Here Are The Best Places To Buy A Car Battery

We guide you through where you can buy an automotive battery.

For those of you who are looking to get a new automotive battery. You are probably wondering where is the best place to buy a car battery. A place where you can have a lot of excellent choices, best prices, and good service.

As a car owner or an everyday driver, you always want to get the top-quality battery for your vehicle and getting it for a good price is a must. You don’t want to overspend on a power cell that does not have the capability to keep up with you and your vehicle’s needs.

There are plenty of excellent places where you can purchase a reliable and suitable car battery for your needs. You can do it online, visit the nearest automotive store in your area or go to well-known establishments that carry most of the premier brands of car batteries.

Places where you will have plenty of options to choose from and offering a lot of different deals. Going to these places will increase your chances to get the best suitable automotive power cell power for your car.

However, there are several important aspects that you have to consider in choosing one to make sure that you are getting the best battery for your vehicle.

In this guide, I am going to walk you through the process of picking the right suitable automotive battery for your vehicle. This guide will provide you the significant aspects to consider in purchasing a car battery,  the best brands of batteries today, information on the different types of batteries and the benefits of learning how to recondition a battery.

This is a complete guide that will help you get the right battery for your car and make it last longer. We all know that all car batteries die at some point, but we have an option to extend their service life. You can do it by reconditioning them!

Now to get back to business, to help you in your search for the best suitable battery for your vehicle. You can start by taking a look at the important aspects that you have to consider in buying a car battery. Check it out below!

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How To Buy A Car Battery - A Complete Guide

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When it comes to buying an automotive battery. You have to make sure that the battery you are going to purchase has the capability of keeping up with the demands of your vehicle. It has to have the right specifications to suit all the requirements of the vehicle.

However, doing this can be a difficult task because the sheer abundance of batteries to choose from can be overwhelming. But if you know what you want and you have the right knowledge to guide you, this task will be much easier. So to help you in your search for the right automotive battery for your vehicle, check out the guide below!

Identify The Right Size Of Automotive Battery

When it comes to purchasing a car battery, the first thing you have to consider is the size of the power cell. You have to make sure that the battery will fit your vehicle’s compartment and it has the ability to provide enough power that your vehicle needs.

When it comes to this aspect, you have to keep in mind that size of the battery your vehicle needs will depend on its electrical load and the power that it needs to start its engine.

To help you identify the size of the battery that you need, here are the most common sizes of car batteries in the market.

Battery Size

Terminal Orientation

The Common Cars They Fit



Large cars, trucks and Ford or Mercury SUVs



Medium and compact cars of General Motors and few Chrysler automobiles



Most vehicles from Honda, Acura, Nissan, Lexus, Infiniti and Toyota



SUVs, 96-2000 GM pickups, medium and large sedans and many large Chrysler cars



Most recent automobiles manufactured by Toyota, Nissan, Subaru and Honda



Most vehicles manufactured by Japanese brands like Honda, Nissan and Mazda



Most Volkswagen, Chevy, Fiat and Buick automobiles



Most American and European vehicles



Most European and Asian vehicles

Consider The Brand Of The Vehicle Battery

​Thinking about the brand of the car battery will make sure that you are going to get highly reliable and durable power cell that can last for years. Batteries manufactured be premiere brands can be a bit expensive, but they are pricey for a reason. Most of the branded car batteries are manufactured and designed to offer performance, reliability and durability.

They are also subjected to various tests before they are released in the market to make sure that they have what it takes to be market worthy batteries. So if you want to get a reliable and durable battery for your car make sure that it is manufactured by a well-known brand in the industry.

Think About The Reserve Capacity Rating Of The Battery

RC rating or reserve capacity indicates “standing power” of the battery. It basically tells about how long a battery can consistently supply enough power to car’s electrical grid if the alternator or fan belt is not functioning. Reserve capacity rating is measured in minutes, the higher the RC rating of the power cell the longer it can run the car’s electrical components when the alternator of the car stops working.

Obviously, batteries with high RC ratings are more expensive compared to the ones with low RC ratings. But if you want an automotive battery that can stand on its own for a longer period of time, you have to get the one with a high reserve capacity rating.

Check The Age Of The Power Cell

Another factor that you have to consider in choosing a battery for your vehicle is the age of the power cell. Doing this will give you an idea of how long the automotive battery you are going to purchase can perform. It will give you an idea of how long it can serve you and your vehicle. Of course, you want to get a battery that can provide you longer service life.

Check the manufacturing date of the power cell and look for a fresh one which are less than six months old. Manufacturing date of batteries is expressed as date codes that usually starts with two characters where letters represent the month and digits represents the year. Fresh automotive batteries offer more service life and ideally, you want to go for fresh batteries to get the most out of them.

