How To Recondition An AGM Battery

Learn how to revive agm batteries. All batteries, including AGM batteries, can stop working after some time. Most often, they stop working when they are used for cycling applications for which they shouldn’t since they are starting batteries. Sometimes, the cause for failure may be the age of the battery.

But don’t worry. You may not need to buy a new unit just yet. Let’s take a look at the steps on how to recondition an AGM battery in this article. The problem may start when you connect your AGM battery to the charger, and you notice that it’s not charging at all.

There are many cases when seemingly dead batteries are not really dead; they are just discharged deeply. What’s great about this kind of battery is that they have an internal resistance that is very low. What this means is that they are capable of a high amp output.

It can provide power to your electronic equipment and devices deeper and longer compared to a traditional battery. However, it does discharge the AGM deeply as well. At that point, you may need to recondition your battery.

Guide To Restoring Your AGM Batteries

I have prepared three options for you so you can resuscitate your AGM battery. Let’s take a look at the first option!

1. Get An AGM-Specific Charger

With this option, you may have to spend a bit because you would need to purchase an AGM-specific charger. Nonetheless, it still costs less compared to buying a new AGM battery. This charger has desulfation steps that aids in reconditioning and recovering your AGM battery that has been deeply discharged. The charger also works for all kinds of lead-acid batteries.

It has the capability of being a battery maintainer as well for your batteries that are in storage. There are even some chargers that have ring terminals so you can connect the battery leads permanently. This way, you can charge your battery externally through maintainer or accessible charger. It is easier for you to hook it up when you will be storing your RV, boat, truck, or car.

2. Do It Yourself Solution

With this option, you are going to need some tools that you probably have in your garage. What you will do will trick the traditional charger that you have into charging your discharged AGM battery.

Here are the things that you will need:

● Timer or watch
● Voltmeter
● Your discharged AGM battery
● Another battery that has more than 12.2 volts
● Battery charger under 15amps
● Jumper cables

Here’s what you are going to do. Connect the good battery to your discharged AGM battery. Do this in parallel so negative to negative and then positive to positive. Don’t connect or turn on the charger just yet at this point. After that, connect the charger to the good battery. Turn it on.

What happens next is that the charger will recognize the voltage of this battery and will start charging. Wait for an hour and then check your AGM battery if it is warm or a bit hot. When you charge a battery, they get warm. However, if it is too hot, it might mean that there could be other issues with the battery. If you feel that it is too hot, remove the charger immediately.

If the battery is gassing or producing a hissing sound, stop the charging process. If all is doing well, check you AGM battery using your voltmeter. If it reads above 10.5v, then it’s doing well. With a 10amp charger, the process may take about 2 hours.

Once you get a good reading of the voltage, you can disconnect the charger from the good battery and then connect it to the AGM battery. Continue the charging process until the AGM battery is full. Now you have a reconditioned AGM battery.

3. Seek Expert Help

You can have an expert to fix the battery. If the two options above are not your thing, don’t worry. You can always go to an expert who can do the refurbishing for you. If you don’t have a charger, don’t want to buy one, and you are not very confident about doing it by yourself, it is perfectly fine to let an expert do it. Look for someone who knows and is skilled with AGM technology. You will most likely find a local shop who can help you out!


And there you have it. Now you know your options for reconditioning your AGM battery. Hopefully, this article has helped you in your quest to find answers for reviving your battery. If you have any questions about AGM batteries or reconditioning batteries, just email me, and i’d be happy to share with you what i know about them.