to be the heart of the cell. The circuit board keeps the battery from overcharging and draining. It makes our lithium battery a lot smarter and safer. This kind of technology avoids the occurrence of explosions, fire, and further damage.


● It has a built-in protection board that helps prevent overcharging of the battery.
● In the case of overcharging, a BMS will automatically shut off the battery to prevent further damage.
● It includes a battery activation switch.


● It failed too easily.
● Warranty issues.

Product Specification:

Brand: Battery Tender
Model: Supersmart BMS Lithium Battery, 12V 2.5AH, 150CCA
Item Weight: 1.35lbs.
Product Dimension: 4.5 x 2.8 x 3.4 inches

Rechargeable YTX14-BS iGel Powersport Battery – Sealed, AGM Maintenance Free Battery – Chrome Pro Battery

It is one of the best motorcycle battery from Chrome. This battery model uses the latest AGM technology. This AGM battery designed is created to execute high performance and endure to last a lifetime. This battery is rechargeable and can be recharged many times.

This battery uses copper as a battery terminal and has proven to be durable and sturdy to last for a more extended period.


● It is a rechargeable sports battery.
● It has a versatile fit.
● It uses AGM technology.
● It comes with an 18 months warranty.


● Poor customer service.
● It failed after a few months.

Product Specification:

Brand: Chrome Battery
Model: YTX14-BS iGel
Item Weight: 9.92lbs.
Product Dimension: 5.8 x 3.3 x 5.7 inches
Voltage: 12V

Does Each Of Motorcycle Battery Type Have The Different Longevity?

Motorcycle batteries have almost the same standard life span of three to four years. It will only differ depending on the owner’s usage and maintenance. The longevity of your battery life lies in the hands of the users.

It can longer than the standard life prescribed, or it can be shorter than the usual based on your maintenance and usage.

What If Your Motorcycle Batteries Are Dead? Is There Any Way To Re-Use Them?

Motorcycle batteries that are dead can still be revived. As I have mentioned before, dead cells can be refurbished or re-use. You can try the Epsom salt solution to restore your dead motorcycle batteries.

You Can Rejuvenate Your Dead Motorcycle Battery

Reviving a dead motorcycle battery by using the Epsom Salt Solution is one of the most effective means of bringing back your dead battery back to life. The steps are simple and easy, but you need to practice it with caution.

● Remove the battery from your motorcycle.
● Prepare the Epsom salt solution. Mix a distilled water with the Epsom salt. Heat the water first for more natural dissolution. Add more salt until there is nothing more left to dissolve.
● Get a funnel. Fill each battery cell with the solution then shake the battery gently for even distribution of the solution.
● Place the battery on the charger for a trickle charge. Leave it overnight or until the charging is complete.
● Practice precaution when doing this process.

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How long should a motorcycle battery last depends on how you use it. Proper maintenance and care are needed for prolonging the life of your motorcycle batteries!