Don’t Forget The Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

One of the most important aspects of choosing an automotive battery is Cold Cranking Amps which indicates its ability to start an engine in extremely cold conditions. You have to keep in mind that automotive batteries are struggling in cold weather conditions and batteries with high cold cranking amps are your best choice to make sure that you won’t have any problems starting your vehicle in low-temperature conditions.

The higher the CCA of the battery the better, because it can start your vehicle’s engine easier in cold weather compared to a battery that has low CCA. So if you are located in a colder location, you have to make sure that you are going to choose a battery with a high cold cranking amp.

Purchasing An Auto Battery Online Here Is Why

Buying an automotive power cell online presents a lot of benefits. It allows you to make a purchase without leaving the comforts of your home and it will also provide you plenty of options to choose from. Having this option will enable you to check out different stores and view their offers, it will also allow you to check out some available deals which can save you money.

To find out the benefits of purchasing a battery online, you can refer to the list below!

・Convenience - One of the best benefits of shopping for a auto battery online is the convenience that it offers. It is a very comfortable option that allows you to make a purchase the car battery that you want without leaving your home. Doing this will also give you an opportunity to shop 24/7 and avoid long lines that can take a lot of your precious time.

・The wealth of Choices - Shopping for a battery online will also provide you plenty of choices because you have the option to check out various online shops. With an abundance of choices, it gives you an opportunity to pick the best product that you think will perfectly suit your needs. It will also allow you to compare different products to select the most suitable battery for your car.

・Better Deals or Prices - Purchasing an automotive battery online will give you access to better deals and will allow you to take advantage of better prices. Due to the abundance of shops online that you can check out, you will have a lot of opportunities to get the best deals available. Allowing you purchase the battery that you want for better prices.

Those are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you purchase a car battery online. If you are planning to purchase an automotive battery online and you are looking for the cheapest place to buy a car battery. ​Here are some of the best places to check out Below!

  • Amazon - is an excellent online shop that carries a wide range of car batteries. It is a great place that will provide you a lot of different automotive batteries to choose from. Allowing you to carefully look for the best deal that will fit your needs and budget. You can simply check out the automotive department of this online store to look for the battery you need and the one that is within your budget.
  • Walmart - Another excellent online store to visit is Walmart. It has a huge car batteries and accessories department that offers a huge range of power cells from different manufacturers. It also has a “battery finder” that can make your search a lot quicker saving you more time and effort.
  • AutoZone - This is another excellent place to check out if you are looking to purchase a car battery online. It carries a lot of different brands, offers different types of batteries as well as auto parts and car accessories that you can choose from. You can simply go to its site and navigate to the car battery section and then look for the one that you think is the best choice for you.
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    Costco - One of the best places to get cheap car batteries is Costco. An American multinational enterprise that caters to all kinds of shoppers worldwide. It offers an excellent selection of reliable Interstate Batteries that you can get for affordable and reasonable prices.

Top Car Battery Brands In The Market Today

As we mentioned on the battery buying guide earlier, one of the factors that you have to consider in choosing a car battery is the brand. Branded batteries or the power cells manufactured by the big names in the industry are a bit pricey, but they are also the ones that have excellent quality.

Dependable and reliable auto batteries that offer exceptional performance, toughness, and durability. These batteries are built to last that’s why they are tagged with higher price tags. If you want to get a reliable car battery, here are the best brands to look for!

AC Delco - This is a well-known American automotive parts brand that is owned by General Motors. As a popular brand that supplies factory parts for GM automobiles as well as non-GM vehicles. This is also a popular name in the car battery industry because it provides a wide range of top-quality and reliable batteries for all sorts of vehicles.

Kinetik - Founded in 2003, this brand is considered to be the pioneer when it comes to aftermarket solutions in the 12-volt battery industry. With its exceptional power expertise, it offers top-quality batteries for any kind vehicle. This is one of the leading battery brands in the market.    

Odyssey - Known for offering batteries the showcases a combination of extreme power and performance. This is a popular brand of battery that offers an excellent range of products suitable for any of applications. A brand that provides you reliable batteries that can last for years.

Bosch - Aside from manufacturing top-quality power tools, this German multinational company also offers a wide selection of batteries. They offer high-performance batteries that can provide maximum power and great longevity. All of the batteries offered by Bosch will allow you to unleash the full potential of any type of vehicle.

Exide - This brand is also a household name when it comes to batteries. As a storage battery producing firm, Exide specializes in manufacturing reliable lead-acid batteries for automobiles and various industrial applications. This brand is considered as one of the most reliable names in India.

Interstate - This is a popular brand of battery that offers cheaper power solutions for automobiles and various applications. This privately owned firm is known for marketing automotive batteries manufactured by Johnson Controls, Exide Technologies, and others through various independent distributors.

