Where Is The 2001 Volvo V70 Battery Located?

The battery in your 2001 Volvo V70 remains one of the most significant components. It helps bring the engine back to life before that long journey. It’s for this reason that it’s recommended that you inspect the battery now and then. When it comes to performing the inspections, you start by locating the battery.

So, where is the 2001 Volvo V70 battery located? The battery in this car is usually located in the trunk region, somewhere beneath the carpet. The location may appear confusing for the first-timers who are used to having the battery in the engine bay.

How Can You Replace the Battery in Your 2001 Volvo V70?

Batteries usually come with a lifespan, and that’s the number of years they are likely to serve you. The length of lifespan is dependent on the battery manufacturer, among many other external factors. Say, for instance, reduced temperature or physical damages can see the battery’s lifespan reduce drastically.

Once the battery’s lifespan is over, performing a replacement is inevitable. So, where do you begin when the time to replace the battery in your Volvo V70 arrives? Well, the fantastic thing is that you can replace the battery by yourself, and at the comfort of your home. The guide I will give below should help you perform the replacement effectively, like a pro. Without saying much, here is a guide.

Step 1. Access the Battery

The first step towards replacing the battery in your Volvo V70 is finding the location of the cell. As said earlier, the battery is usually hidden somewhere in the rear hatch. The rear hatch may seem confusing for the newbies, mainly if you are used to having the battery in the engine bay. Therefore, you should start by opening the trunk of your Volvo. The battery is usually hidden under the carpet.

Consequently, you will have to lift the rug. You will find a handle to help with the lifting. With the carpet out of the way, you will see three clips or bolts that help with holding the steel bracket. Open the pins to help release the battery cover.

Step 2. Disconnect the Battery

Now that the carpet and the plastic cover are out of your way, the battery should be visible to your eyes. It’s time to disconnect the old battery now. It’s at this point that a wrench is much needed if it came in handy. Use a 10mm wrench to open the negative battery cable first. Then, proceed to unscrew the positive battery cable using the wrench.

After withdrawing the battery cables, you should go ahead and remove the battery mounting bolt to help release the battery mount. With the bolt removed, the battery should be easy to remove from its location. With the battery mount revealed, you can now take out the worn-out battery.

Step3. Install the New Battery

By now, you ought to have a new battery with you. Reattaching the new battery is in no way complicated. To reattach the battery, you start by putting the new battery in the tray, which should be somewhere over the carpet. Once you are sure that the cell is well-rested in the dish, go ahead and return the tray in its location.

With the battery tray in place, go ahead and screw the mounting bolt to help hold the battery holder in its position. Then, proceed and tighten the battery cables. When it comes to reattaching the battery cables, you start with the positive cable followed by the negative one.

Step 4. Seal the Compartment

With the battery cable tightly held on the terminals, you are somewhat done with the replacement. It would be best if you didn’t forget to cover the area as it was. Therefore, you should continue to attach the plastic battery cover. This cover acts as a barrier preventing your luggage from interfering with your battery. With the plastic cover in position, you can go ahead and roll down the carpet to hide the battery area.

Step 5. Test the Battery

With the rear hatch carpet laid back and the door closed, you can say that you are done with the replacement. However, you are needed to confirm if the new battery is capable. Hence, you should go inside your car and turn the ignition on. If the engine roars to life, you can say that you successfully replaced the battery in your Volvo V70. In case the car fails to start, you should check the battery to ensure that the terminal cables are correctly held in position.

If you spot any issue, continue to rework on it. If the battery doesn’t work even after correcting the error, it means that either the battery or the electrical wiring has a problem. You should, therefore, go ahead and check on your wring, as well as the validity of your new battery.

Here is the YouTube video I found it helpful below:

What Is the Cost of a Volvo V70 Battery?

By now, you know how you can easily replace the battery in your Volvo V70. Now, the big question is how much it will cost for you to get the right battery for replacement. Volvo V70 batteries usually come at different prices, and that’s based on the size, as well as the manufacturer and supplier.

Currently, you can find these batteries from as low as $79. For the Odyssey models, especially, you may have to part with as much as $280 to get your new battery.

Where Can You Find a Volvo V70 Battery?

Today, there are many places where you can find a new battery for your Volvo V70. Therefore, whenever the time comes to replace the worn-out battery in your Volvo, you can start by shopping at your nearest auto dealer.

The idea here is to find a quality battery at a considerable price. You can consider platforms such as Amazon and AutoZone for your shopping. The two are known for offering a variety of products at prices that are hard to resist.


Knowing the location of your car’s batteries may seem obvious. However, that’s not always the case for everyone, especially when you encounter a Volvo V70. For these cars, the battery is usually found in the trunk. By reading this article, you will understand how you can access the battery and perform a replacement like a pro.

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