How To Keep A Car Battery From Dying In Cold Weather

Cold weather is one of the greatest enemies of our car battery. Even the most robust and newest battery may go dead when exposed to an extreme weather condition. Is there anything we could do to prevent our cells from the damage created by the winter season?

How to keep a car battery from dying in cold weather. I will give you some of the best tips on how to prevent the cold weather from ruining your car battery.

Follow these simple tips, and you will save your battery from dying:

Tip No. 1: Park your car inside and avoid the wind.
Tip No. 2: Give enough time before you turn on the car accessories.
Tip No. 3: Keep the battery clean and free from dirt and corrosion.
Tip No. 4: Have your battery check before Wintertime.
Tip No. 5: Juice your battery.

More Details on the Ways to Keep a Car Battery from Dying During the Winter

Tip No. 1: Park your car inside and avoid the wind. If humans feel cold at the slapped of cold wind, imagine how your car feels when it is left outside. Try to park your vehicle inside the garage. It will help to protect the battery against the extreme cold weather.
You may also opt to use a battery blanket so you can still have that cranking power when you need it. When there is no garage available, avoid the direction of the wind.
Tip No. 2: Give enough time before you turn on the car accessories. Most car owners are tempted to crank up their engine immediately. Allow a few minutes before doing so. Allow the alternator to charge the battery before charging anything to it. Remember to turn off everything that will use up power after turning off the engine.
Tip No. 3: Keep the battery Clean and Free from Dirt and Corrosion. A cold climate can quickly thicken the engine oil. It may also increase resistance to electricity. All of these will add up to the burden of the battery and makes it work harder.
Having dirt and grime and corrosion is additional work for the battery. If you failed to maintain your battery, it would not survive the season. Always keep the battery terminals free from corrosion.
Tip No. 4: Have your battery check before Wintertime. Regular battery check-ups will extend the lifespan of your cells. It will be more helpful to do the check before the start of the winter season. Maintaining healthy cells during Wintertime will prolong battery life. Nothing beats having a good and robust battery that will endure the challenges of a cold winter season.
Tip No. 5: Juice your battery. A battery that is fully charged will not quickly deplete. Experts say that it can remain alive even after reaching -76 degrees Fahrenheit. While an incredibly discharged battery will start freezing at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It will help activate your battery if you fully charge it. Giving it some juice will strengthen its performance during the cold weather.

Why Do Batteries Lose Charge During the Cold Weather?

Batteries die during the cold weather. The extreme coldness kills the cell. During this season, you need to make sure the terminals and cables of the array are tightened and free from corrosion.

● Car loses its power at zero degrees.
● Car accessories add up to the weakening strength of the battery.

Can Cold Weather Kill a New Battery?

Yes, cold weather is one of the greatest battery killers. It quickly loses its power at 60%. The extreme weather can soon freeze a battery and make it dead. I also advise the reduce use of car accessories like radio and other gadgets. Even when your battery is newly replaced, it will soon freeze if you will not follow the tips we provided.

How to Protect the Car Battery During the Winter Season

To protect the car battery on cold weather, one must keep the battery warm to avoid freezing. You can cover it with a battery blanket so as not to expose it to too much coldness.

Trickle charging during winter may also help keep your battery alive. Batteries during cold weather should always be kept fully charged to avoid freezing quickly. The simple tips I have mentioned here will significantly help in keeping your cells well in the winter season.

3 Things that Can Drain Your Battery in the Wintertime

Some things can get your battery down the drain so quickly during the Wintertime. Avoid doing these things if you do not want to kill your battery.

1. Human mistake. It is the number one cause of battery drains in winter. I have already mentioned that leaving the power and other accessories on can draw power from the battery. Make sure that you have turned off the headlights and other lights in the car before going out. Remove everything that can take control of the cell, USB ports, cigarette sockets, and other devices. Turn off everything when the car engine is off too. It is simple advice of saving power consumption in cold weather to avoid wasting battery energy.
2. Loose cables and corrosion. A free cable may cause a loose connection. Corrosion, on the other hand, may lessen the effectivity of the battery’s performance. The battery loses its contact once the terminals and battery posts are all covered with corrosion.
3. Freezing cold weather. The chemical reaction happening inside the battery may slow down because of freezing. The battery will eventually die after freezing. I have provided the tips on how to survive the freezing temperature, read through, and do as instructed. It will significantly help in using your batteries longer than usual.

How to Store a Battery in Time of a Cold Weather

Most car owners would refrain from using their cars during this extreme weather condition. When you store your vehicle, the batteries must be well-kept and charged to avoid discharging. You have to make sure that you can still use your car batteries after several months of storage.

1. Detach the cables of the battery.
2. Check the batteries for leaks and other damages.
3. Free the battery against any corrosion. Clean the battery thoroughly.
4. Inspect the level of electrolyte in each battery cell.
5. Fill-up cells with low electrolyte with distilled water. Do not overfill it.
6. Charge your battery if needed. Electrolyte levels must be rechecked after charging.
7. Remove the battery and then find a suitable dry place where the temperature is not low and will not freeze the battery, store the battery.
8. Use a trickle or float charger to maintain the battery during the storage period. Be sure to use the right charger suitable for your battery.

Winter is not the best season for our car batteries. We have to exhaust every means to keep it alive during this time. How to keep a car battery from dying in cold weather can be quickly done if you will follow the instructions we have provided you. Cells can be protected against extreme weather condition.

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