7 Best Places To Buy A Car Battery

We guide you through where you can buy an automotive battery.

Over the past few decades, technology has been growing significantly. Now and then, new inventions find their way into the market intending to make our lives better. Take a look at the vehicle industry, for instance.

Today, you will find different vehicle models being released into the market to meet people’s transport needs. Long ago, vehicles depended on people’s workforce to start. Luckily, that mode of operation has slowly faded away. Today, you only need a key, and you’re good to go as cars have batteries and alternators to perform the hard task.

Therefore, a cars battery remains a crucial component in every vehicle. The electric cars, for instance, depend on this component to start, as well as, run from one point to another.

A shallow digging over the internet will tell you that the battery, especially for EVs, is the most expensive component amongst all the vehicle parts. Therefore, when it comes to buying a new battery to fit a car, drivers are always scared of landing on the wrong or fake battery.

Where is the best place to buy a car battery? There is no straightforward answer to this query as there are many places you can buy a new battery for your EV or petroleum/diesel car.

For instance, you can order your battery online via platforms such as Amazon. Also, you can buy the battery at your local battery distributor or auto-repair shop. Also, you can liaise with your mechanic to secure a perfect battery for your car.

Without saying much, here are some of the familiar places you can find a battery for your vehicle.

7 Best Places You Can Purchase a Car Battery

1. Amazon

There is nothing that feels frustrating than waking up to a dead battery. The situation can even get worse when the battery fails in the middle of the road. Thanks to the power of tech, today there is Amazon. At Amazon, you can find almost everything that ever existed. The online store should be your first stop whenever you need a battery replacement.

One fantastic thing about shopping for a battery at Amazon is that it’s a secure platform. The Seattle-based platform has been in the game since the early ‘90s. According to Jeff Bezos, the founder, customer’s security is a top priority, and that’s why you shouldn’t be scared of acquiring your car’s battery from the platform.

Also, at Amazon, you will find almost every battery manufacturer and distributor, both local and international. Therefore, shopping via the platform means that you will find your preferred battery with less hustle. The fact that there are different sellers within the platform means different prices. Hence, you can be sure to find your preferred battery brand at a considerable price tag.

Lastly, when shopping via Amazon, you don’t need to worry about deliveries as the online store can have the new battery delivered at your doorstep in the shortest time possible.

You can visit at this page to find top 10 best car batteries from Amazon!

2. Walmart

Walmart is an American-based multinational corporation. The high chances are that you live near one of their stores. If so, then you should make it the place to acquire a new battery. Although the store is known for grocery and other household items, you can as well find a wide variety of battery models for your car.

Walmart does offer in-store pickup and online shopping. You can, therefore, choose which of the two options meets your condition based on your location or schedule. However, it’s advisable to pick the battery by yourself as the personnel there can assist you in choosing the perfect battery for your car.

However, if your schedule or location can’t allow in-shopping, you can shop for the battery through the website. All you need is the battery specifications, and you’re set to make the purchase.

Some Walmart stores even have an automotive service center, and that means they can install the battery for you professionally. Besides, their batteries come to a warranty, and that means good for every car owner our there as you never know about the battery’s future.

You can visit this page to find car batteries that you can buy at Walmart.

3. Pep Boys

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pep Boys is a renowned American automotive repair store. The auto store is what you should call when you need a new battery for your EV or gasoline/diesel car. Since the ‘20s, Pep Boys has been offering repair and maintenance services to the people of America.

Pep Boys has an online store and through which you can find a battery for your car. Although their online store has limited options, you can find a battery option that matches your car model. Besides, their in-store services are perfect and suitable for even the car owners out there without any mechanical experience.

4. Costco

Costco is also among the auto stores that you should consider when the need for a car battery emerges. Unlike other retail stores, Costco operates uniquely when it comes to their services and products. At the store, membership is mandatory.

Therefore, if you’re a member of the store, you must make use of it when it comes to replacing the battery. Costco offers interstate car batteries to the members and which come with a 42-month replacement warranty.

Also, they offer direct replacement to their clients hence making it easy to get an auto service while shopping in the platform. Their services are instant, and that means you will use the same time you would have used to replace the battery at your local auto shop.

Therefore, if you’re a member at Costco, be sure to put the membership into use by acquiring the battery replacement there.

You can visit at this page to find out how much Costco car batteries are.

5. Sam’s Club

Owned by the Walton family, Sam’s Club should also be among your first stop when the idea to replace your car’s battery hits you. Like in Walmart, their cousin store, you’re likely to find a wide variety of battery at the store.

The store is prominently known for stocking a wide variety of batteries from different makes and models. Sam’s Club offers a shopping and service experience to its customers. Therefore, you can shop for the battery and enjoy some lunch from the store while you wait for the new battery to be installed.

Like at Costco, you require a yearly membership to shop at the store. The good thing about this annual membership is that it guarantees exclusive promotions and deals.

6. NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA Auto Parts is one store that you should consider for all your battery needs. The store is known to offer excellent services, both online and offline. Although the store doesn’t have physical stores all over the country, it’s known to provide quality products as compared to their competitors.

The fantastic thing about buying the battery from the auto store is that they stock their line of cells. Besides, they stock the prominent names in the battery industry. Therefore, be sure to acquire quality battery brands with a longtime warranty. If you’re lucky and live near thee auto store, you can utilize its services and maintenance deals.

7. Advance Auto Parts

When it comes to listing the leading automotive stores in the US, Advance Auto Parts is among the top stores. The store is home of vehicle parts and mechanics for all your needs. The battery is not an exception when it comes to providing their services.

The leading auto store offers a wide variety of battery models and which come in different sizes. Their batteries also come at different prices, and that means you can always find a battery that meets your budget. Their battery warranties range from two to three years and which means a good deal for every car owner who buys the battery through them.

How to Choose the Best Place to Buy the Battery

By now, you’re aware of at least seven places you can buy your battery. These options might be confusing as you aren’t of which of the seven is more favorable to consider. Well, to arrive at the perfect choice, you first need to find the auto store’s geographic location. The fact that the battery has to be delivered physically means time.

Therefore, if your replacement is urgent, you must choose a physical store as opposed to the online stores. Online stores may take time to deliver the battery as opposed to the physical stores.

Secondly, you’ve to consider the price tag. As stated earlier, online stores, especially, may offer varying prices on a similar product. The case is also typical in physical stores. Therefore, you must choose a store that has batteries that meet your budget.

Well, the price differences may be minimal but can save you a massive amount of money in the long run. You must also consider the battery warranties. Although most battery brands come with a warranty, some auto stores add exclusive warranties on their stores. Therefore, you must utilize such warranties for the sake of the future.

Some stores do offer free-installation and delivery services to clients who shop on their platforms. Utilizing such services can mean the professional installation of your battery, especially if you’re new to the world of vehicles. You should consider stores that offer such after-sale services as they can save you time and money in the end.

Lastly, consider the store’s reputation. Today, you can dig into the company’s reputation online. You can find the store’s reviews online, both good and bad. The online reviews can help you choose the best of the best auto store to acquire your car’s battery.

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