How To Unlock A Ford Fusion With A Dead Battery

Imagine having your best morning, only to learn that the battery of your Ford is dead when it’s a few minutes to work. The scenario is common and can be frustrating. If your Ford has a keyless entry system, it means that you can’t enter inside to open the hood and jumpstart the battery.

So, how can I unlock a Ford Fusion when the battery is dead? You can make use of the emergency car key usually found in the key fob. Also, you can use of a Slim Jim or a thin metal rod to disengage the lock.

Ways to Get into Your Ford Fusion Even If You still Have a Dead Battery

Method 1. Using the Emergency Car Key

On one occasion or another, you likely to find yourself locked out of your Ford Fusion, all because its battery is out of charge. First, don’t panic as there is a way you can still access the car using the metal key in the car’s fob.

As you are aware, opening the hood manually can be hectic for first-timers. Therefore, the best and easy way to deal with the electronic door locks is by using the metal key. Here is a guide you ought to follow to complete the task efficiently.

1. Remove the Key From Its Slot

What kind of key fob do you use? For the intelligent fobs, then you will be required to pop open the fob so that you can access the metal key inside. But, for most fobs, you only need to press the release button usually somewhere below the fob, and next to the key ring. You should have the key in the fastest time possible.

2. Remove the Cover of the Driver’s Door Handle

The key you just withdrew is for use in such emergencies. It’s this key that you are going to use to deal with the door. Below the handle of the driver’s door, you should see a small hole. Insert the key in that slot.

3. Slide the Handle Cover

With the metallic key in the hole, it releases the handle cover. You can now slide the cover to access the emergency keyhole.

4. Insert the Key into the Hole

Once the handle cover of your door is out of the picture, it should reveal the door lock. You should go ahead and insert your metallic key into the door lock. Turn the key towards the back. After doing so, the door should unlock with much ease. Often, the trick may fail for the first time. But, that shouldn’t scare you.

If you find yourself in the dilemma, you should try inserting the key in and out several times. That should help. Also, you can try applying some penetrating oil into the keyhole. The oil should help with taking care of the rust.

With the hacks, you should be able to open the door in the next minute or so. Once the door is open, return the metallic key into its slot and assemble your keyless fob. Also, remember to slide back the cover of your door handle before your proceed to jumpstart the Ford.

Method 2. Use a Slim Jim

Often, Slim Jims are used by thieves who break into other people’s cars. But, you can as well utilize the tool when you need to break into your Ford Fusion. It’s a special thin metal used to unlock doors. When using a Slim Jim, it’s recommended that you be cautious.

A slight glitch can see you tear the door’s weather stripping, as well as, break the wires around the door area. Therefore, if the tool proves difficult to use, it would be best if you let a professional deal with the door.

When using the Slim Jim, it’s recommended that you use the passenger’s door as it has fewer wires. Push the device through the weather stripping. It’s its hook end that you are going to use to disengage the locking mechanism.

The lock is usually underneath the locking pin. Using a slim Jim is also a quick procedure as long as you are aware of what you are doing.

Method 3. Use a Thin Metal Rod

If you find it hard to use a Slim Jim, there is still another option left. It involves using a thin metal rod to press the auto-lock button usually found on the driver’s door. They are the buttons you use to lock and unlock the door while inside. However, this time around you will be pressing them from the outside.

To enter the thin metal rod through the door, you will need some space between the car’s door and the body. Look for a wedge-like object and insert it in between the door and the body. The object should create enough working area for your metal rod. Insert the metal piece in the gap and aim for the auto-lock.

You can have a family member or friend on the other side of the car to direct you towards the lock. The activity shouldn’t take you much time since it is straightforward, especially when you have someone around to help. You can as well try hooking the interior door unlocks using a knot or hook. A string or hanger can work well in this case. Therefore, if the thin metal rod proves challenging, you shouldn’t hesitate to try using a knot or hook.

When it comes to unlocking the door using any of these tactics, patience is highly needed. Unless you are used to breaking into your Ford, it should take you several trials to be successful. After opening the doors and jumpstarting the car, you should ensure that the battery of your Ford Fusion is well maintained. Otherwise, you may end up redoing the task come the following morning.

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Whenever you find yourself locked out of your Ford Fusion because it has a flat battery, you shouldn’t panic. Explained in this article are the top three tactics you can use to enter your Ford Fusion. Read through the article to find out which of the three procedures accommodates you.

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