How Much Are Car Batteries At AutoZone?

Car batteries have a life cycle, and that is the number of times they can be charged and discharged without failing. Thus, your car’s battery is likely to ask for a replacement in one way or another. Finding the right battery for your vehicle can be a hell of a task, especially if you’re new into the world of motor-vehicle.

Thanks to stores such as AutoZone, today, you can find almost every battery brand that ever existed, in the store.

How much is a car battery at AutoZone? This is a question that you will find many interested drivers asking because the cost of a battery influences one’s decision to buy the battery. By digging shallowly over the store’s website, you will learn that their prices vary.

For instance, the standard batteries cost between $50 and $150. The premium batteries on the other end can cost you between $90 and $200.

By shopping for your battery at AutoZone, you will have the advantage to choose from various brands such as Optima, Odyssey, and Duralast (standard, gold, and platinum label).

The fantastic thing about this extensive stock is that you can find a perfect battery for your vehicle, at a competitive price. Without saying much, here are some of the top cells you’re likely to find in their store.

List of the Best Car Battery from Autozone and Find Each Battery of Price Range

1. Duralast Platinum Battery (24F-AGM)

With about $195, you can own this Duralast battery, size 24F. The battery comes with a 3-years warranty. It has 885 cranking amps (CA) and 710 cold-cranking amps (CCA). With this battery on your car, you’re guaranteed no less than 120 reserve minutes.

Its installation is quite as you only need to remove the pins above the battery to remove the air duct. You can then proceed to get to the battery via the air duct.

2. Duralast Gold Battery (H8-DLG)

Second in the list the Duralast gold battery size 49, this comes with 900 cold-cranking amps (1000 CA). This battery goes for $159.99 at AutoZone, which is a fair price as compared to the other stores.

If you thought a 3-year warranty was a big deal, then you haven’t come across this battery’s warranty. Buying it via AutoZone, you get three years of free replacement and two years prorated. The battery has 150 reserve minutes.

3. Duralast Battery (H6-DL)

With $139.99, you can get this Duralast’s conventional battery. The battery, size 48, has 615 cold-cranking amps (850 cranking amps). As per the descriptions, the battery delivers up to 115 reserve minutes. By getting it from AutoZone, you get two years of free replacement.

4. Duralast Battery – Size 31

With about $130, you can get this powerful battery from Duralast. The battery offers 950 cold-cranking amps and 1185 cranking amps. Besides, it provides up to 195 reserve minutes and hence suitable for many cars out there. When it comes to the warranty, this massive duty battery guarantees a one-year free replacement deal.

5. Econocraft Battery – Group Size 78-E

This battery type by Econocraft costs $69.99, which is a reasonable price based on what it has in store. The battery is maintenance-free and offers reliable starting performance. As per its descriptions, the battery provides ample cranking power for sure starts. It comes with a three-month warranty and 600 cold-cranking amps (750 CA).

It’s designed using state-of-art technology to deliver energy that is proportional to its weight. Therefore, if you’re looking to try a cheap alternative, this product from AutoZone should be considered.

6. Econocraft Battery – Group Size 26R-E

If you’re looking to try a different brand, Econocraft should be your priority. The company releases a line of quality batteries that you can consider. This is one of the few models you should try if you’re looking for a battery that can deliver more than 450 cold-cranking amps.

It has 510 CCA (635 CA) and comes with a three-month warranty. To own this battery by Econocraft, you will have to part with $69.99.

7. Odyssey Battery – 34-78PC1500DT

Odyssey is one of the few famous brands dominating the world of batteries. The battery manufacturer is known for delivering cells with high performance and power. This battery can be found at AutoZone at the cost of $295.99.

The battery has 850 cold-cranking amps. It comes with a four years warranty, which is a good deal for any driver. The battery offers 135 reserve minutes and has threaded side terminals.

8. Odyssey Battery – 31-PC2150T

If you’re looking for a high-end battery for your ride, you may consider the Odyssey’s, size 31, cell. The battery comes with a four years warranty, which is a perfect deal as it’s a bit expensive. It goes for $399.99 and hence one of the most costly batteries you can ever find at AutoZone.

This AGM battery is designed of pure lead, and not lead alloy as it is the case with most AGM batteries in the market. This battery has more lead plates fitted because of their thin state. The technique helps increase the surface area and thus more power. Besides, this design boosts the battery’s lifespan and reliability.

A Guide on How to Buy Batteries at AutoZone

By now, you’ve read and understood the various cells found at AutoZone. The list contains some of the top models that I thought were the best. However, this does not mean that the listed samples can work on every vehicle. Every car has specific needs and as a result, requires a battery that fits it perfectly.

Furthermore, choosing the ideal battery from the nine options can be overwhelming as every cell comes loaded with unique features. Don’t worry because I will go ahead and give you the heads-up on how to buy your battery at the store.

9 Things You Must Consider When Shopping for This Vital Component

1. Consider a Strong Warranty

By now, you understand that a car’s battery is an essential component. It remains one of the few expensive parts you can ever find in a car. Therefore, it should be in a position to serve you as per the expectations. When it comes to years of service, there is what we call warranty.