If you want to purchase a top-quality and reliable automotive battery that will last for years, make sure to look for the brands listed above​. The prices of the batteries they offer may vary according to features, so make sure to choose carefully.

You also have to keep in mind that regardless of what battery brand you choose. At some point, your battery will eventually lose its capability to store charge and the only options you will have is to purchase a new one or attempt to recondition it.

​Different Types Of Automotive Batteries

Aside from the battery size, reserve capacity and cold cranking amps, choosing the right type of car battery is also important for better vehicle performance. There are different types of batteries available in the market today and choosing the right type for your car can be difficult. The key to identifying the right type of battery that will suit your vehicle is to be familiar with these various battery types. You can learn about these batteries by checking out the list below.

SLI Or Starting, Lighting And Ignition Automotive Power Cells

Majority of the batteries used for automobiles are called SLI batteries which stands for Starting, Lighting, and Ignition. As the name suggests this is a type of power cell is designed to start the engine of a vehicle and to provide enough power for ignition as well as running all the electrical components of the vehicle. These batteries have shallow charging cycles and they are built to provide current in short bursts.

Deep Cycle Power Cells

A deep cycle battery is a type of power cell that is designed to supply sustained amount of power for long periods of time. They are built for deep discharging operations to provide longer runtime and steady current flow. Compared to SLI batteries, these batteries are the ideal choice for recreational vehicles, golf carts, and marine vehicles. Batteries of this type also require long charging operations which are determined by the amount of discharge. The lower the charge these batteries have left within them, the longer the time it will take to get them fully charged.

VRLA Or Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Power Cells

Valve regulated lead-acid or VRLA power cells are batteries built to have low maintenance requirements and to be less demanding. These batteries feature spill-proof and completely sealed housings that make them safer to use. Typically, servicing these batteries is impossible and replacing them is the only option available once they start to fail. VRLA batteries come in two different types, to learn these types you can refer below.

・AGM Batteries - Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM batteries feature a unique thin surface mat made out of fiberglass that allows quick reactions between the electrolyte. As a result, these batteries can deliver higher amounts of power in short bursts.

・Gel Cell Batteries - Gel cell power cells feature a silica-based battery electrolyte which makes it ideal for deep-cycle operations. However, extremely high or low temperatures can make them less effective.

Flooded Or Wet Cell Power Cells

Flooded batteries are considered to be wet cell batteries because they are using an electrolyte in a liquid form. Usually, the electrolyte in these power cells is a combination of sulfuric acid, lead, and water. These batteries are a lot cheaper compared to the other battery types but they are usually demanding when it comes to maintenance. They also have shorter service life compared to VRLA power cells.

Li-ion Or Lithium Ion Power Cells

​Considered to be the latest battery technology available today, Lithium-ion batteries offer larger energy storage capacity compared to other battery types. These batteries also feature lightweight and compact housings that make them more convenient to use. However, this type of battery is not compatible with most of the vehicles today. They are used on a very few ranges of automobiles that include hybrid and electric vehicles. The life expectancy of Li-ion batteries is also shorter compared to other battery types and they can only last for three years max.

How Much Is A Car Battery - Average Price

Automotive battery prices vary according to the features that they offer. If a battery is showcasing impressive specifications, chances are it as a pricey one. Battery prices depend on a lot of different factors like battery type, design, and quality. Generally, typical automotive batteries are ranging from $50 to $150 but when it comes to branded or premium ones, they can cost from $90 to $300. Lead-acid batteries are normally priced $120 to $150 but they can also go to as low as $50. AGM batteries since they offer more storage capacity and longer life, they can go up to $200.

​​​​Reconditioning A Vehicle Battery

Car batteries regardless of their types, brands and size will eventually die. They don’t last forever. If your car battery dies, you can either purchase a new replacement battery or attempt to recondition it and breathe it a new life. Obviously the cheaper option is to revive the battery rather than buying a new one. ​

Reconditioning a car battery can help you save money, you can also use it as a preventive maintenance step to extend its service life. If you can carry out this process, it can also keep your battery in top shape for better car performance. So, if you don’t have any idea of how is it done, maybe this is the time to start learning about it.


If you are looking for the ​reliable places you can buy vehicle batteries to make sure that you will get a reliable one for a good price. There are plenty of places you can try. It can be the local auto parts store in your area or you can also try visiting a battery specialty store.
You can also check out some various car battery dealers such as Sears and Pep Boys.

You can also go online and try the different online stores like Amazon, Costco, Auto Zone and more. As long as you know what you want and you have proper knowledge of batteries, purchasing the best suitable power cell for your car can be an easy task.

​This article also provided you plenty of valuable information that will help you look for the right car battery that you need and how can you extend its life further.