Used Car Battery Recycling For Cash Near Me

Great business to earn money with recycling auto batteries.

Spending some time in your garage will allow you to see what are the things that you haven’t used for a long time and the things that you have to get rid of. Like the old car batteries that piled up on a corner and the useless vehicle parts that you accidentally hoard. About a year ago I was in the same situation and when I realized that I have plenty of old batteries to dispose of. The first thing that came to my mind was to consider car battery recycling for cash near me.

Believe it or not, recycling your old automotive batteries that are taking too much space in your garage can generate a few bucks that you can use for other useful endeavors. Recycling these old batteries are also considered to be environmentally friendly since it will eliminate the risk of endangering humans and its surroundings. If you have plenty of old batteries in your garage and you need to get rid of them. Why not make money out of them?

I will provide you several options how and walk you through the process of recycling them to earn extra cash.

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What To Do With Old Car Batteries

Old car batteries are considered to be hazardous to humans and the environment due to the toxic chemicals within them. To dispose of a car battery or used batteries, you can either bring them to a designated disposal establishment or sell them for extra bucks.

Sell Old Car Batteries For Reconditioning

Selling your old car battery for reconditioning is one way of turning them it into extra cash. Auto parts shops, junk shops, and some well-known private firms accept old car batteries in exchange for money. Prices of batteries vary according to condition, brand and other factors depending on how they can profit from it. If the condition of the battery is really bad, they will probably extract the valuable components from it and then properly dispose of the rest. However, if the battery is still in decent condition, it will probably be reconditioned and then sold for a lower price.

How Much Can You Profit From Recycling Auto Batteries?

Profiting from recycled battery.

An old car battery can get you $2 up to $15 depending on its condition and various factors. If your battery is still in decent condition and manufactured by the well-known brands, chances are, you are getting a good price for it. Auto Parts shops, junk shops and other places that buy old car batteries pay good money for old branded batteries because of some valuable components they have, and these batteries are also built to last so there’s a good chance that they can sell them for better prices once they are reconditioned.

So if you have plenty of old batteries to sell and most of them are in good condition. You will get a good amount of cash. It’s enough reason to convince you to sell an old car battery for recycling.

How Car Batteries Are Recycled?

Old car batteries are recycled in two in ways. The first method is by trying to recondition them to regain their ability to store charge and convert it to energy. While the second method is by breaking them apart and extracting the valuable components within them. Either of these methods

Are Car Batteries Recyclable?

Yes, you are right!

Car batteries are recyclable, especially the lead-acid ones which are commonly used as automotive batteries. If a lead-acid battery can’t be reconditioned, it is a broken apart, and all the components of the battery can be sold are extracted.

The broken pieces of the battery are placed into a vat where heavy materials like the metals fall to the bottom, and the lighter materials will float. From there, the materials will go through different recycling streams; the polypropylene components or pieces are scooped up, and the heavy materials are left at the bottom. To give you a better picture of the entire process, you can refer below to understand what happens on both materials.

● Plastic Materials - The polypropylene materials are washed and blown dry then sent to the plastic recycler. On this recycler, they are melted all together, and the molten plastics are sent to an extruder where they are produced as small plastic pellets at a uniform size. Then these pellets are sent to battery manufacturers where they are used to manufacture new battery cases.
● Metal (Lead) Materials - The metal materials which are commonly made out of lead are cleaned and then heated on smelting furnace. The molten lead materials are then poured into what they ingot molds. The impurities from the lead metal are scraped away, and then the molds are left to cool down. After a while, the metals are removed from the molds and then they are again melted to be used for the production of new batteries.
● Battery Acid - The sulfuric acid from the lead-acid batteries are handled in two different ways. The first way is to neutralize the acid by using an industrial compound similar to baking soda, and yes, the household baking soda. The second way is where the acid is processed to be converted into sodium sulfate. In this process, the battery acid is converted into an odorless powder material that is used in manufacturing laundry detergents, glass or textiles.
● Lead-acid batteries are recycled in a closed loop manner where every component of the battery is recycled to manufacture new batteries. That means that most of the car batteries used today are recycled into new batteries that we can use in the future.

Are Lithium Car Batteries Recyclable?

Lithium car batteries are also recyclable, and the process is carried out under a mechanical operation with “specialized, oxygen-free room temperature.” During this special operation, the components of the lithium-ion car battery are separated into three various end products; all of the a.) salt concentrate and cobalt, b.) stainless steel and c.) plastic, copper, and aluminum materials are returned to the market to be used for new products.

