What Does Battery Saver Do In Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games that captivated a lot of people today. It is a fun and enjoyable game that offers a different kind of experience due to its immersive gameplay.

However, since it is a mobile game that uses mobile data, it consumes a lot of power that drains the battery faster. To combat this issue, the developer of Pokemon Go added the battery saver mode.

What does battery saver mode do in Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go’s in-game battery saver feature is a setting that Niantic, the game’s developer, added to address the issue of the battery drain. This in-game feature is designed to optimize the battery life of the device by reducing the game’s power consumption.

When the feature is turned on, it disables the display if the orientation of the device is pointing down. However, the game will still track your traveled distance and provide notifications if there are nearby pokemons.

The game’s battery saver feature was added to optimize the battery life of the device, extending its runtime. Aside from this in-game feature, there are other ways to further enhance your device’s run time to enjoy Pokemon Go with more playtime.

In this article, I am going to talk about Pokemon Go’s battery optimizing feature that lessens the power consumption of the device while playing the game.

I am going to show you how to activate the said in-game feature and provide some additional tips that will help you squeeze more juice from your battery. Tips that you can use to tweak your device to extend its runtime and to give you more playtime.

Activating the Pokemon Go Battery Saver Mode

Here I am going to walk you through the steps on how you can activate the battery saving feature of Pokemon Go.

A feature that will help you set your device to a low-power setting that allows you to conserve battery life. It will give your device more run time, allowing you to play the game for long periods of time, helping you catch more pokemons and having a better chance of getting the rare ones.

To activate the game’s battery saving mode, here’s what you need to do:

1. On the game screen of Pokemon Go, click on the PokeBall at the bottom of the screen.
2. While on the next screen, go to the game’s menu settings by clicking the gear icon at the top right.
3. In the settings page, look for the Battery Saver on the list displayed, and you are all set.

You now have turned the battery saving feature of the game on and will be able to extend your playtime further. Pretty simple, right! Once this feature is activated, you won’t have to enable it the next time you open the app.

It will stay configured to reduce its power usage to maximize battery life. However, if you log out from the app or when the game server goes down, the feature may need to be re-enabled.

Deactivating AR When Capturing Pokemons for More Run Time

Pokemon Go is a power-hungry hog of an app, and it consumes plenty of energy that drains the battery of your device a lot faster.

Due to its immersive and distinct gameplay, it demands a lot of battery usage, leading to a higher discharge rate. However, aside from turning its battery saver option, there’s another worthy secret that will help you conserve battery life and make catching of pokemons easier.

The game’s AR mode is one of its power demanding features because it uses the gyroscope and camera when placing pokemons on its augmented reality.

Disabling this feature will switch the game’s view on a static display with a lush background, preventing battery allocation to both the camera and the gyroscope.

It significantly reduces the power requirements of the game, allowing the battery to supply more power to its other components.

The plain and simple view when the AR is disabled will also make catching the little monsters easier. To turn off the AR mode, you can toggle the switch that will be found on the screen’s upper right corner.

Tweaking Your Device Settings for More Pokemon Go Playtime

As I promised earlier, I will provide you additional tips that you can use to tweak your device’s settings to squeeze out more playtime for your Pokemon Go.

In this part of the guide, I have listed these tips that will require you to adjust some of your phone’s settings to optimize its battery life.

Keep in mind that some of these adjustments may affect your device’s performance since we are going to sacrifice some of its features to conserve battery life.

Learn more about these said device tweaks as you go on below:

Tip1: Disabling the Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity

Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity are power-hungry features that consume a lot of power, especially when they continuously search for networks to connect to.

Although being connected to a WiFi is good for your phone, it only applies if you are playing within a static location.

If you are always moving, having them turned on will waste battery life by trying to search for networks to connect.

If you are constantly on the move and playing the game, using the data network is much better since your phone won’t have to burn energy as long as you have a strong mobile signal.

Tip2: Activate the Device Power Saving Mode

The power-saving mode of your device can significantly reduce its power consumption by closing unnecessary background processes.

It also adjusts the settings of its display, and it puts the device in a state that optimizes battery usage. Setting your device to battery-optimized mode will also reduce the visual effects that will reduce the power drain.

Tip3: Adjust the Brightness of Your Screen

Having a bright and clear display is always a great thing, but it puts the battery to a lot of strain. This is because the device works hard to deliver the optimum display on the screen.

Adjusting the brightness setting of your screen and making it a little dimmer will also reduce its power requirements, which will give you more device run time. Just make sure that adjust the brightness to a level enough to be visible.

Tip4: Turning Off the Audio Component and Vibrations

Device vibrations and the game’s audio settings are among the components that make it immersive. However, these components also require power; thus, they put a strain on your phone’s battery life.

By turning these components off, you are also reducing the power consumption of your device. This will contribute to freeing up more energy that can extend your playtime and the phone’s run time.

Tip5: Favoring 3G Over 4G is a Good Thing for the Battery

When it comes to data usage, 4G is a much better choice when it comes to data transfer because it offers better speed. However, when it comes to power consumption, 3G is more favorable.

In this case, our goal is to conserve power and extend your device’s run time for more playing time. Favoring 3G over 4G will reduce the load on your battery, making 3G a better choice.

That is how you can make your device consume less power, by tweaking some of its settings that will allow it to be more battery oriented.

If you take a closer look at these setting adjustments, you will notice that a lot of them lowers the performance of the device. This is because they sacrifice the optimum hardware performance to gain more run time.

By making these device settings adjustments, plus using the game’s battery saving feature. You may have longer run time that will allow you to enjoy Pokemon Go longer than ever.