How To Change The Battery In A Ford Key Fob

With the growing number of Ford cars hitting the market today, it’s never easy to locate your car in those crowded parking lots. Thanks to the key fob, with the ‘panic alarm’ feature, you can easily locate your Ford regardless of the time. However, after some time, the battery in the fob will die.

So, how can I change the old battery in a Ford key fob? You should split open the remote to gain access to the two coin cell batteries. Remove the batteries and swap install new ones before reattaching the two pieces of the fob.

6 Steps to Replace the Ford Key Fob Battery

1. Open the Fob Covers

When it comes to opening up the fob, it shouldn’t be hard for your Ford. There is usually a release button which you should see whenever you turn the remote. This is the button you should first press to help release the plastic cover from your remote. After the plastic cover is off the picture, it’s time to slice the fob into two halves.

At this point, you will need a flathead screwdriver. Gently, insert the screwdriver into a slot that you will see once the plastic cover is out of the picture. Once the screwdriver is in the slot, twist it to open up the fob housing. At this juncture, you should be able to easily pry the fob into two halves.

2. Remove the Old Battery

With the fob open, you should be able to see two coin batteries that your key fob uses. Go ahead and pull out the first battery using the screwdriver. After removing the first battery, you will see a white piece of paper. Go ahead and remove the paper. By doing so, you will reveal the second battery, which should be pulled out as well. However, if your Ford’s key fob uses a single cell, you don’t have to worry about the paper or the second battery.

3. Slide in the New Coin Batteries

Now that you have excluded the old batteries, you should go ahead and replace them with the new set. Go ahead and add the two batteries in the same manner that the old ones were placed. You should ensure that the terminals are well placed, and that’s the negative terminal should be facing you.

4. Return the Metal Key

After you have confirmed that the new batteries are in position, you should go ahead and return the emergency key in its slot. That shouldn’t be a hard task for you.

5. Stick the Two Halves of Your Key Fob Together

The next and the most significant step should be to reattach the two halves of your key fob. For this, you only need to align the two parts and then press them together. You should hear a click informing you that they are sandwiched together.

6. Test the Key Fob

With the case now intact, you should go ahead and test if your new battery works. At this juncture, the ‘panic alarm’ feature should respond even from a far distance. If you see the lights of your Ford blinking, it means that you have successfully replaced the coin cells without anyone’s help.

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What Does the Low Battery Light on the Key Fob Mean?

As said earlier, the battery in your key fob is likely to run out of juice within no time. However, it doesn’t just drain all the power without raising an alarm. The device is programmed to track the usage and tell you when the charge is about to drain.

The low battery warning light starts showing whenever the charge surpasses a certain level. It should inform you that it’s time to prepare for a replacement. With the guide I just provided, replacing the battery shouldn’t be a big problem.

Another thing that you should note is that the batteries used in these fobs are usually designed to run for up to three years. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about the battery light showing anytime soon after the replacement.

Besides the CR2032 coin batteries can easily be accessed at the store near your location. They aren’t expensive, and therefore you should perform the replacement immediately the battery warning light appears.

What If Ford’s Key Fob Breaks Down?

Key fobs are the best devices until they break down. When the key fob fails, it’s usually because of a flat battery or the charge is low. Therefore, if you tried replacing the battery and no change, it means that there is a problem with the device itself. The best way to deal with the issue is to head to your nearest Ford dealer or auto shop. The experts there can help you correct the problem.

Many are times that the key fob starts to misbehave because of messy housing. Such problems can be cleared by buying a new case which shouldn’t cost you more than the price of the entire fob. Also, the problem might arise from poor programming of the key fob. The experts there can also help with reprogramming the key fob so that it can regain sensitivity to your specific car.

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Can Leaving the Key Fob in the Car Drain the Car’s Battery?

Many are times people are always asking what would happen to their car’s battery if the key fob is left inside the car. First, this isn’t recommended for safety measures as it makes it easy for an intruder to access the Ford, now that the door won’t be locked. When it comes to the car’s battery, it means that there will be a parasitic drain.

Remember, when the remote is left inside, it means that the receiver and the transmitter will continue to communicate. By doing so, it means that the vehicle’s controller area network and modules will stay awake. The activity can end up sucking some juice in your battery. But, that shouldn’t worry you because the device can’t suck all the charge from your Ford’s battery.