How To Make A Car Battery Last Longer

Every driver out there wishes to have parts of his or her car last as per the descriptions. Well, with the high prices of most parts, no one can keep up with the frequent visits to an auto shop seeking new parts. The battery, for example, is one expensive component.

Typically, batteries can run between two to five years. However, the lifespan is dependent on many factors, among them the brand.

6 Tips to Keep Your Car Battery Running Longer

1. Take Care of Your Car

For the standard vehicles, the battery is used to start the engine and power up the electrical components and headlights. For the electric vehicles, the battery is used to power up the engine the entire journey. Regardless of the vehicle model, the best way you can keep the battery running longer is by taking care of the car.

Say, for instance, the headlights. If not checked out, they can drain up your battery instantly. Therefore, if you notice a problem with the lights, it’s advisable to visit a mechanic. Also, the alternator is a crucial part of the car. It charges the battery while on the road. A faulty alternator means that the battery won’t charge. In the end, you won’t have enough charge to start the car the next morning.

Also, the deep draining of the battery charge is what shortens its life significantly. Also, the entertainment system you have in the car can bring harm to your battery. For example, if the audio player is massive, it may end up using all the charge in the cell. If you happen to have such systems, it’s advisable to invest in a dual-battery, primarily if you use the system while the car is off.

2. Avoid the Short Rides

How long do you drive your car? Well, did you know that those short rides you may be taking can mean harm to your battery? Most likely, you had no clue. It’s recommended that you avoid making those quick trips at all costs. Let’s say, a trip to a store that is a few blocks. Well, you can prefer taking a walk instead of using the car.

As you’re aware, your car’s battery charges while you’re on the road. Therefore, the more time you spend on the street, the more likely your battery is expected to get charged. For the short trips, it means your battery won’t get charged efficiently. If you’re a ‘short-trips’ guy, the chances are that you’re likely to wake up to a flat battery often. In the end, the instances shorten the life of your precious battery.

3. Tighten the Battery

Many people are always asking why they should worry about how tight the battery is while the battery is vibration-resistant. If you fall under the category, it’s high time you started thinking otherwise, because it’s essential. From an expert’s perspective, you must ensure that the battery is held tightly in position regardless of the model.

A tightly-held battery means fewer vibrations and hence reduced chances of vibrations that can crack the cell. Whether your battery is spill-proof, it would be best if you ensured that it’s tightly-held. You can invest in battery trays and straps to reinforce the hold. Also, when buying a battery, ensure that you get the specific battery for your car model. A car battery may power the car, but fail to fit in the battery holder.

Also, you must ensure that the battery clamps are tightened to prevent cases of shorting. Shorting a battery often can reduce its lifespan. If you happen to drive off-road often, you must watch the claps screws often as they tend to loosen because of the frequent vibrations.

4. Keep the Corrosion at Bay

What is that bluish or whitish coating that I find on my battery? This is one question, the new drivers, especially, are always asking. The blue substance you see on your battery is corrosion. It’s common, and the best thing you can do is to clear it the moment you notice it emerging. You should never undermine its presence as this can reduce the cell’s efficiency.

There are many ways to clean the corrosion. You only need your gloves, goggles, and cleaning agents to deal with the corrosion. You can even have the battery cleaned by an expert to be sure that the problem will disappear for good. When clearing the corrosion, you should also look out for leaks as they are what cause the corrosion in the first place.

5. Avoid Using Electronics While the Car is Parked

Often, you may be tempted to use the radio system while in the parking or while out there camping. Well, it’s an excellent idea now that music is good for the soul. But, how long will that battery run? Your car’s headlights or radio is likely to drain your battery in the next five hours or something. Such instances don’t only empty your cell, but also shortens its lifespan.

The frequent draining sees the cell’s life reduced by a significant margin. The best way to deal with this problem is by investing in a secondary battery. If you love your music that much, you can have a pro install a secondary battery in your car. The second battery will be responsible for powering the stereo while the vehicle is resting. With the new battery, it means that your first battery will never run dry and hence no problems while starting.

6. Keep it Covered

When shopping for a new battery, you have probably come across some labeled as insulated. You may wonder what the insulation has to do with a cell. Well, the truth is that they can be choosy when it comes to temperature changes. The warm temperatures, for instance, can evaporate the battery content. The cold weather, on the other end, can freeze the electrolytes.

It’s for this reason that most cars usually develop starting problems during the winter season. If you care about your battery, add some padding between the cell and its holder. The padding acts as an insulator and can regulate the temperature hence saving your battery.


Car batteries are pricey, based on the model and size. As a result, every driver out there wishes to see it run for the longest time possible. Listed in this article are some of the top ways you can help prolong its life. Read through each one of the tips and understand how you can implement each one of them into your routine.

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