What Kind Of Battery Do You Need For An Invicta Watch?

Invicta Watch Group is a famous Swiss company established in 1873 and re-established in 1991. Founded in Switzerland, this company is widely revered for masterfully crafting elegant, luxury timepieces offered at affordable prices.

This watch company is known for its mission that strives for innovative excellence, taking every timepiece construction to a higher level. With its exceptional standard, the expertise, efforts, versatility, and dedication of the company are embodied by every timepiece they produce.

As a result, every watch that they produce represents the perfect union of style, elegance, luxury, functionality, durability, and top of the line quality. That is why Invicta sits on a well-respected sit in the watchmaking industry.

What kind of battery do you need for an Invicta watch? This is a tricky question with no solid answer with useful info and details to back it up. However, just to give a quick answer, the kind of battery that an Invicta watch support depends on the model of the timepiece.

According to a reliable source, a former employee of Invicta, and a few experts, different Invicta watch models use different batteries. Sources also claimed that in some cases, the battery model an Invicta watch uses is engraved on the back cover of the watch.

But the best option to know the right battery for an Invicta timepiece is to visit an authorized retail store or ask them online through their online support team. There are some self-proclaimed experts who say that the Invicta timepieces use the SR721SW silver oxide coin cell battery.

Still, all of them didn’t mention any reliable basis to support the statement. It can be true, that will be a good thing, but what if it’s not? The implications of accepting the statement can be bad, right.

So, in search of a substantial answer, I dug deeper and spent some time doing research. Then I came up with a few reliable sources that many experts thought to be credible and dependable. Anyway, based on the information that I got from my research.

The kind of battery an Invicta watch supports depends on the model of the timepiece, which is the most reliable answer I can leave you.

Whether you are in the market just to get a replacement battery for your Invicta timepiece or a person planning to purchase an Invicta timepiece, finding your way here is a good thing because you can join me as I try to understand everything essential about the Invicta Watch Group and their timepiece collections.

A Brief History and Overview on the Invicta Watch Group

Founded in Switzerland by Raphael Picard in 1837. Invicta Watch Group is a popular Swiss watchmaking company acquired by an American enterprise and re-established in 1991.

They are well-known for their stylish and luxury timepiece models offered at reasonable and affordable prices. Equipped with credible and extensive watchmaking expertise and history, Invicta produces comprehensive selections of affordable luxury timepieces.

Although Invicta doesn’t really belong to the elite group of luxury watchmakers forging luxurious and elegant watches, their expertise and rich watchmaking experience allow Invicta to masterfully craft budget-friendly watches with luxurious looks and elegance.

They are famous for their Aviator, Subaqua, Venom, Bolt, and Pro Diver watch collections that are considered as some of the most sought after watches in the market today.

Learning More About the Various Watch Movements of Invicta

Watch movement is considered as the heart or engine of a timepiece that drives all of its internal components work. Also known as “calibre”, the watch movement is the power station that moves the hands of the watch and delivers the power it needs for its features like the annual calendar, chronograph, and dual time zone.

The mechanism within the timepiece that operates all of its essential timekeeping functions is vital for keeping accurate time.

Every watchmaker or manufacturer has its own movements utilizing propriety innovations that serve a patent. However, regardless of the myriad watch movements, all of them are categorized into two, mechanical and quartz watch movements.

The mechanical watch movement is divided into two subcategories. But Invicta took the automatic subcategory as the third main watch move classification they use. This gives three main watch movement categories utilized for crafting their watches.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these movements and learn how they work.

1. Mechanical Watch Movement

The mechanical watch movement is the oldest mechanism used in watchmaking. It has been around since the 17th century way back when timepieces had its revolutionary breakthrough.

Invicta’s selection of watches with this movement is celebrated for their exceptional “old world” craftsmanship, reflecting mastery, expertise, and top of the line quality. What makes these timepieces work is a spring-driven mechanism driving a series of oscillating gears that consistently moves back and fort.

The thing about manual movement is that it requires manual winding for the mechanism to run smoothly, which means that mechanical Invicta watches need to be manually winded to ensure a smooth operation.

2. Automatic Watch Movement

The birth of the self-winding technology in 1770 was a milestone that took the art of watchmaking to the next level. Thanks to Abraham-Louis Perrelet, a Swiss watchmaker, who invented the said innovation.

He crafted a pocket watch designed with a mechanism that works as the user walk. The mechanism was cleverly engineered with an oscillating weight with upward and downward movements that powers the components of the pocket watch.

Today, that old school invention was continuously innovated that led the newer version, which is a mainspring mechanism built within the timepiece. This innovative component is automatically winded by the energy generated by the user’s natural arm movements.

