What Can Happen If You Put The Wrong Size Battery In Your Car?

Knowing the right size of car battery when you put will avoid the battery problems in the future.

Car battery comes in different models with different specifications depending on what your car needs. The more accessories you have for your car, the higher the specifications you need.

Car owners are looking for a battery they can depend on and will last longer than usual. But do we need specific battery types and sizes to fit our car? These are the things that car owners should know.

What happens if you put the wrong size battery in your car? Placing the wrong battery size to your vehicle may create changes in the flow of currents.

For example, you set a larger battery size to your car; the difference in current may cause spikes and surges that could damage the computer onboard or the panel for the fuse.

But if you have an alternator problem, a fuse panel damage is also possible. Wrong battery size may affect the board for the fuse and could be damaged heavily.

It is essential to consider the right battery size for your car. Assess the need for power and energy.

The accessories and loading of the car matters and this will determine the correct battery size and type for you. Under-sizing or oversizing the battery may affect the performance of your vehicle.

Does A Smaller Battery Affect Car Performance?

A smaller battery will not necessarily affect the performance of the car, not unless it is almost coming to being a busted battery. If the engine is working and running, the battery no matter how small the size is will not create an effect in its performance.

If you have experience weakness while the engine runs, then it could be the battery is already asking for a replacement or your alternator is having a problem. The small cell does not affect car performance.

List Of Undersized Car Battery Issues

If you are using a small car battery, it results in having issues with car performance. The wrong size of the battery matters, and it affects car performance and efficiency. Here are some of the most common problems that come out if you use a small battery size for your car.

1. Loss Of Power

Smaller battery size for your car may eventually result in a loss of power. You can feel that the power supply for your vehicle is not enough. You will not be able to use your AC because there isn’t enough power to supply the current for the AC.

Sometimes your headlights will not be as brilliant as it was before. These are some of the things that could suffer for smaller battery size.

Your accessory loads will not be powered thoroughly because the energy supply coming from your battery will not suffice the needs of your car.

2. Shorter Distance Trips Eventually Shortens Your Small Battery Life

Frequent short trips shorten the lifespan of almost all types of battery. Short trips are not advisable for all battery types. However, when the battery you are using is a lot smaller, the shorter lifespan it will have.

So, for example, you took a short trip to your school, and then you stop. Then you go again for another quick trip to the grocery store and stay again.

More or less, your battery will no longer start for the third time after your grocery stop. The reason for this is that the battery needed a massive power required to heat the vehicle’s glow plug.

This massive power is what most large batteries are made of. Bigger cells can overcome the need for starting now and then.

3. Weak Cranking Power

Smaller batteries have a fragile cranking power. For extreme weather condition like winter and summer, we all need a reliable battery to be able to start our engine despite the drop and rise of the temperature.

Small batteries are weak enough to be able to crank up the engine for a great start. Cold weather can drain a battery, or just the extreme weather condition froze the battery and failed to start.

4. Make Your Fuses Blow

Small batteries can make your fuses blow. All your electrical loads would like to do whatever work that it is designated to do. For example, a 50W bulb would like to use 50 W of energy.

If you used anything lower than the required voltage, it would eventually blow a fuse.

5. Alternator Damage

A small battery for a car will use a lot of energy to start up an engine. Doing this startup daily or regularly will wear out your alternator too soon. Some vehicles have small alternators, and it only depends on the battery to run on good condition.

If you are using the battery to draw power for a startup, it will eventually have the alternator working hard to supply the current for your battery as you use the vehicle. You have added to that the different accessories you have in your car.

Can You Put A Bigger Battery In Your Car?

There are a few disadvantages of using a bigger car battery. One consideration is the physical size of the cell. There is a possibility that it may not fit your battery tray. Another thing is that the terminals may contact other metal parts that could create a spark.

The next items are the rate of amperage that may cause your alternator to continuously work to keep your large battery charged all the time. It may cause your alternator to fail.

High amperage and voltage may also cause spikes in power that could break your CPU or fuse box. Bigger batteries may cause wiring or starter damage.

You can use a bigger battery size but always keep in mind these precautions, and you need to be very careful whenever you do so.

Does Size Matter When You Jump A Car?

What matters in jumping a car is the voltage and amperage of the battery itself. You cannot jump a car with two different energy of cells.

An array may only differ in terms of the physical size of the battery, but if they have the same voltage, you can use it for jump starting.

To answer the question, size does not matter in jumping a car, the voltage does.

Will The Wrong Size Car Battery Damage The Alternator?

Yes, wrong car battery size will eventually damage your alternator. As I have mentioned above, whether the battery size is small or large, it will effect damage to your alternator.

A small battery will ruin the alternator and make it fail soon enough if you keep using it for short, frequent trips. Small alternators usually depend on the battery to provide power. Small cells will make the alternator work eventually to supply the flow of energy.

However, bigger batteries also require a lot of power from your alternator. The alternator has to work hard to charge these bigger batteries. You are making your alternator work doubly hard will shorten the life of your alternator.

Can A Weak Battery Ruin An Alternator?

Yes, a weak battery can ruin or damage your alternator. Most of the time, a sick or weak battery is the reason for most alternator damage.

A damaged battery with a short circuit will cause your alternator to work double time. Alternators are not built this way. They should not work overtime. Alternators are only created to supply the current to replenish the ones that are used up by the battery.

If you keep your alternator running all the time, you are only overheating it and may cause it to fail. If you are using an open circuit battery, the alternator will not charge at all.

It will only switch to high from low voltage. It will be the primary cause of most alternator failure.

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Is It Ok To Put A Higher Amp Battery In A Car?

Yes, adding more amps or reserve capacity for your car battery won’t hurt in any way. It will add more cranking power to your engine provided that you will still get the size that will fit your car.

Amps or reserve capacity is not an issue in a car battery. The higher the amps, the better. It will provide more lasting and powerful performance for your car. The higher the amp rating of a car battery, the better for your vehicle.

Reserve capacity refers to the period a battery can provide power without getting any replenishment from the alternator even before the battery dies.

Will A Bad Car Battery Cause Electrical Problems?

Yes, if you have a terrible car battery, it will more likely cause electrical problems in your car. Try to consider this, when your car battery is already failing, your headlights will become dimmer than before.

Some of the electrical system in your car like your car audio or AC system will no longer work!

If you have observed and noticed these things, and before bringing your car to a mechanic, try to check on your battery. A weak or dying battery will send out the same symptoms and signals.

Therefore, to rule out any electrical problems, have your batteries checked first!

Knowing what happens if you put the wrong size battery on a car saves you from spending more to the damage created by putting the wrong battery size to your vehicles.

It is essential that you use the right and specific battery for your car. That is why manufacturers are stating this strictly in their manuals.