What Battery Is The Same As A LR1130?

LR1130 is the common name for the 1.5-volt button battery that is commonly used in watches, calculators, and laser pointers. The LR1130 is actually the battery’s code to its full specifications, where L stands for alkaline cell, R for its round shape, 11 for the measure of its diameter, which is 11.8 mm, and 30 for its height that measures 3.0 mm.

Since it is a common type of power suitable for a magnitude of applications, this battery is frequently out of stock in the market. However, there are alternatives that you can use.

What battery is the same as a LR1130? When we say the same, it is referring to the batteries with almost the same specifications as the LR1130 button battery. In other words, we are talking about the best alternatives for this said power cell.

In case the LR1130 button battery is not available, you have various options that will fit your application. As for the button battery capacity, this alkaline battery has a range of 44 to 68 mAh. The best alternatives for the button battery includes the SR1130W, SR1130SW, LR54, AG10, and LR54 batteries.

As a conventional battery used for watches, calculators, and other small gadgets, this button cell battery has a high demand. It can also be replaced with the 390, 387, 389, and 189 watch batteries. However, if you are looking for alternatives that have higher capacity, you may want to go for the silver-oxide type of batteries that have 80 to 86 mAh output.

If you find yourself reading this article, then you are probably looking for an LR1130 battery or a worthy alternative. Here I am going to talk about the LR1130 button cell battery and the best alternatives for it.

I will also tackle any related information that we have to know about this alkaline button battery. Let’s get started and be ready to be enlightened.

The Complete Specifications of the LR1130 Button Cell Battery

The LR1130 is a common type of alkaline button cell battery with a 1.5 voltage capacity. Its name is practically a code that stands for its specifications. As I already mentioned earlier, each of the letters and numbers on the name stands for its specifications.

The L on the name means it is an alkaline type of cell, R for its round shape, the 11 stands for its diameter, and the 30 represents its height. The average output of this power cell is within the range of 44 to 68 mAh, making it suitable for powering small gadgets like watches, calculators, cameras, pedometers, and other small electronic devices.

Most Common Battery Replacement for the LR1130

Battery manufacturing companies refer to this button cell battery using different names or different codes. However, it does not mean they are the same with regards to the complete specifications of the batteries. They are, however, interchangeable, and these other power cells are considered the most fitting replacements for the LR1130 power cell.

You can refer to the lists below to familiar with these battery names or codes that fit well as the alternative for the LR1130 button cell battery.

List of the Names or Codes from Most Battery Brands:

● AG10
● SR54
● LR54
● SR1130W
● SR1130SW

Energizer’s Battery Names Similar with the LR1130:

● 189
● 390
● 389
● 387

Saving Money When Shopping for a LR1130 Battery

Due to the high demand for LR1130 batteries, their cost can be at a high price range or expensive. Fortunately, there more affordable and cheaper options available in the market to go for.

There are also several ways that you can do to save a few bucks when it comes to buying the said battery. I have sorted it out for you to learn more about how to save money in buying such batteries.

1. Saving Money by Purchasing the Battery Online

One of the best ways to save money on shopping is to do it online. Regardless of what type of product you want to buy, the online option offers a lot of opportunities to get discounts, deals, and to save money.

This is the same with purchasing button cell batteries. Looking for LR1130 batteries online, you will have the opportunity to get the best deals on the type of battery. Online browsing will also show you the best available options that you can get from the market.

2. Going for the Generic Brands of the Battery

Another way of saving money when shopping for an LR1130 power cell is by preferring the generic brands of the said battery size. Like the generic brands of pharmaceutical products or medicines, they cost a lot cheaper than compared to the branded ones. It is practically the same with this battery.

Generic products are manufactured by companies that are not widely recognized, but they are designed to function the same. There are good quality generic batteries out there that are also reliable and very affordable. Going for these batteries will help you save a significant amount of money.

Those are the best ways that will help you save a good amount of money when buying an LR1130 watch battery. If you do this the right way and by using your better judgment, you will increase the potential of saving money.

Doing your research before going to the market, and purchasing a battery will also increase your chance of saving. So be sure to do your homework if you are going to shop for the battery.

Choosing the Silver-Oxide Battery As an LR1130 Alternative

One of the most recommended and best alternatives for the LR1130 power cell is its Silver-Oxide counterpart. This because a lot of experts say that it almost has the same exact specifications and it also offers a lot of extra features.

Features that are beneficial to users, allowing them to get more value from it. Let’s take an in-depth look at the silver oxide battery technology to help us understand why.

A Deeper Look at the Silver Oxide Battery Structure

Button-type silver oxide (Ag2O) batteries are power cells that feature silver oxide as the positive material. It uses Zinc (Zn) for its negative material. The electrolyte of this kind of power cell is either potassium hydroxide (KOH) for the W-Type category or sodium hydroxide (NaOH) for the SW-Type category.

Key Features of the Silver Oxide Button-Type Battery

As mentioned earlier, a lot of experts recommend the silver oxide counterpart of the LR1130 battery as its alternative. This is because of the key features that this kind of cell has to offer. The said battery alternative also excellent benefits that makes it an ideal choice for people. Let us take a look at these said great features to learn why.

Flat Rate of Discharge – One of the best things about the silver oxide battery is the flat discharge rate that allows it to deliver a stable amount of voltage consistently. With a rate of discharge like this, the battery is able to sufficiently provide the same amount of voltage until its final charge of battery life.

Energy Density – Another key feature of the silver oxide battery is its high energy density that allows it to pack twice as much energy as the alkaline batteries. It means that it holds more power that enables it to supply voltage for more extended periods of time.

Exceptional Discharge Load – The silver oxide button-type power cell also has an exceptional discharge load ability that allows it to be more flexible, allowing it to suit various applications. Depending on its electrolyte component, it can be a low-drain kind of battery or a high-drain kind of battery.

Superior Leak Protection – Finally, one of the best features of the silver oxide button-type battery is its remarkable resistance from leaking. This kind of battery is engineered and built to suppress its electrolyte from rising. It is constructed to contain the electrolyte, preventing it from seeping out.

That is why a lot of experts suggest or recommend the silver oxide type of battery as the best alternative for the LR1130. If you take a closer at it, the benefits of this battery alternative are far too good to be overlooked.

However, this kind of battery may also come at a higher cost. But if we think the features that this kind of battery has to offer can make its price reasonable.

Final Thoughts

You now have the essential information about the LR1130 button-type battery, as this article walked you through its full specifications and description. I also provided you the best alternatives to consider if the LR1130 is not available.

You also had the opportunity to understand the anatomy of the silver oxide counterpart of the LR1130 power cell. Its key features, complete specifications, and reasons why it is one of the best replacements. I hope this article helped you with any issues or questions about the button-type alkaline battery.