Will An RV Fridge Run Off Battery?

The summer break is already here, and a vacation is already calling out your name. The kids are already asking about the road trip or that camping you had promised them earlier. After all, spending some time with the people you love does matter a lot. Outdoor activities help one relax while boosting the bond between you and the kids.

However, we both understand how stressing it can be, especially the preparations. When using your recreational vehicle, there are many things you have to check out. Is the RV in good shape, is the battery ok, is it cleaned? It’s at this point that the refrigerator hits your mind. You need one, at least for the journey. Unless you don’t enjoy a cold drink or fresh food, having a fridge is non-negotiable for any RV.

When the idea about cold drinks comes around, many people are always asking, ‘will RV fridge run off a battery?’ Yes, it can run off your battery now that it needs the power to keep everything fresh. However, the time it takes to drain your battery depends on many factors, among them the type of fridge you have in the car.

For instance, you can’t bring your home fridge in the RV and expect it to be kind to the battery. As usual, it will drain the charge in no time because it’s not designed for that setting.

As you are aware, an RV fridge runs on AC while the battery provides DC. Therefore, you will still need an inverter to get the job done. When used alone, the DC can serve your fridge for about three to eight hours. But, when used alternatively with propane, for example, or electricity, the same battery can run for even weeks.

Which Fridge is Suitable for My RV?

Thanks to advancements in tech, there are RV fridges now. These are simply fridges that you can rely on to keep your drinks and food fresh. They are compact and easy to carry around, as opposed to the usual fridge you have at homes and in the office. When it comes to energy consumption, they are efficient, and that means that your RV’s battery can power them for a specific time.

Currently, you can find RV refrigerators that can run on batteries, inverters, LPG, and even propane gas. With this many options, it means that you won’t have to worry much about your battery draining charge. You can choose between the four options based on the situation at hand.

RV fridge Vs. Regular fridge

More often than not, you may find yourself thinking about why you can’t go ahead and throw in your regular fridge in the RV during the trip. Well, it can work too. Most people do use it during all their journeys. They usually keep the fridge at the highest cold temperatures, two nights before the D day. They assume that the fridge will hold the cold needed to cool the content during the journey.

The big question remains, will this trick keep your food safe? Will the refrigerator serve you until the time you find a place to plug in your RV to a power outlet? The high chances are that you may end having a warm drink on those sunny days or have your food go bad. Without saying much, here are some reasons why you should go for an RV fridge.

RV fridges use multiple sources of power. You can have them run on a 12-volt battery, inverter, LPG, and even propane gas. With all these options, it means that you can ensure that the fridge stays cool at all times.
RV fridges can fit easily at any location. They are small and thus can fit on any location. With the refrigerator, you will no longer have to worry if it will fit in the car for your next trip. We both know how the RV can be congested at times to even some space to install it in a standard fridge.
It is designed for use while on the move. The regular fridges aren’t intended to keep up with the rough roads, vibrations, bumps, and the extreme temperature. Therefore, taking one on the way means that you may end returning with a spoilt fridge.

How to Ensure that Your RV Battery Runs Longer When Using an RV Fridge

No one wishes to have a flat battery while trying to keep the drinks cold, for example. Cold beverages are nothing as compared to getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. The fantastic thing is that there are many ways you can have the battery still run longer while using the fridge at the same time.

First thing first, you must ensure that the fridge’s door remains closed at all costs. It doesn’t mean that you avoid taking out the content from the refrigerator. Of course not, what it means is that you should avoid opening the door now and then.

Also, you can save some battery power by switching off the fridge now and then. Yes, your drinks or food won’t go bad when the refrigerator is turned off for a few minutes. You can choose to switch on the fridge a few hours before you take your meal or drinks. You can also come with a schedule that you find helpful for your battery.

It’s also recommended that you upgrade your RV’s battery system. You can have a dual-battery design, which allows the second battery to be also charged while the RV is on the move. With such a system, it means that the RV’s battery will rarely go dry.

Besides, you can use other power options that the fridge can support. You can choose propane, LPG, or even solar energy to power up the refrigerator. By doing so, it means that your battery won’t be consumed and hence serve you long.


Planning a road trip can be hectic, especially when with the family. Most people get confused when it comes to things such as bringing a fridge in your RV. If not careful, the fridges can drain your battery, as explained in this article. Read the entire piece to understand everything you ought to know about refrigerators and RVs.

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