3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai i30 in 2021

In case you own a Hyundai i30, the battery you will install in the vehicle will greatly determine the performance you will receive from your vehicle. A faulty battery is quite a bad unit for your vehicle. When you see characteristics of a faulty battery, ensure you find a replacement battery for your vehicle immediately.

The best replacement battery type you opt for should stand a chance of providing your vehicle with the power needed to start with no difficulties. This is the main reason why you are advised to be extra careful when you go shopping for a replacement battery. In case you are shopping for the first time, the task might be a little bit challenging.

Because there are a lot of battery models in the automotive market, you might be confused or misled by the different battery models and their specifications since they defer from model to model. To avoid choosing the wrong battery for your Hyundai i30, here are the top three picks.

  1. BOSCH S5A05 Car Battery
  2. Exide EL700 Start Stop Car Battery
  3. Varta D52 Car Battery

Before you purchase a battery, ensure it perfectly fits all your vehicle’s specifications. Even though your Hyundai i30 can use other batteries, it is advisable to use the approved battery model.

Using the right battery for your vehicle ensures the vehicle’s performance remains at peak in all cases. Ignoring this advice could land you in difficult situations that are more expensive.

Top 3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai i30 Reviews

Since selecting a good replacement battery for your Hyundai i30 can be a daunting experience, this article reviews the best three models in the current market. Therefore, fear not because we got you covered.

All products discussed in this article are qualified to be on the list because in-depth research was done mainly concentrating on important factors like battery price, customer reviews, durability and the battery’s performance.

Without much ado, below is a detailed discussion about each model. Sit back and enjoy reading this article to get your battery selection problems solved!

1. BOSCH S5 AO5 Car Battery

In case you are looking for a battery that will offer you massive starting power, this is the unit for you! It is designed with the AGM design to ensure your vehicle is supplied with efficient power needed to start or stop your vehicle through the support of regenerative brakes.

This battery is a nice choice for all vehicles fitted with the start-stop technology since it’s a great source of incredible power in the stop phase. Thanks to Bosch manufacturers for ensuring the battery starts even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

It is constructed by use of a patented power frame that ensures the battery is good at charge acceptance and makes it corrosion-free.


  • The battery is made of AGM design
  • It weighs 17.7 kg
  • The product dimensions measure 24.2 x 17.5 x 19 cm
  • It has a voltage of 12 Volts
  • The battery has a total capacity of 60 Ah
  • It has a CCA of 680
  • It has a five years warranty

The battery is designed to ensure your vehicle is provided with continuous power supply even in the event of stop and go, during short trips or even when your vehicle consumes a lot of power during the stationary phase. Because it is constructed by micro-fibreglass that is acid absorbent, the battery allows for massive power production.

The battery has an extended service life and amazing deep cycling abilities when compared to conventional starting batteries. The battery has a low self-discharge rate because of the AGM tech that uses micro-fibreglass mats.

The patented power frame equipped in the battery ensures the current flow produced by the battery is optimized and ensures the battery is good at charge acceptance. This frame also keeps the battery-free from corrosion, thus ensuring the ability to start your vehicle when you need it to be increased.

Because of the AGM design, the battery is completely sealed to ensure the electrolyte is wholly held within the casing. It is designed with a double lid that has a labyrinth design. This ensures that the condensed water is returned to the battery, therefore reducing water loss. The design also ensures that there are no acid leakages in case the battery is tilted.


  • The battery is a perfect choice for vehicles with start-stop systems
  • The battery is 100% maintenance-free
  • It has a low self-discharge rate
  • Works incredibly well even when exposed to harsh weather conditions
  • Great charge acceptance characterizes this battery
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • It is leakage free


  • The battery is relatively heavy
  • Its price is relatively high

2. Exide EL700 Start Stop Car Battery

This replacement battery is an easy to fit battery once you have purchased it. Since the battery perfectly fits with vehicles equipped with start-stop systems, the battery is designed to withstand the frequent cycles performed by these types of vehicles.

The battery is a great unit that helps reduce toxic emissions and not to forget that once this battery is installed under your hood, your vehicle’s fuel consumption is also reduced. Because of advancements in the automotive industry, the Exide battery has also been advanced to fit the advancements.

The battery’s cycle life and charge acceptance have been boosted. Because of the incredible technology used in constructing this battery, it makes it a perfect unit for your Hyundai i30.


  • The battery dimensions measure 27.8 x 17.5 x 19 cm
  • The battery weighs 17.6 kg
  • It has a capacity of 70 Ah
  • The battery has a CCA of 720
  • It has a voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a warranty of two years

This Exide battery is a battery for both cars and commercial vehicles because it can deliver massive starting power needed for your vehicle to start. Also, the battery is equipped with great specs to ensure quality power is produced while maintaining durability.

The battery is designed to be highly respective to charge and extended battery life. It is made of a strong casing that ensures all the internal components are kept intact, thus reducing damage from vibrations when you drive on rough terrain. It’s also designed with an incredible life cycle and is a perfect unit for vehicles with start-stop technology.

This battery is designed and optimized to fit the partial state of the charge operations. It also ensures the installed appliances in your Hyundai i30 are supplied with constant power for their efficient functionality. The battery is made to be hundred percent maintenance-free, and because of their carbon boost technology, it makes the battery a perfect fit for your vehicle.


  • It is resistant to shock caused when driving on uneven terrain
  • the battery is a maintenance-free product
  • It has an extended service life
  • It has an extended cycle life when compared to flooded batteries
  • It works perfectly in vehicles with start-stop systems
  • Perfect for small to medium cars


  • Its warranty is limited

3. Varta D52 Car Battery

This silver dynamic car battery is designed with AGM technology to ensure it has an extended service life and meets all the power demands of your vehicle. Apart from its sleek design, the battery is a hundred percent free from maintenance and also leakage free.

It comes with an extended warranty. It is advisable always to check the terminal orientation of this battery before you purchase one.


  • The battery weighs
  • It has a capacity of 60 Ah
  • The battery has a CCA of 680
  • It is made of the AGM design
  • It has dimensions measuring 24.2 x 17.5 x 19 cm
  • It has a voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a warranty of four years

Once you get this battery installed in your vehicle, you should worry less about the operation of the installed electrical appliances. The battery will surely power all the installed appliances while still ensuring the vehicle’s performance remains at peak.

The battery is three times more enduring when compared to conventional flooded batteries. This makes them a perfect fit for all vehicles that are equipped with the start-stop system where the battery should be charged quickly by energy produced after regenerative braking has taken place.

The most famous AGM Company manufactures the battery in Germany. It is also fitted with a patented frame grid that ensures the battery produces incredible starting power, is resistant to corrosion and recharges at a faster rate. Once this battery is installed in your vehicle, be sure of saving some coins in terms of fuel consumption.

The battery is designed to produce excellent starting power even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. The battery also ensures all the comfort and safety features work efficiently at all times.


  • The battery is corrosion resistant
  • It has massive starting power
  • It saves you the cost of maintenance
  • Perfect for vehicles with start-stop systems
  • Has a fast recharge rate
  • Has a long service life


  • The battery is so sensitive to overcharging

Final Verdict

Because of the information provided in this review, the best car battery for the Hyundai i30 is within reach. Feel free to choose from the top three models because they are tested and certified.

Always consider the battery’s CCA and RC before you purchase a replacement battery. The models discussed above will offer excellent juice needed by your vehicle. Thank you!