The Average Of AGM Battery Life Expectancy

How long does an AGM battery last?

AGM batteries are getting far in terms of battery manufacturing is concerned. More and more people are using AGM batteries because of its state-of-the-art technology. AGM battery life expectancy is longer than the regular car batteries.

What is the average AGM battery lifespan? Generally speaking, the normal range of AGM battery lifespan is between 4 to 5 years. It may shorten or lengthen depending on how you manage and maintain your car batteries.

AGM holds as one of the most technologically advanced car batteries. The innovations used in manufacturing a car battery adapts well to the need of the people and the motorists who utilize the vehicle.

It is only right to know precisely how long does this battery last? The lifespan of the AGM batteries will prove that it is a good quality battery.

What Affects The Lifespan Of An AGM Battery?

Talking about the lifespan of an AGM battery, many will testify that indeed it has a longer lifespan than most ordinary batteries. However, certain things may affect the lifespan of AGM batteries.

1. Cycle Life

The life of a battery depends on the use cycles of a cell. Typically, an AGM or flooded battery has a period from 400 to 700. Gel batteries, on the other hand, has a cycle of 500 to 5000.

To understand it better, let me give an analogy when you use a solar panel, the battery charges during the day and discharges at night time. In this example, it has completed one cycle. Therefore, one period is equivalent to one day.

2. The Effect of Discharge

If the battery works hard, it will fail more likely. It only means that the bigger capacity you use on your cells, the shorter lifespan it will get.

3. Temperature or Weather Condition

I have been discussing this issue from my previous articles. I have strongly stressed that extreme weather conditions are bad for your battery. Whether it is cold or too hot, both states will contribute to a shorter lifespan of your cells.

Extreme climate can significantly affect the performance of your batteries. It is advisable not to expose your batteries under these weather conditions. The chemical substance of the cell reacts more depending on the extreme weather temperature. Both cold and hot are bad for your cells.

4. Voltage and Rate Recharge

It is again important to consider the voltage and recharge rate of a battery. A lower and slower charge is better than a faster recharge rate. Yes, it may lessen the waiting time for recharging, but fast charging your batteries may cause more harm and damage than good.

If these are the things that shorten the life of your batteries, then what can we do to prolong its lifespan?

Here are some tips that could continue or extend the lifespan of your AGM batteries below.

9 Ways To Extend Your AGM Batteries

Avoid the habits that can shorten battery life, do the things that extend or prolong its life. Surely, there is something we can do to extend the lifespan of our AGM batteries. Sometimes, it just really depends on your maintenance.

1. Always charge your batteries. Make it to full charge every time. Do this if you want your batteries to last.
2. Always aim for an 80 to 85% state of charge, when you have the time, always go for a full charge.
3. Be sure to use the most potent source.
4. When you charge batteries, make sure to use a smart charger. Many intelligent chargers are claiming to be smart, but they aren’t.
5. Avoid discharging your batteries below 50%.
6. Smart solar controllers are advisable to use. Intelligent controllers can switch modes automatically.
7. Use the correct float voltage. It is one of the critical sides of AGM batteries.
8. Try to minimize the voltage drop in the battery’s system wiring.
9. Knowing your state of charge every time will significantly help.

Does An AGM Battery Last Longer Than Other Type Of Battery?

One of the most commonly asked questions is that if AGM batteries are much better than other types of cells. As more and more vehicles are manufactured yearly, so does its batteries.

While cars are upgraded and made technologically advanced, the battery it uses must conform to the needs of the users and the vehicle itself. AGM batteries are more expensive than other cells, but why is it still preferred by people despite a gap in the price?

The reason could be the quality and standard of AGM technologies. People don’t matter the price as long as they get what they pay for.

AGM Batteries Advantages Over The Other Batteries

● AGM has an absorbed glass mat effect. It absorbs the liquid in the array which keeps it dry all the time. It is one advantage over the others.
AGM battery designs are much better as it minimizes the spills that would damage the car paint. The fiberglass matting prevents the spillage and protects your battery and the car even more.
● AGM batteries contain 99.99% pure lead. It only means better performance and endurance. AGM increased the durability and lifespan of their cells by increasing its lead content.

Therefore, to answer the question on which battery last longer, I think it is an AGM battery. With the advanced technology it uses, it can give you a longer lifespan.

Why Does AMG Battery Wear Out And Go Flat?

Though AGM batteries are known for its excellent quality and performance, it may also suffer wearing out and going flat at times. Cells are not at all perfect. The wear and tear of a battery sometimes depend on the owners’ usage and maintenance.


One of the common reasons for AGM batteries wearing out is overcharging issues. AGM is very sensitive to overcharging. It usually causes damage to the cell when it is done more often.

Dislikes heat

Though AGM is made to withstand all kinds of weather condition, it may not withstand too much heat. In the case of scorching weather, it is advisable to remove the batteries from the vehicle.

It must be stored in a charged condition

Storing the vehicle for an extended period requires that the battery should be charged before dislodging from the car. It prevents the battery from over draining for getting stored for some time. It will be much difficult for a cell to recover from drained status.

What Should I Do With Dead AGM Batteries?

So, you got a dead AGM battery, what can you do with it? Should you junk it or is it possible to use the battery again? Most AGM battery owners are thinking about what to do with their dead AGM batteries. Here is what you can do with your dead AGM batteries.

Reconditioning A Dead AGM batteries

One of the best ways to reuse your old AGM batteries is to recondition it. You may still use it for another 2 to 3 years, and it can make a lot of savings from reconditioning.

Strategy 1: Under this technique, you will be able to revive your old AGM battery to function like new. All you need is the latest model of charger that will allow you to restore dead cells to life.

There are specific chargers that are meant for AGM batteries. These chargers have settings for AGM batteries and a desulfation procedure to help restore the battery.

Strategy 2: In this method, you may use up some of your old equipment stored in your garage. You will use a tricking method to your charger to power up your deeply discharged battery.

You will need the following materials and tools to proceed:

● Cables
● Battery chargers
● A good battery with 12.2V
● Dead battery which needs to revive
● Voltmeter
● Timer

Connect the right battery to the charger and the negative to the negative terminal of the old and good battery as well as the positive to the positive pole. Leave the cells connected for about an hour.

If the battery gets warm, then it is a good sign that it is charging up. However, if it gets too hot, you must discontinue charging. It is advisable to keep your eye while it is charging.

Use a voltmeter to check the progress of charging. Once it reached 10.5V, then it is just a few hours to full charge. Once it is a full charge, you may disconnect the two batteries.

Remember that while doing the charging process, you should do it in an open area. It will prevent accidents and suffocation from the chemical emission given off by the batteries.

Read full guide of reconditioning an AGM battery here.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Course Can Help You

When you have an AGM battery that you wanted to restore and have nobody to do it for you, it will be better to do it yourself. However, battery reconditioning is no simple task, and you got to have the skills and proper knowledge in doing so to avoid and prevent damage and accidents to the battery and yourself.

With the EZ Battery REconditioning Course Online, you can acquire the necessary skills needed in performing the battery reconditioning process. Learning the technique yourself will save you tons of money, and you can even make a profit on your own by making it your business.

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AGM battery is an excellent and top quality battery for your cars and other vehicles. Prolonging the AGM battery life expectancy is relatively easy if you know the proper maintenance for your cells.