All of the components of a lithium-ion battery are recycled to be used for manufacturing new products.

The Process Of Recycling Old Automotive Batteries

Steps to recycle batteries.

To give you a complete picture of the entire battery recycling process, we are going to walk you through the process in this particular section. The walkthrough that you will find below will cover the whole operation starting from the moment you sell a car battery on private battery recycling firms to earn some extra cash.

Step 1 - After selling an old car battery to a private battery recycling firm. The first thing that they will do is to evaluate the car battery. The evaluation process will check if the battery reconditioning is still applicable.

Reconditioning - If the battery can still be reconditioned. It will undergo a restoration process where every component of the battery is replaced to allow it to regain its full ability to store charge and convert energy. Then it will be sold for a lower price.

Broken Into Pieces - If the old car battery can’t undergo the reconditioning process, then it will be sent to the full recycling process where the battery is broken into pieces.

Step 2 - Once the old battery is in this step of the recycling process, that means that the battery can’t be reconditioned. In this step, the old or used car battery is sent to a process where it is broken down into various components. Depending on the battery chemistry, the battery will undergo a proper operation where it is will be broken into different materials like the processes explained above.

Step 3 - After undergoing the breaking down process, the materials from the battery are then segregated and sorted into different end materials. These materials will be sent through another process that will convert them into usable materials.

Step 4 - Once the useful materials are ready, they are offered back to the market and sold to manufacturers to be used for making new products like battery casings, battery plates and various materials that used for a multitude of end products.

That is what happens during the entire battery recycling process. This is how battery recycling establishments make money by buying old or used car batteries from consumers like you.

Advantages Of Recycling Batteries

Recycling old or used car batteries present a lot of great benefits. Aside from allowing you to earn extra cash and being the most ideal option of disposing of a car battery. It also provides a lot of great benefits to the society.

To get to know more about these advantages, you can refer to the list below!

● Recycling old car batteries reduces the amount of waste that is sent to the landfills. It provides us with more space for other types of waste.
● The process of battery recycling also helps us conserve our natural resources like precious metals and minerals.
● It also helps us to reduce the pollution because it reduces the need to collect new materials. Raw materials from our natural deposits.
● Recycling old car batteries or any batteries also saves energy and allows us to sustain our environment for future generations.
● It also significantly reduces the greenhouse gas discharge that greatly contributes to global climate change.
● Generates well-paying jobs or employment opportunities in the society and helps in solving the problem of inflation.

​By keeping these benefits in mind, I hope I am convincing you to do the right thing, which is to recycle your old car batteries. It will also help if you can educate your family members as well as your friends about this issue.

Where To Sell Used Car Batteries

Where to profit the most by selling the batteries.

When it comes to selling your used car batteries, you will have two options. First can sell your used car batteries online, where you are going to use the world wide web to look for buyers of old car batteries. Then the second method is by selling the batteries offline. To understand these two methods, they are explained below.


If you want to sell an old car battery online, you can do it by sitting in front of your computer and going to sites like Craigslist, eBay, and Peddle. In these websites and other similar platforms, you can sell or advertise the old car battery you want to sell by creating a profile and creating a post with the details about the battery. You can also go to this sites and look for potential buyers online and then send them a message about the battery you are selling.


While selling old batteries online allows you to do it with the convenience of your home, selling them offline will require a little bit of effort. Similar to what I did before, where I for ways of car battery recycling for cash near me. Doing it offline will require to visit every auto parts stores, scrap yards and private recycling firms within your area and ask them if they are buying old or used car batteries. Although it can be a demanding process, this is considered to be a more effective approach when it comes to selling old car batteries.

Selling Old Car Batteries To AutoZone

AutoZone is also another place to sell old car batteries. They also buy used alternators and other vehicle parts. At AutoZone, you can sell your old car battery in exchange for $5 merchandise card that you can use in shopping. To sell your old car battery at AutoZone, you can go to their website and use their store locator to look for the nearest branch in your area. Then visit their branch to show their old car battery. If your battery passes their requirements, then they will claim your old car battery and then provide you with a $5 merchandise card.


If ever you find out that you had some old car batteries lying on your garage and decided that you want to get rid of them. Consider looking for car battery recycling options that will earn you some extra cash near you. That’s what I did, I looked for ​recycle car batteries for cash near me, and I was able to get raise enough money that I used for various projects.

If I can do it, you can also make money by from your old batteries lying on your garage or lawn. It will not only clear some space in your home, but it will also generate a good amount of cash that you can use in the future. Try it now!