It is an invention that revolutionized how watches are made opening a new world of opportunities for watchmaking companies, allowing them to produce automatic watches.

Invicta watches with the automatic movement are very desirable due to their revered accurate timekeeping. These Invicta automatic timepieces operate based on the nature of the wrist, and its mechanism winds down within the range of 10 to 72 hours, depending on the reserved power within the watch.

3. Quartz Watch Movement

On the other hand, the quartz movement is a more modern approach that provided watchmakers a low-cost solution for crafting timepieces. It is the most accurate watch movement that has very low maintenance requirements because it is a battery-powered mechanism to make sure every component is working smoothly.

Although it is the most common movement used today, quartz timepieces are less desirable to collectors and enthusiasts because they lack craftsmanship and clever engineering.

Invicta watches with quartz movement are the most accurate timepieces in their entire collection. This movement’s mechanism features a battery-powered quartz mineral that vibrates, converting its kinetic energy to power the watch components.

Compared to mechanical movement, quartz watches have less production expense that makes them the widely produced kind timepieces.

The batteries for Invicta quartz watches are distinctly suitable for every watch model to make sure that the cell is capable of supporting the timepiece for longer periods of time. They are typically recommended to be replaced around 1 to 3 years.

Proper Care and Maintenance Guidelines for Invicta Watches

Watches are precision-crafted machines built accurate and technical engineering. Like any other machine with a lot of components such as cars, they also need proper maintenance and upkeep to make sure that they are operating smoothly.

A well-maintained timepiece will have a mechanism that functions like a well-oiled machine, ensuring exceptional accuracy timekeeping and functionality.

So, if you own an Invicta timepiece, you have to keep in mind that regardless of its model and the movement it has, a faulty gear, worn-out watch component, or saturated oil can disrupt its timekeeping or render it useless.

Not to mention that the water-resistance of Invicta watches are not guaranteed to be permanent.

With all of that said, you have to be aware and always remember that Invicta watches experts recommend that a timepiece should be serviced at least once in every two or three years.

So, if you have a mechanical, automatic or quartz Invicta watch, make sure to bring it to an authorized Invicta service center every two or three years.

Recommended Standard Upkeep for Invicta Watches

When it comes to the standard maintenance procedures of Invicta watches, quartz timepieces are maintained differently from both the automatic and mechanical movements.

Most of the watches with quartz movement require a replacement battery every 24 to 36 months. If you own a quartz timepiece, having its battery replaced is the ideal time to get it inspected by an authorized watchmaker and maybe get it serviced if there are any issues needed to address. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

On the other hand, mechanical and automatic Invicta watches don’t need replacement batteries because they don’t use one. However, due to the craftsmanship and expertise invested in these watches, a full overhaul every twenty-four or thirty-six years is their standard upkeep.

Similar to how these watches are assembled, overhauling a timepiece also requires the appropriate expertise.

It is a meticulous process that requires focus and a steady hand for taking out the mechanism of the watch and disassembling it for thorough cleaning.

The operation also includes the reinstalling of the removed movement, proper lubrication of watch components and gears, reassembling, and timing and testing for accuracy. Then it is finished off replacing the watch cover and making sure that it is pressure-tested.

Caring for Invicta Watches on a Daily Basis

Apart from the standard maintenance and upkeep than an Invicta timepiece needs, another thing that will ensure its accurate and precise timekeeping is its daily care.

This is an aspect with the sole purpose that is taking care of the device on a daily basis. It is a case that mainly involved cleaning that prevents the fading of the exterior facets of the watch.

Providing your Invicta timepiece the daily care it needs means keeping it free from moisture, sweat, and dirt that may lead to more complicated issues.

You can do this by taking a soft piece of cloth and wiping the entire watch with it. This gets rid of the sweat and the moisture on the backside of the watch and prevent the buildup of dirt.

Keep in mind that the use of harmful or harsh chemicals or solvents for cleaning a timepiece is prohibited.

This is because these chemicals and agents may trigger a chemical reaction that may damage the band or the case of the timepiece. They may also quicken the pace of deterioration of its exterior components.

You also have to keep in mind that the band of the timepiece is the part that has direct contact with our skin. And because of this, it is has a higher risk of being soiled due to consistent exposure to perspiration, dust, and dirt.

On that note, it makes the watchband demand more attention.

Proper Care for Various Bands of Invicta Watches

Since we earlier established that the watch band is the part that needs more attention when it comes to the daily care of a timepiece. You have to understand that Invicta watches use a variety of materials for their bands.

A typical watch band of Invicta’s wide selection of watches is either made from metal, leather, or a combination of rubber and silicone. And because these materials a different from each other, the way they are cleaned will also be different.

