What Is An AGM Car Battery?

In the recent past, buying a car battery can be confusing. The confusion is as a result of the many models available in the market. For example, one is never sure whether to choose flooded batteries, sealed batteries, or VRLA batteries. Today, AGM car batteries are the most common types of car batteries as they come loaded with many benefits.

What is an absorbent glass mat (AGM) car battery? AGM batteries are batteries that have a thin fiberglass mat stuck in between the plates. The fiberglass mat is saturated with the battery’s acid/fluids. Therefore, in case the battery cracks, the high chances are that there will be less acid spilled.

This is one of the reasons why most drivers opt to buy an AGM battery to avoid further accidents that may be caused by acid or battery fluids spilling.

The History of AGM Batteries

The history of AGM batteries dates back to the early ’80s when the first model hit the market. The battery’s design was an invention targeting military fighter jets and helicopters. Earlier, the jets ran on Ni-Cad batteries which were a bit expensive and risky to run. First thing, these batteries weren’t stable and thus unsuitable for aircraft.

Also, Ni-Cad batteries were unsafe as they stand the risk of explosions when they break. As a result, AGM batteries came into existence. These types of cells have continued to gain popularity.

Earlier, this battery was designed targeting the aircraft sector. But, with time, the battery has found its way into almost every machine that requires power to run. Today, you will come across different brands of AGM batteries in the market intending to meet the driver’s needs for electric power.

7 Things To Consider Why You Need an AGM Battery for Your Car?

1. Spill-Proof

Now and then, we’ve heard of car explosions caused by a leaking battery. Such cases are common and can lead to severe injuries or even death if one is not careful. AGM batteries are specially designed to prevent further damages.

The cells have a mat of fiberglass sandwiched in between the plates. The material soaks up all the acid or fluids present in the battery. As a result, the battery won’t have any acid left to spill in case of an accident. Because of this property, AGM batteries have been deemed as the safest batteries to use on your vehicle.

2. Safe to Charge

AGM batteries are safe to charge because they don’t produce fumes or hydrogen while charging Therefore, while using the battery, you won’t have to worry about the ventilation. All that is needed of you is to connect the charger, and you’re set to go. But, don’t make the mistake of charging the battery using a regular charger.

These batteries can’t be charged using a standard charger because of their sophisticated design. The battery can’t deal with the regular charger’s quick charge. An AGM requires a slow and sturdy charging to avoid messing with its properties.

By charging this type of battery with a fast charger, you stand the risk of overcharging. Overcharging the battery can interfere with the battery’s charge capacity. Therefore, your battery is likely to run out of charge sooner than you expected.

Here is the list of the top AGM battery chargers.

3. It’s Maintenance-Free

Flooded batteries are famous in the market today. Cells with this design are cheap as compared to the AGM batteries. However, most of these lead-acid batteries come with responsibilities. For example, you’re required to top up the water levels now and then. Well, topping up the battery’s water level isn’t an issue until you forget.

Forgetting to add more water into the battery can destroy your battery’s performance. By investing in an AGM battery, you forget about the water thing because the component is maintenance-free. As a result, you won’t be required to add the water now and then.

4. Can withstand the Harsh Cold Conditions

The cold weather climate is never friendly to the flooded batteries. During these seasons, most drivers wake up to a frozen battery that can’t start the engine. This is not the case with an AGM battery as it’s designed to remain active even during the cold weathers.

The battery can perform better at -40 degrees or below. Therefore, if you happen to stay in regions that get extremely cold, this should be your ideal kind of a battery.

5. Vibration-Resistant

As said earlier, this battery is designed by sticking a fiberglass material in between the plates. The sandwiched glass takes in all the battery’s fluid or acids and thus reducing the cases of vibrations. The fact that the battery is resistant to vibrations makes it ideal for most scenarios that need a sturdy power supply.

6. Lasts Longer

A cell is one of the few components you will ever find in a car. Today, you will find various brands in the market, offering the batteries at different prices. From an expert’s point of view, the prices are dependent on the battery’s properties.

AGM batteries, for example, tend to be a bit expensive as they last longer as compared to the other types of cells. Their cost may be two times more than a flooded battery, but it’s worth the chase. The same way the price is high is the way that the battery is likely to offer you a long period of service.

7. Suitable for Cars with Additional Components

Do you wish to play some music in your car? If your answer is yes, then you may have to consider an AGM battery. An AGM battery is designed to provide a steady supply of power for an extended period. Therefore, it’s suitable for out there with a vehicle equipped with a lot of electronics.


It’s advisable to know the different types of car batteries in the market today. Being able to differentiate the models helps a lot when shopping for a cell to replace the old one.

By reading this article, you will understand what an AGM car battery is. Read through the piece to know how this type of cell s different and why you should consider it for your replacement.

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