Can I Use An AGM Battery In My Car?

In the recent past, the number of battery models hitting the market has been on the rise. This trend has left many drivers confused when it comes to getting a new battery for their replacement. AGM batteries, for instance, have been associated with heavy machinery and are known for their outward performance and reliability.

Can you use an AGM battery in your car? Yes, you can use this advanced lead-acid battery if you are looking for the extra power to feed the higher electrical demands in your car.

What Are AGM Batteries?

One thing, a car battery is expensive. Thus, when it’s time to get a replacement, drivers are always cautious to land on the right model. Thankfully, recently, AGM batteries have made their way into the market and setting the difference.

AGM (absorbent glass mat) usually has a fiberglass mesh sandwiched between the plates. The mesh soaks the electrolyte while separating the plates. As a result, with the battery model, you are less likely to experience cases of acid spills whenever the battery breaks.

Initially, AGM tech was launched targeting the military vehicle. The technicians needed a battery that would keep up with the helicopter’s stands or heavy vehicle operations. It’s during this period that they came up with the AGM technology. The technology has since then made its way into almost every area, the cars included.

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Is an AGM Battery Safe for Your Car?

If not careful, a car battery can put your life, as well as, that of the car at risk. It’s for this reason that individuals are often asking if an AGM battery is safe for use or not. Well, the truth is that the battery is specifically designed for you out there, looking for a reliable battery for your car. Currently, cars come attached to advanced electronic devices. Thus, the demand for electricity has continued to increase.

Thankfully, AGM batteries are designed to deal with the heavy load. If you are looking, therefore, for a battery that can sustain your existing electronics, an AGM battery can be your best option.

Now and then, you have heard of car explosions caused by battery leaks. As you know the battery’s electrolyte usually contains acids, which can damage your skin, if not careful.
AGM batteries are considered safe for use because of their design.

With the fiberglass mat soaking the electrolyte, it means that there won’t be any leakage in case the battery cracks or you are involved in an accident. Another thing to note is that AGM batteries are maintenance-free.

Therefore, if you are the kind of people that don’t like the maintenance, the models can be your escape route. The fact that it’s a sealed model means that you don’t have to keep checking on the water levels, which can be a hell of a task.

Where Can You Apply an AGM Battery?

1. If Your Car Consumes Much Power

Gone are the days when cars had the radio and headlights as the only components sucking its battery. Today, new models hit the market with amazing extra features. Talk of the drive cams, the upgraded audio and video systems and advanced seat tech. It’s right to say that cars are slowly turning into small entertainment joints. Well, comfort is necessary. But, you must know that it comes with a price, and that’s the charge in your battery.

Now and then, drivers wake up to flat batteries because their lead-acid battery can hardly keep up with the extra power requirements. If you are a victim of such dramas, then it’s the high time you considered batteries designed with advanced tech like AGM. This model is a perfect option for cars with large power demands.

2. If You Drive a Start-Stop Car

When it comes to advancements, the vehicle industry is one of the few sectors that have a lot to tell. Recently, there are the start-stop vehicles that have been making headlines since early 2013, in the US market. These vehicles are designed to automatically switch off the engine when they stop. Say, for instance, when you stop at the red sign on a traffic light, the engine shuts down and then starts slowly when you release the brakes or engage the clutch.

With the engine off, the battery is left as the sole supplier of electricity. Based on the number of electrical components attached to the car, sometimes a typical battery can find it hard to power the system on and off periods. It would be best if installed an AGM battery for such vehicle models.

How Can You Benefit from Installing an AGM Battery in Your Car?

1. Extended Lifespan

It’s every driver’s dream to have the battery installed serve their car in the longest time possible. A battery with an AGM technology is one of the few models that can assure you that every penny you invest counts. The cells are known to last two times longer as compared to the standard batteries.

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2. Keeps Up With the Harsh Climates

Every driver’s worst fear is having the battery they install affected by the cold or hot temperatures. AGM batteries come equipped with advanced features to help keep up with any weather conditions.

3. Designed to Give a High Electrical Supply

Are you worried that you may have to miss important things in your car because of the low power supply? Well, with the AGM batteries, this should be the least of your worries. The batteries are designed to serve your car’s high energy requirements. Therefore, if you are looking for extra power, AGM technology is the way to go.

4. It’s Spill-Proof and Resistant to Vibrations

AGM technology features the use of a fiberglass mat in between the battery plates. The mat soaks the electrolyte, and this means that the electrolyte can’t spill in case of an accident. The batteries also do come with additional features making them resistant to vibrations. As a result, the battery is considered safe for use.

How Much Does it Cost to Install an AGM Battery in Your Car?

By now, you already know what an AGM battery is all about and how you can benefit from installing it in the car. The one remaining question is how much it will cost you to have the battery installed in your car.

When it comes to installing an AGM battery in your car, you must be willing to part with a high price tag. The prices range from $120 to $350, and that’s based on the model and size you want for your car. Platforms such as Amazon usually have fair prices for AGM batteries.