Read on to learn more about it.

Metallic Watch Bands

An Invicta timepiece with a metal band or bracelet is often made from gold, ion-plated and stainless steels. These materials have a higher risk of being damaged since they are susceptible to corrosion, rust, and stains.

These elements are due to the band’s contact with perspiration aggravated various chemicals or substances. Watches that feature a titanium band have a lower risk of being corroded; nonetheless, regular cleaning is recommended.

If you have a watch with a metal band, here’s what you have to do for proper cleaning.

a. Prepare a cleaning solution with a detergent or mild soap mixed with water
b. Dip a piece of soft cloth into the solution and squeeze it until the cloth is damp
c. Use the damped cloth to wipe just the band of the watch to apply the solution
d. Take an old and unused toothbrush to get rid of the stains and dirt buildup
e. Rinse the band of the watch with a cloth soaked in water, wiping the band clean
f. Dry the bracelet or band with a dry towel or cloth as soon as the rinsing is done

Leather Watch Bands or Straps

Watches with leather straps or bracelets made of leather are at risk of deterioration due to moisture and direct exposure to sunlight. They are also the most common victim of stains and discoloration.

Leather straps or bands are understood to wither, and lack of maintenance causes them to fade or become brittle or frail, allowing them to be easily torn. Leather bracelets are recommended to be kept from any water-related activities such as swimming, taking a shower, and doing dishes.

For the daily care procedure of the watches with leather straps, here’s what you need to do.

a. As soon as removing the watch, use a dry cloth to get rid of moisture and sweat
b. Let the leather strap breathe and air dry by keeping it well-ventilated
c. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and keep it from the when storing

Rubber and Silicone Watch Bands

Watch bands made out of rubber, silicone, and urethane are also at risk of discoloration due to exposure to sunlight.

The use of solvents and extreme humidity are also a grave threat to these bands. Consistently exposing them to sunlight and high humidity as well as getting drenched are the notorious factors that discolor them.

To take care good care of these watch bands, here’s a list of the best practices to keep in mind.

a. Wash the straps with a cloth soaked in water and soap solution after taking it off
b. Dry the straps immediately after getting rid of the dirt buildups with a dry towel
c. Prevent corrosion within and maintain the springiness of the gasket by turning the crown periodically
d. Carefully screwing down the crown of watches with screw-down crowns prevents moisture from reaching the movement

Things You Can Do If the Battery of an Invicta Watch Dies

As we established earlier, only the quartz watches manufactured by Invicta are the only ones powered by a battery. It only means that these are the only timepieces that require a battery replacement.

However, identifying the right power cell for these watches can be the tricky part, that’s why we have the question stated above.

Now, if it happens that you own an Invicta quartz timepiece and you need to replace its battery, here are your best options to get the right one for your watch model.

1. Check the Engravings at the Back Cover of the Watch

Since the watches manufactured by Invicta use different batteries according to the model of the watch, it only means that every watch model uses a distinct and specific power cell different from the other models.

Due to this, some of the quartz watches from Invicta have the battery model they use engraved on the back casing. So, one way of determining what replacement battery your watch uses is to see if your timepiece is one of those models with an engraved cell number at the back.

2. Research the Battery Using the Watch Model as Reference

In case your luck ran out, and your watch model is not among the chosen ones with battery number engraved at the back casing.

Don’t you lose hope, you can still get the right power cell for you watch by using its model number as a reference in your search of the right kind of battery.

To do this, take note of your Invicta watch model number and begin your quest by either getting access to the internet and search for the right cell model for your watch.

You can also reach out to watch experts, repair technicians, and other professionals and consult them about your watch model’s battery giving them the model number of the watch.

3. Third-Party Service Provider or Professional Raplcing Watch Battery

Another way that has a higher success rate for replacing your watch battery with the right one is by shedding a few bucks and paying a professional to do it for you.

Although this will require spending for a service fee, this is an option that will have your watch battery replaced successfully. This will not only save you the time and effort, but it will also guarantee success for a little cost.

4. Visiting an Invicta Certified Reseller or Service Center

When the battery of your Invicta timepiece dies, your best bet to get it replaced with the correct replacement cell is by letting an Invicta watch expert do it for you.

This option has a 100% success rate since they are the ones that know and understands the anatomy of Invicta watches. However, this will also require a fee which is a bit higher compared to the fees offered by third-party and unauthorized service repair shops.

Final Thoughts

Going back to the question, what kind of battery do you need for an Invicta watch? After reading through the article and learning a lot about Invicta watches. You will agree that a solid answer will be coin cell batteries that are commonly used for timepieces.

However, the exact label or battery number will depend on the model of the watch that you own.