3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai i10 in 2021

In this article, the best three replacement batteries for your Hyundai i10 are reviewed, thus saving you the time you could otherwise spend looking for a battery. Therefore, take your time and go through the various models discussed and be sure to have your problem solved after going through the article.

Since the battery market abounds several battery models, choosing the correct battery may be quite challenging. Upon filtering the various models, here are the top picks.

  1. Varta Silver Dynamic AGM Battery
  2. BOSCH S5 AGM Starter Battery
  3. Exide Starter Battery

The products above are top-rated and certified to fit in your Hyundai i10 perfectly. Therefore, you need to relax because the products above are designed to ensure your vehicle is supplied with optimum starting power, not to mention their reliability.

To ensure that the storm is the perfect choice for your vehicle, consult your manufacturer’s manual to avoid inconveniences.

Top 3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai i10 Reviews

Purchasing a dependable battery from the correct dealer ensures that the battery works perfectly once installed under the hood. Vehicle experts’ advice that it would help if you tested a new battery before you install it. Again, remember that acquiring the right battery at the right price is not enough, but also, the battery size matters to ensure your vehicle’s performance remains optimal.

This article’s products were selected based on different options, like customer reviews, durability, and battery performance. The vivid description given about each battery in this article will help you choose the perfect shower for your Hyundai i10.

1. Varta Silver Dynamic AGM Battery

In case you are looking for a replacement battery built with advanced technology and can power your vehicle instantly, the Varta silver dynamic battery is the battery you should opt for. This battery is designed to be outstanding and can power all accessories you have installed in your vehicle.

The battery is also designed to be tolerant of all physical conditions, thus its durability. If your vehicle is designed with a start-stop system, the Varta silver dynamic battery has you sorted out. Most start-stop systems need a battery that can be recharged quickly by the energy produced in the event of regenerative braking. When installing this battery, always ensure the procedure is done by a qualified mechanic.


  • The battery’s total capacity is 60 Ah
  • It has cold-cranking amps amounting to 680
  • The product dimensions are 242 x 175 x 190 mm
  • It is made of AGM design
  • Designed with patented power frame technology
  • It weighs 26.4 kg

Thanks to Varta manufacturers for designing a battery that exceeds specifications and can provide outstanding safety features. Also, the battery offers consistent power needed for immediate engine cranking.

Because of the manufacturer’s dedication to creating a great battery, this unit can cope with all your Hyundai i10 start-stop system needs. This is so because the battery has a fast charge acceptance rate through the charge produced when the regenerative brakes are in course.

The patented power frame grid used to construct this battery makes it a corrosion-free shower without forgetting to mention that the technology ensures the battery produces clean and reliable juice needed to cough your engine. Because of its versatility, you can use the battery in different vehicle models that support the start-stop system.

The battery’s performance is unsurpassed because of its incredible specs. The battery is designed to ensure you experience an extended service life when compared to flooded conventional batteries.

Because of the lead-calcium alloy used to design their positive and negative plates, the battery offers massive starting power at all times when needed. Upon purchasing the battery, you receive a full replacement warranty in case of any damage.


  • Perfect for vehicles designed with start-stop systems
  • Its shelf life is extended
  • The battery is resistant to corrosion
  • It offers incredible power needed to start your engine
  • Its performance is never affected even after exposure to harsh weather conditions


  • When you purchase the battery, it is not fully charged
  • It is relatively heavy
  • It would help if you found an AGM specific charger to recharge this battery
  • Its price is relatively high

2. BOSCH S5 AGM Starter Battery

When your vehicle’s battery starts failing, it will show differences like lagging of the car when starting and overall reduced performance, thus the reason why you need to purchase a replacement battery quickly. Bosch S5 starter battery is specifically designed to ensure your starting needs are satisfied fully.

The battery is tested by car experts and approved by the BCI because of its satisfactory features. The technology used in manufacturing this battery is incredible. Thus, once you install it under your hood, you experience nothing other than increased performance.


  • The battery has dimensions measuring 242 x 175 x 190 mm
  • It has a total capacity of 60 Ah
  • Its total voltage is 12 volts
  • It has a CCA of 680
  • It’s designed with AGM technology
  • The battery weighs 20 kg

Because of the AGM design employed, the battery is a hundred percent leakage-free, which means you are relieved of the maintenance burden once you purchase the Bosch S5 starter battery. The glass mats in the battery are constructed to tightly hold the lead plates to ensure the electrolyte is kept within the casing. Again, active mass loss is prevented by the use of high contact pressure.

The battery works perfectly with vehicles that are equipped with the start-stop design. Once you purchase this battery, you can readily fit it in your battery rack because it comes with full juice.

You don’t need to check the electrolyte level once you purchase this battery because of its maintenance-free nature. People love this battery because of its incredible starting power produced by fast reactions between the electrolyte and the electrodes. The battery has an extended shelf life when you compare it to its conventional counterparts in the market.

The battery perfectly works when installed in vehicles that are used for emergency purposes. When you install the unit, you have reduced expenses used in fuel and generally reduced pollution since it reduces the level of carbon dioxide emitted to the environment.


  • The battery is fully charged on the purchase
  • It reduces maintenance costs
  • The battery is resistant to corrosion
  • It is resistant to vibrations caused when driving on rough terrain
  • Equipped with flame arrestor
  • It is fully sealed to ensure no electrolyte escapes


  • The battery’s price is relatively high

3. Exide Starter Battery

This Exide battery best suits your vehicle because of its complex capacity to serve all your vehicle’s power needs. Once you install this battery under your hood, the vehicle’s performance will always remain at its peak and reduce the fueling cost while maintaining low emissions.

The battery perfectly works in all vehicle models and has a high tolerance to deep cycles. The battery has incredible energy recovery together with an excellent rating of charge acceptance. It goes without saying that once this battery is installed in a vehicle with a conventional powertrain, its lifespan remains longer.


  • The battery has dimensions measuring 230 x 173 x 222 mm
  • It has a voltage of 12 volts
  • The battery has a total capacity of 60 Ah
  • It has a CCA of 520
  • It is an EFB battery

The battery is designed to ensure that your vehicle is offered with all performance advantages that outdo those that you can receive from conventional flooded batteries. The battery is also constructed with safety in mind by including high-end safety features.

The battery boasts an excellent CCA of 520 that allows for stunning performance and increased engine compartment operation. Thus, the battery can be used in vehicles that are designed with start-stop systems and those without the system.

The Exide starter battery is designed to ensure a high acceptance of recharging and boasts a long service life. The battery can maintain the vehicle’s performance at the peak while reducing possible power interruption risks that may lead to reduced vehicle performance.

When compared to the traditional batteries, this battery from Exide manufacturers has a life cycle that is three times higher. The battery is also constructed with active materials with high density, so it has impressive starting power.


  • It has incredible starting power
  • The battery has fast charge acceptance
  • Fits vehicles with or without the start-stop system


  • In the case of acid spillage, it can irritate


In a nutshell, having the best battery installed in your car ensures you have an uninterrupted driving experience. This article has got you covered since the best replacement car batteries for Hyundai i10 have been discussed. Before purchasing any battery, ensure it satisfies all the manufacturers’ requirements.