Who Makes The Best Battery For A Harley Davidson?

Harley Davidson; the motorcycle manufacturer whose bikes are steeped in glorious history are becoming more than just a daily commuter. Some models have become collector’s items and museum pieces. Your choice of getting one was a matter of wanting to be a part of a family drawn to them by their reliability and build quality.

Taking care of them though, especially your own, has always been something you’ve paid a lot of attention to. At the moment, your Harley’s battery has not been the best it was. It could be that it came with the bike from the factory and has served you for several years. Wear and tear or age has caught up to it.

Replacing your Harley’s battery isn’t just a matter of walking up to any dealer and getting any battery. It has to be the best for your bike.

So, who makes the best battery for a Harley? Truth is, Harley has been around for a long time and is the most popular bike brand in the US. This therefore means that any reputable bike battery manufacturer will optimize their batteries to work with a number of Harley Davidson’s models.

However, of these companies, there are those that have gone above and beyond to give you the best of what technology and innovation have to offer. What this article has done is gather some of the best batteries for your Harley Davidson and presented them to you. Here we go.

What Are the Best Batteries for Your Harley?

1. Chrome Battery Rechargeable

You know how trying to find out how your battery is doing is a bit of a pain? You have to get a voltmeter from somewhere among your many tools, take valuable time to read how much voltage your battery is giving? Well, Chrome decided to lessen the pain for you. They added a digital display to the battery.

Yes, the display will show you how much voltage the battery is giving out, and how much it the battery is receiving from the bike’s alternator. This makes it easy to diagnose engine start issues, and also to know when and what to replace for a smooth operation.

Yes, this is achieved by a smart alarm that comes with the battery. The alarm will alert you in case there are any problems with the battery itself or the alternator that need to be sorted out immediately.

The battery is constructed using absorbed glass mat technology, which makes it last longer than equivalent lead acid or sealed lead acid types. It also comes with tougher bridge welding to help it cope with the vigorous vibrations of some motorcycle models.

2. Yuasa Harley Davidson Battery

Not everyone is a fan of street bikes or the occasional mucking around in mud. Some like how the wind whips over the faces on the open road. They may end up enjoying this feeling for miles on the open road. This usually calls for a larger bike that gives out a lot of power, say the Road King powered by a Milwaukee Eight.

That’s a large engine that requires some electric punch to start and power. Here’s where this battery comes in. It is capable of providing up to 500 cold cranking amps, enough to wake this beast from a frozen slumber and roar to life.

This battery relies on lead-calcium technology, which means it can take a beating in comparison to traditional lead acid batteries. The battery is also sealed so as to prevent any acid leakages, and therefore no need for you to conduct any maintenance on it.

3. PowerSource Lightning Start

For some, the packaging may be awesome. To others, it may look like something out of a 90’s Power Rangers cartoon and it may put you off. The branding utilizes some bright colors and lettering that is reminiscent of what Hollywood and graphic designers thought was cool in the 90’s.

That, however, isn’t why you should consider this battery. If you can look beyond the cartoonish branding, you will realize that this battery packs a heavy punch. In fact, it’s enough power to punch an Ultra Classic’s engine and bring it to life.

Rated at 500 cold cranking amps, this is a perfect battery to use in colder climates as you can start the engine in freezing conditions. The manufacturers of this battery also went for convenience for the bike owners. Whether your bike uses top mounted or front mounted posts, this battery has got you covered.

The absorbed glass mat technology also means that you never have to worry about spilling any of the battery’s contents as a result of vibrations or the occasional spill on the side of the road.

4. Bikemaster Deep Cycle Gel Battery

If you’re worried about what the vibrations of your Harley can do to a battery, then you can rely on a different battery type and never have to worry about it the moment you install it. This battery uses a technology known as gel cell. What this means is that instead of relying on fluids, the battery uses an immobile gel as the power cell.

This technology gives this battery unprecedented flexibility as it can be mounted in any direction, and never have to worry about spillages. This unique technology also makes them the best where you would need a deep cycle battery.

The lack of branding on this battery is excellent for those who like a more minimalist approach to how their bikes look. The choice of navy blue also makes it nondescript, only choosing to focus on providing power to the motorcycle.

These types of batteries can cost a lot more than other types to buy. However, in terms of operational costs, they are much cheaper to acquire and operate as the total cost will be lower. This is because they generally last longer than other than other types of automotive batteries.

In case you’re thinking of turning your Harley into a custom build, or making modification that require significant electrical power, then this is the battery you should put into your Harley Davidson. Due to their flexibility, it can fit your bike, whether it is a front mount or a top mount.