Where Can I Get My Car Battery Tested Near Me?

A battery is an essential part of the car. A shallow digging over the internet will tell you that batteries come at a high price. The price is evident that this vehicle part is crucial. Your car needs the battery to ignite. Some modern, electronic vehicles depend on the battery to function.

It’s for this reason that you’re always advised to take good care of your car’s battery. Battery testing is one of the few ways that you can ensure that the condition of your battery is at its best.

So where can I get my car battery tested? There are many places that you can get your battery tested. These places include:

• O’Reilly Auto Parts
• AutoZone
• Belle Tire
• Western Auto Supply Company
• Pep Boys
• YourMechanic

Is it Necessary to Check My Car Battery?

Before I proceed to tell you the places you can find battery testing services, I will first tell you why you need to test your battery. Battery testing helps you measure the health of your car’s battery. It’s advisable to carry out the tests once in a while, at least twice a year.

By understanding the health of your battery, you help prolong the life of your battery. Boosting the life of your car battery means fewer visits to the battery stores and hence saving money.

Here are Some of Those Areas You Can Have Your Battery Tested by Professionals

1. O’Reilly Auto Parts

If you’re looking for a professional to test your battery, you must consider O’Reilly Auto Parts. This auto shop is known for providing quality auto parts across 47 states in the USA. When it comes to the services, O’Reilly has a good reputation. For the past six decades, the store has continued to provide excellent vehicle parts and services around the USA.

If you happen to live near one of their 5200 stores, you can pop in and ask for a free battery testing. The shop offers a complete battery diagnostic check to their clients free of charge. At O’Reilly, you will find a group of pros who can help you test the battery.

If your car battery is about to fail, the team will help you find the right battery for you, which meets your needs. The free battery testing services aren’t offered in every store. Therefore, you must check with the store near to confirm if the testing services are available.

2. AutoZone

When talking about the history of motor vehicles, you can hardly ignore the role of AutoZone. The auto shop is known for providing drivers with a wide range of vehicle parts and accessories. The store works in close collaboration with reputable brands such as Duralast to provide quality batteries to drivers, at an affordable price.

The auto shop doesn’t only focus on vehicle parts. In their over 6000 stores across the country, you can take your battery for testing. Their battery testing service is instant as it can take about half an hour to test your battery thoroughly.

The good thing about testing your battery with AutoZone is that they stock a wide range of cells. Therefore, if you find out that your battery is almost dying, the pros will help you find the right battery to replace the faulty one. Also, AutoZone offers complimentary battery charging. The battery charging also takes about half an hour.

3. Belle Tire

Belle Tire is also one of the few auto stores that you should also consider when in need of testing your battery. The shop is headquartered in Michigan and has over 133 stores across the USA. Formerly, Belle Tires was known for providing quality vehicle wheels. However, in the recent past, the company has taken a new route.

Today, you can take your battery for testing at one of their stores near you. When it comes to the quality of their services, Belle Tire offers the best. The company has enough workforces to deal with the daily workload. Therefore, you can expect the battery testing service to be instant.

4. Western Auto Supply Company

Western Auto Supply Company, famously known as Western Auto, is also one of the few auto stores you should consider for the battery testing services. The auto supplier company has over 1200 shops scattered around the USA. Mostly, the company is known for supplying drivers with genuine car parts. Besides, the company specializes in services such as battery testing.

You should make use of the shop’s battery testing services because professionals do them. The pros at Western Auto can assist you with your battery as they are well-versed in the world of cells. Besides, the mechanics over there can give you tips to help you look after your battery.

5. YourMechanic

Over the past few decades, technology has been taking over almost every sector. The motor vehicle sector is one of the few beneficiaries of this powerful tool. For example, you can have mechanics from yourmechanic.com test your battery at your home. The platform has a team of qualified mechanics and who offer auto services at your locations.

Gone are days you had to drive to a garage to have your car tested. With platforms such as yourmechanic, you can have a mechanic come over to your location regardless of the time. By using the help of such platforms, you end up saving your precious time and money that you would have used to drive to a garage near you.

6. Pep Boys

For almost one millennium, Pep Boys has been in the game giving automotive repair and tire services. With the many years in the industry, you can expect to find professional services at any of their stores. Today, the automotive service chain has over 930 stores across the US. Therefore, you can search for a Pep Boys’ store near you and ask for the pros there to test your battery.


Testing your car battery should be an easy task. You can perform the job by yourself as long as you have the right tools. However, it’s advisable to have a pro carry out the testing on your behalf for the sake of saving your battery.

Listed in this article are some of the top places you can visit to ask for a battery test. Most of these stores offer free testing. Read through the piece to know which of the store is near your place.

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