What Is A Typical Symptom Of A CMOS Battery Failure?

The CMOS battery is one of the most vital components of a computer. Although it may seem so small, it is the one that makes sure that the computer has the correct time, allowing the computer to keep track of date and time.

It is also responsible for saving computer settings, managing hardware drivers, and keeping the system intact. That is why having a failing or dying CMOS battery is not a good thing, because it will eventually lead to more severe computer issues. But how can you tell that the CMOS battery is failing?

What is the typical symptom of a CMOS battery failure? There are several telltale signs that indicate a dying CMOS battery, but the most common symptom that most people experience is an incorrect date and time. It is also represented by consistent reset of date and time even after setting the correct one in the BIOS.

Aside from that, a failing or dying CMOS battery can also be represented by several symptoms that include; failing drivers, occasional shutdowns, checksum error, and other hardware failures. All of these indicate a CMOS battery failure that will tell you that you need to get a new replacement to keep the computer in top shape.

Here I am going to talk about a computer’s CMOS battery. I am going to provide you the necessary information that you have to understand about it. We will discuss its primary function, what will happen if it dies, how to replace it, and talk about all the telltale signs of a dying CMOS battery.

I am hoping that this article will be able to help you understand its importance, and let you be aware of its condition. I also hope that this article will help you prevent the problems that a dead CMOS battery may cause.

What is a CMOS Battery, and What is its Function?

As a short term for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, the CMOS is a built-in semiconductor chip designed to store information. This chip is commonly found on computers with a dedicated power source we all know as the CMOS battery.

The primary function of CMOS in computers is to save information such as the system time, date, hardware information, and hardware settings. That is why as small as it is, it is considered as one of the essential components of a computer.

How is a CMOS Battery Important to Computers?

I mentioned earlier that the CMOS battery is responsible for supplying power for the semiconductor that stores essential information on computers. If it dies, the CMOS won’t have enough power to operate.

This prevents the computer from recognizing its hardware and its settings, which will eventually lead to a lot of issues that will hinder the computer from performing. Having a dead CMOS battery will also prevent the computer from having the correct time date.

The Most Common Signs of a CMOS Battery Failure

CMOS battery failure is an issue that leads to plenty of computer problems. When this battery dies, the computer will have performance issues since it won’t have the ability to recognize the drivers of its hardware.

Fortunately, there are signs that indicate a failing CMOS battery. Knowing and understanding these signs will allow you to replace them before the problems can manifest. To learn more about these signs, we listed them below.

1. Incorrect Time and Date with Constant Resetting of Date and Time

One of the most common signs that may tell you that your CMOS battery is dying is having an incorrect time and date setting. As I mentioned earlier, one of the functions of the CMOS is to keep track of time and date.

When the battery is dead, it will not be able to save the correct time and date, which will reset this information every time the computer shuts down. Even if you set the right time and date on the BIOS settings, it will reset its time and date to its default.

Once you observe that your computer’s time and date are incorrect, there’s a high possibility that the CMOS battery is about to die. It is recommended that you replace your CMOS battery.

2. Drivers are Not Working and Weird Hardware Issues

Another telltale sign that your computer’s CMOS battery is about to die is having drivers that are not working and various hardware problems that may seem weird. A computer’s CMOS is responsible for storing the BIOS settings of the computer and keeping track of drivers of hardware that the unit uses.

Once the CMOS is unable to operate, the computer won’t recognize some of its hardware because of the drivers that are not working. This may lead to weird issues or hardware errors that will pop up all of a sudden.

3. Checksum Error or CMOS Reading Error While Booting

Encountering a read error on CMOS or a Checksum error while booting your computer is another sign that its battery is failing. These errors are commonly caused by corrupted or incorrect CMOS values.

This is causing the computer to have difficulties verifying the CMOS stores’ values, such as date, time, and hardware settings. With the CMOS not working, the computer won’t have the values to verify, which triggers the errors upon booting the device.

4. Occasional Computer Shutdowns and Booting Failures

If your computer shuts itself down occasionally without any reason and it refuses to start or has a problem booting up. It may be a case of a CMOS battery failure. This is because a hardware driver might stop working while the computer operates, causing it to crash.

A dead CMOS battery can also create booting problems that prevent the computer from starting because some of its drivers are not working. If a hardware driver involved in the booting process does not work, the computer will have problems from starting up.

Those are the most common symptoms of a failing CMOS battery. If you are experiencing some of the telltale signs mentioned above, your computer may have a dying CMOS battery.

The best thing you can do is replace it with a new one. In case you don’t know how to replace the CMOS battery of your computer, continue reading below because we have prepared a step by step guide on how to carry it out.

A Guide for Replacing a Computer’s Dead CMOS Battery

If you discovered that the CMOS battery of your computer is dead, your only option is to replace it with a new one. Replacing it is a pretty straightforward process that you can do in just a few minutes.

All you have to do is to have the replacement battery with you, and then follow the proper steps that we listed below:

Step1: Turn Off the Computer and Unplug It

When replacing the dead CMOS battery of your computer or laptop, the first thing you have to do is to turn off the unit and make sure it is unplugged. Keep in mind that you need to make sure that there will be no current coming in for safety.

Step2: Removing the Cover of the CPU or Laptop

After making sure that the computer is not plugged into a power source and it is turned off, you can start removing the cover of the CPU or laptop. If you are working on a CPU, keep in mind that the cover opposite the motherboard is the one you will remove.

In case you are changing the CMOS battery of a laptop, you may need to use a Torx or screwdriver to remove the cover beneath it.

Step3: Locate and Replace the CMOS Battery on the Motherboard

Once you have access to your unit’s motherboard, find the CMOS battery, which is typically a button type component. It is usually located near the bottom of the motherboard, and it is generally held down by a bar or metal clip.

Use a flathead screwdriver to detach and remove the battery gently, then replace it with the new one. Bear in mind that you have to place the replacement battery in the same orientation as the one you removed.

Step4: Putting the Cover Back of the Computer or Laptop

After replacing the CMOS battery of your computer or laptop, the last thing that you need to do is to put back the cover of the CPU or notebook. Then you are done!

That is how you replace the CMOS battery of a computer or laptop. Once you’re done, you can now plug your unit into a power source and turn it on to see if it is working.

Note that you may have to correct the computer’s BIOS settings and enter the correct date and time after booting up your device.

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Where to Buy a New CMOS Battery for Your Computer

A brand new CMOS battery is straightforward to find. You can get one from the local computer stores within your area. Just visit any computer store near you and ask them if they have a CMOS battery for your device. You can also shop for a new one from online shops like Amazon and other similar stores.

If you are thinking about buying a CMOS battery then find more information from this article.