How Many mAh Are in AA Batteries?

The battery speaks volumes as to what a battery can deliver in terms of power to an electronic device. While this is a major feature that determines the efficiency of a battery, it may not always tell the whole story as discussed below.

What is the highest capacity a AA battery can have? The highest capacity a AA battery can have is 2850 mAh.

Digital cameras are high draining electronic devices and thus need a high capacity battery. the AA battery of choice should be able to provide current as high as its capacity.

AA Battery Capacity

This is a measure of the charge that a battery can store, it is usually measured in Amps per hour. The mass of the reactive material in the battery is one factor that determines the batteries capacities. This measurement describes the highest amount of energy or power that can be derived from a battery when placed in certain conditions.

When a AA battery is undergoing a fast rate of discharge, its capacity tends to decrease at the same rate. At this state there is low energy that can be extracted from the battery. Similarly, in a case where the battery is being discharged at a very slow speed by the use of current that is fairly low, then more energy can be derived from the battery as the capacity is relatively at fairly high levels.

Temperature is one factor that affects the capacity of a battery at a specific time. You will also realize that old batteries tend to have lower battery capacities than new ones.

Which Is the Best Battery to Go for in the Case of High Draining Devices?

Electronic devices like the digital cameras are high draining and require an excellent choice of battery for powering them up. NiMH batteries are an excellent option to go for as they have a significant capacity rating. They are also a user favourite since they are able to power such devices for longer and to provide adequate current.

Alkaline batteries can be mistaken to have a significant capacity but this is not always. This is because they may not always deliver similar amounts of current to the electronic device to which they are connected.

Myths and Facts About AA Battery

1. Alkaline Batteries Can Hold More Capacity than Rechargeable Batteries

This is a myth as rechargeable AA batteries are seen to provide power for longer periods than Alkaline batteries. This is seen from test comparing NiMH battery and an alkaline when both are connected to device that is high draining.

This myth is normally spread by manufacturers who simply want to sell their batteries. They will use terms like Super Heavy Duty, High Capacity or even Long Life. These are misleading facts that are normally used for marketing their products and this is made possible with the lack of industry standards to regulate such actions.

The battery capacity which is normally indicated on the battery is unable to tell how long a AA battery can last. This is seen when comparing a NiMH battery and a n alkaline battery. The latter might have a higher capacity but will not be able to power an electronic device. on the other hand, the NiMH battery has a relatively lower capacity but is capable of powering a high draining device five times longer than the alkaline batteries.

The battery capacity indicated on batteries from different brands is not always accurate as the manufacturers measure battery capacity in different ways.

2. Placing a AA Battery in a Freezer Will Prolong its Life

Refrigerating a AA battery has an insignificant impact on the life of the battery. This is because it might be able to maintain their charge, but by a mere percentage. It is a fact that AA batteries when placed at room temperature tend to discharge.

It is advisable not to place AA batteries in high temperatures as this will increase the rate at which they discharge. At high temperatures, chemical reactions in the battery will be intensified and hence the reason why batteries lose their capacity much faster. A refrigerator comes in handy when you are living in an area with fairly hot temperatures. This will mitigate the battery losing its capacity very quickly.

You should also know that rechargeable batteries, like NiMH, self-discharge at higher rate than alkaline batteries. Placing them at cooler temperatures will make their discharge rate lower and hence your AA batteries will not lose charge at a very fast rate. However, you will have to put them at room temperature before using them for your electronic devices.

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3. A Battery With a Capacity of 1500 mAh Delivers Current at 1500ma Per Hour

This is not always true as what determines this is the electronic device in which the battery is going to be used in. This is because for devices like the digital camera and MP3 players, which are high draining, a particular type of battery might not always deliver to its full potential capacity-wise.

This fact is probably the reason why you rarely see the capacity of batteries indicated on them. This is mostly the case for alkaline batteries, which can only supply a low amount of current when connected to such devices.

Rechargeable batteries like NiMH batteries, however, come close to their capacity when delivering current to high draining devices.


The capacity of AA batteries is a key determinant in deciding what you can get from the battery you purchase. Some electronic devices are high draining and require high capacity batteries for them to function well.

Rechargeable AA batteries, like NiMH batteries, are an excellent option for devices like the digital camera or MP3 players. They are also long lasting. This is unlike alkaline AA batteries which might be described to have high capacities but are unable to offer current even close to their capacity level. They are also not long lasting hence not reliable.