How To Use A Battery Tender On A Motorcycle

Learn the right way to charge your motorcycle battery with a battery tender.

Battery tenders are used for vehicles which sit for months without using. It is a kind of device that you plug into an AC outlet and transferred the amp’s power to a 12V battery to keep it alive over a long time even without using it. This battery tender can also be used on your motorcycles or big bikes.

How to use a battery tender on a motorcycle? Just what you always wanted to know, battery tender can also be used on your bikes. It is effortless to use, and there are only a few steps to follow in using the battery tender for your motorbike.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Follow all safety precautions. You should have soap and water near you just in case battery acid comes in contact with your skin. Wear eye and clothing protection. Always have somebody nearby that you can call for help when needed. Remember to work in a well-ventilated area.
Step 2: Put your charger as far as the battery cable would allow.
Step 3: Put the charger off, and the AC plug should not be connected to the outlet. Place the charger’s AC/DC cord far from any of the car’s moving parts like the door, blades, pulley, hood, and fan.
Step 4: Find the battery’s positive and negative post. Identify which of the battery post is grounded and connected to the chassis.
Step 5: Try to connect the battery charger clip depending on the car’s battery connections.
Step 6: If the vehicle has negative ground, you connect the positive clip of the charger to the ungrounded positive post. Connect the black negative clip in any parts of the vehicle chassis or the engine block far from the battery. It would be advisable to connect to a heavy gauge metal. You have to avoid fuel lines and the sheet body parts of the carburetor.
If the vehicle is positive ground, you need to connect the negative black clip of the charger to the ungrounded post. You have to connect the positive clip to the chassis of the car or the engine block far away from the battery.
Step 7: If everything is done in place, you are now ready to turn on the charger while plugging it in an electrical outlet. Your battery will soon start charging.
A voltage of less than 3V, the Battery Tender charger will not work. The battery should be able to generate at least 3V to make the charger work. If the 12V lead-acid battery is producing below 9V output, the battery is already defective and needs a replacement right away.
Step 8: Look through the indicator lights to find out the status of your charging.

Here is what the indicator lights mean.

RED LIGHT: A red light indicates that the charger has an available AC power, and the microprocessor is working well. If the red light continues to flash, it means that the voltage of the battery is low or either the output alligator clips are not connected well.

STEADY RED LIGHT: If the red light is constant, it means that the battery is connected well and that the charger is completely charging the battery. It will remain on until your cells become 100% full.

GREEN LIGHT FLASH: When the green light flashes and the red light is turned on, it means that the battery has an 80% charged and can be used anytime. You may also allow it to charge up until the green light is on.

STEADY GREEN LIGHT: If the green light is just stable, it means that the charge is complete. You can still have the battery connected to be able to maintain the battery for a longer time.

By The Way, What Is The Battery Tender Exactly?

We need to define and fully understand what battery tender is? It is like a battery maintainer which will keep your batteries charged even when it remained inactive after a long period. Battery tenders will keep your batteries maintained and in proper charge whenever you stored your cells at home.

Battery tenders are similar to the work of a battery maintainer. They keep the battery charged even when it is not in use. Battery Tenders ensure that the battery will be kept a charge even after a long period of storage.

3 Ways To Charge Your Motorcycle Battery Other Than Using Battery Tender

1. Using A Battery Charger. You need to find out what your battery type is. If you are unsure of the kind of battery you have, try to use the manual to find the correct battery size and dimensions.
Trickle or float charging is the best method to use for most types of batteries. These type of chargers will work well on lead-acid, AGM, and Gel batteries. However, avoid using this charger with a lithium battery. (Learn more about it from another post of mine).
2. Jumpstarting. By using jumper cables, you can revive your batteries. Most drivers always carry a set of jumper cables with them all the time. You can use a car to jumpstart your motorcycle.
For vehicles, you will need another running when you are jumpstarting. However, for motorcycle batteries, you don’t need the same amount of power. So, the automobile must be off for the entire duration of this jumpstarting process.
3. Push Starting It. Before doing this process, you need to make sure that the battery is the one at fault here when your motorcycle won’t work. Also, you have to check your fuel gauge, make sure that you have enough gas.
Make sure that the bike is in a neutral position. After thoroughly checking everything and none of what I have mentioned is the issue, then more likely, your battery is really at fault.
Find the best method you can use for push-start. You can call a friend to help you out. Make sure that you do this in a flat area.
In case you are alone, it will be better to do this on a downhill or a slope. If there are no hills or slope, you have to push the bike at an individual pace, before mounting and releasing the clutch.

How Long Does it Take A Battery Tender To Charge A Motorcycle?

For a battery that is dead, it takes about 35 to 45 hours or more for a Battery Tender to charge a zero charged battery fully. Unfortunately, none of the battery tenders can start charging a full depleted motorcycle battery.

Can A Battery Tender Charge Any Motorcycle Battery?

Typically yes, a battery tender can charge any motorcycle battery. A battery tender is a smart charger that gives trickle charges that won’t harm the battery.

Car batteries and motorcycle batteries are almost the same. However, the lithium-ion battery can use a battery tender, but I do not recommend you to do so. Using a smart charger or battery tender will undercharge the cells because they cannot be calibrated.

What If My Battery Is Dead? Still Chargeable With A Battery Tender?

I have already answered this earlier, to explain it again, I am saying that Battery Tender can take more than 45 hours to revive a dead motorcycle battery. However, before they can do that, it needs to detect a certain amount of power and voltage before it can give it the right amount of charge.

Quick Review For Motorcycle Battery Tender Charger

Here, I will provide you with a rapid review of a Motorcycle Battery Tender Charger to give you an idea of how it works and functions for your motorcycle battery. It will also give you the right option to buy one or not.

Battery Tender 12V Junior Automatic Battery Charger

This battery tender is more than just a trickle charger. The Charger thinks on its own. It is lightweight and portable. It gives easy access, especially in a small, confined space. You are sure to keep your batteries fully charged all the time.

The microprocessor gives it full control over the charger that makes it a fully automatic charger and maintainer in one. It is specifically designed and crafted to prolong the life of motorcycle batteries. Its advanced technology will charge any batteries without the danger of overcharging.


● It is spark-proof.
● It is protected against reverse polarity.
● It comes with a 12-foot output cord and a warranty of 5 years.
● It has a complete 4 step charging system.


● Warranty issues.
● It failed after a few months.

Product Specification:

Brand: Battery Tender
Model: Junior
Item Weight: 1.8lbs.
Product Dimension: 8x4x9 inches

Regular Charger Vs. Battery Tender: Which One Is Better?

A regular charger and a battery tender are both similar and different at the same time. Each of them has its functions. But certain things could make them similar in some ways too.

A battery charger from what the name implies charges the battery. It transfers the power from the charger to battery to give it a full life.

A battery tender, on the other hand, is more on maintaining a battery than charging it. So if you want your battery to be active even when it is not in use, better use a battery tender. If what you want is to charge your battery because you need it working thoroughly, a charger is what you need.

Motorcycle batteries get depleted too. When most of us care for our car batteries, it will also be helpful to know how to care for our motorcycle batteries. Knowing how to use a battery tender on a motorcycle will help prolong your bike’s battery life.