You will have to consider the battery’s warranty when shopping at AutoZone. Most cells in stock come to a three-year replacement warranty, which is a good deal.

However, you will also find other brands offering more extended warranties and refund if the cell fails within a specified timeframe. Always weigh among your options which battery has a strong warranty. An active warranty can save you the hustles of returning to the store in search of a new battery, before time.

2. Go for a Cell With a Better Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is also one of the few critical things that you must consider when shopping for a battery. The reserve capacity is the juice that lets your battery continue running. For instance, when you leave your lights on, the battery’s reserve capacity determines how long they will last.

From a professional’s point of view, it’s advisable to choose a batter that has the best reserve capacity amongst your options. By doing so, you save yourself from the struggles that arise from leaving your light on, for example, for only a few minutes.

3. Consider a Long Life Expectancy

As stated earlier, batteries don’t come cheaply. They come with a price tag, and which is determined by the features. Therefore, you should highly consider the battery’s life cycle before moving on with the purchase.

It isn’t advisable to spend a massive fortune on a battery that will only serve you for a short period. A wise buyer goes for a product that will help him or her for every penny. So, unless you don’t mind losing your cash, consider a battery with most extended life among your options.

4. Consider the Maintenance-Free Batteries

When charging, batteries heat up, thus losing water through evaporation. This means that you will need to add water now and then. The task may sound easy, but not until you forget to top up the water in time. It’s for this reason that you’re always advised to consider a maintenance-free battery.

At AutoZone, you will find AGM batteries, for example, which are maintenance-free. These types of cells don’t require you, the owner, to top up the water now and then. The batteries contain a catalyst, platinum.

This catalyst helps replace the water lost when charging by converting the hydrogen formed into water. Most of these models are completely sealed, and that means you don’t have to think about the water levels.

5. Consider the Portability

When it comes to acquiring a new battery for your car, it’s advisable to consider its weight. If you’re a DIY kind of a guy going for the heavy batteries can mess you a big time. A suitable battery should be something that you can easily carry around without getting tired.

You must choose a battery that has comfortable carrying handles because you may never know when the need to move the battery by hand arises. A standard battery weighs about 40 pounds, and therefore considering the carrying handle is essential.

6. Consider the Climate in Your Region

Batteries are designed to deal with the environment uniquely. Say, for example, there are specific batteries designed for vehicles living in the northern areas. They are usually labeled north. These batteries are specifically designed to cope with the harsh cold weathers and have higher cold cranking amps (CCA). (This article is where you can find the best car battery for cold climate).

Also, there are those models designed to keep up with the hot regions and are usually labeled south. Therefore, you must choose the battery according to the climatic condition of your areas. The good thing about buying the battery at AutoZone is that you can find someone to help you if you’re not sure about your region.

7. Consider the Battery’s Performance

In the past, car batteries were only used to ignite the vehicle. With time, the work of the cells in a car has continued to grow. Say, for example, today; you need the power from your battery to help control up your stereo, cameras, additional lights, and video systems.

In most cases, a standard cell is unable to keep up with this massive power drain. It’s most likely to run out on you in the middle of the road.

If you’re the type of driver that enjoys some good music while in the car, then you should consider a high-performance battery. Today, you can find those high-performance batteries at AutoZone, which meets your electric power needs. You shouldn’t let your battery shut down the fun part of your car, which is entertainment.

8. Where Do You Use Your Vehicle?

The terrain plays a vital role when it comes to determining the type of battery suitable for your car. Currently, there are batteries which are vibration-resistant. If you happen to drive off-road, it’s advisable to go with cells such as Optima.

Most of these batteries have stable coils and which can sustain the vibrations on a rough road. Also, such battery models are usually sealed, and that means no leakage at all.

9. Don’t Forget to Bring the Old Battery

Car batteries are considered to be one of the most hazardous items. They contain harmful substances and which can cause severe damages to the environment if not correctly disposed of. Governments, in collaboration with the necessary bodies, have spearheaded the campaign against improper disposal of your car’s battery.

In many states, you will have to pay a core charge of about $20, if you don’t bring the old battery with you during replacement. At AutoZone, you will have to pay about $25 for not bringing the old battery during replacement. This charge is meant to help encourage the drivers to dispose of their batteries properly.

Therefore, if you mind losing $25 from your hard-earned money, remember to bring the dead battery with you to the store. Besides, it feels good knowing that you’re doing something for a great course, saving the environment.


Thanks to places such as AutoZone, today, finding batteries and other vehicle parts has been made easy. Unfortunately, choosing the right battery for your car can be hectic as you will be faced by many options that the store has to offer.

This article highlights the top picks that you can consider when shopping at the store. The selection isn’t based on the cost, but the batteries’ features. In addition to the top-rated cells, I’ve included tips to guide you through the whole buying process. By reading this piece, you will make your shopping experience with AutoZone quick and fantastic.

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