What Size Battery Do I Need For My Car?

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If you’re a car owner, you might be asking to this to yourself, “What size battery do I need for my car”. Well, choosing a battery for your vehicle might take some time as there are many different types and sizes of battery today.

But is it important to find the right battery size for your automobile? That’s undoubtedly a YES. Furthermore, choosing a battery can be quite confusing, and failing to find the ideal battery size for your vehicle can cause shorter battery life!

How To Find The Ideal Battery Size

First, you should understand that the size refers to the length, width, and height of a battery. And as every car is different, you need a different battery size for each of them. Also, don’t forget that battery should always fit securely – it should fit your car well.

So, how to easily find the ideal size of battery? There are four simple ways to do it. But what are these we’re talking about? Well, to figure out what are these, then go ahead and take a good read below for more information!

1. Refer To Car Manufacturer’s Manual

Your car’s manual should help you know which size of battery would fit your vehicle. As much as possible, don’t rush and take your time, especially when choosing a car battery as it can be a bit expensive. It’ll be a waste of money if you buy a wrong-sized battery. Also, each automobile has a manual – it’s free, so don’t hesitate to use it whenever you need and want.

2. Check Online Charts

Most of us tend to browse the internet to play games and to communicate with loved ones, and that’s good. Well, since you have an internet at home, why not use it to figure out which battery size suit your vehicle? Search and check online charts to know what type and size would work for your car. You can also check what other car owners use for their car or ask other auto owners guides and try to use that information to help you select the ideal size of battery. Most importantly, this is the quickest way to determine the right size battery that actually suits your auto.

3. Call A Dealership

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, your automobile dealership can absolutely help you with that. They can also help you understand which battery size would work well for your car. You can either take your car to the dealership or just call them – both will work. If you prefer to call them, just simply tell them the model of your car and what battery size would fit your vehicle best. They should know the answer for that.

4. Look At The Label Of The Battery

Looking at the label of the battery itself is one the easiest and simplest ways to determine your car’s battery group size. Usually, the group size of the battery is indicated on the side or top of the label along with other information of your car. Before you do the ways given above and take action, try to do this first – this might solve your problem effortlessly. If you don’t know how to check the label, try to ask someone who knows where and how to find it.

Now that you understand how to find your car’s ideal battery size, let’s go back to the main topic. So, here we will tackle what size of battery would perfectly fit your automobile.

List Of Different Battery Sizes

Right type battery for your vehicle. Every car needs a battery. Without it, your automobile is useless as it won’t start without battery power. In addition, although there are several sizes of car batteries, it is important for you to understand that not every battery would work for your car.

And there is only one size that would appropriately fit your car. So, if you’re unsure which size or group size of the battery is the perfect one for your car, then you might want to check out below.

Side-Post Batteries

Most GM or General Motors tend to use a side-post battery. Instead of the posts placed on top of the battery, these types of batteries have cable ends screwed into the side of a battery.

Side Batteries Group Size:

• 41
• 42
• 47
• 49

Recessed Top Post Batteries

For those with European car, these types of batteries would fit your vehicle well. Recessed top post batteries can suit European vehicle including Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, etc., perfectly. Also, some European manufacturers often hide or install batteries underneath the rear seats or in the trunk.

Furthermore, European car makers commonly place the top posts recessed in the top corners of a battery, which equals the height of the posts and the tallest part of the battery itself, making recessed top post batteries a good fit for European vehicles.

Recessed Top Post Batteries Group Size:

• 70
• 74
• 75
• 78

American Standard Top Posts

Most imports, American, and Japanese-made cars commonly use a standard top post battery. This type of battery is very common and popular around the world, especially in the United States. Though standard top posts batteries are common, it is still important to use the right group size for your car to keep your battery secure and at the same time functional.

And keep in mind that group size differs in width, length, and height. But in most cases, height is typically the main difference. For this, try to find one that has the same height – not lower or higher, but as much as possible, the same height.

Trying to put a taller battery for a short group size will not work as it won’t properly fit in your car’s battery tray or the battery cost could be too high, hitting the hood of your car.

American Standard Top Posts Batteries Group Size:

• 24
• 24F
• 25
• 34
• 35
• 51
• 51R
• 52
• 58
• 58R
• 59
• 65

To make it easier for you to know the group of your car’s battery, you can just check it on the battery itself as it is usually indicated on the label. This way, you’ll save more time selecting the right size of a battery, and also allows you to avoid purchasing the wrong-sized battery for your vehicle.

Advantages Of Choosing The Right Battery Size

Is it important to select the right battery size? Without a doubt, YES. But what will happen if you choose and use a wrong one? Your battery and your car will both not perform well no matter how well you maintain it.

However, choosing the right one would allow your car to perform at its best, making it worth your money. And car batteries are quite pricey. One wrong move and your money is waste. So, now let’s talk about the advantages of using the ideal battery size!

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Maintain Your Car’s Condition

Using the appropriate battery for your automobile will ensure that your car performs well, and this will let you minimize the risk of breakdowns. Although this could take you some time and patience, this will be worth it in the end. And once you finally figure out which size of the battery is the right one for your vehicle, you’ll be able to maintain your car’s condition well for a longer period.

Save Money

Selecting the ideal battery size allows you to save more than spend more on wrong-sized batteries – you’ll waste nothing. Most importantly, buying an inappropriate battery size for your auto is bad and might only affect and harm your car’s condition.

Boost Car Performance

Well, batteries die from time to time, and that’s unavoidable. Although batteries don’t last forever, using the right one will make it possible for it to last longer, allowing your car to perform at its best. (Read the article on how long does a car battery last? If you are interested in). However, choosing the wrong one is dangerous and might probably cause mild to serious damage to your vehicle, and you’ll only waste your time and as well as your hard-earned money.


If you’re still unsure about the size of your car’s battery, there’s always some experts that can help you with that issue. So, if you’re still asking “what size battery does my vehicle need”, try to use the information given above to help you avoid selecting the wrong battery size for your automobile.

Moreover, determining the right car size battery is really easy, and with our guide – it is much easier! And don’t just pick any battery you see, always based it on your car’s specification to prevent unexpected problems. So, if ever you think you need to change your battery, try to use this guide to help you determine which one would suit your automobile best!