3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai i20 in 2021

Do you own a Hyundai i20, and it gives you hard times when starting? Are you experiencing reduced vehicle performance? Have no worries because those are clear indications that your battery is bad. Once your vehicle starts putting out these symptoms, you are therefore advised to look for a replacement battery as soon as possible to help get rid of the reduced vehicle performance.

In this article, three battery models have been reviewed for you, giving you a humble time when selecting a replacement battery for your sedan. Even though you can find many battery models in the market, in-depth research was done until only three models were picked for review.

Even though most batteries have almost similar characteristics, it would help if you knew that with time advancements are made to vehicles, the need to select the battery satisfies your vehicle’s power needs. Here are the top three picks.

  1. Rombat Start Stop Car Battery
  2. BOSCH S5 Starter Battery
  3. Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH

Most batteries have a service life ranging from three to four years. Therefore, in case you come across signs like difficulties while cranking your Hyundai i20 engine, you need to grab yourself a brand new replacement battery for increased positive performance.

Above is a list of the best choices in the current auto market that will ensure your vehicle is supplied with the massive power needed to start your vehicle.

Top 3 Best Car Batteries for Hyundai i20 Reviews

Because of technological advancements, your Hyundai i20 can fit several batteries; therefore, you need to be careful when selecting a replacement battery. Assuming that it is your first time shopping for a replacement battery, the situation becomes even more challenging. This article is here to help you ensure you make no mistakes when selecting a storm for your ride.

When choosing the batteries to be reviewed, many considerations were put in place to ensure the battery selected qualifies to fit in the list. The research was based on battery output, durability, and purchase price, among other specifications, to mention but a few. Therefore, be confident when selecting a replacement battery from the list above.

1. Rombat Start Stop Car Battery

Rombat car battery is designed to ensure your vehicle is supplied with the necessary power needed to crank your engine at all times. It is also a high performing unit that perfectly works when installed in vehicles equipped with the start-stop system that requires a battery with fast charge acceptance generated from regenerative brakes.

Using this battery in a start-stop system ensures you save a lot in fuel. Amazingly, this battery is designed with amazing AGM-VRLA tech to ensure it offers you full starting power. With all its incredible specifications, this battery is quite a perfect replacement battery for your Hyundai i20.


  • It is designed using a unique AGM-VRLA design
  • It weighs 20.8 kg
  • The battery has a total capacity of 70 Ah
  • The battery dimensions measure 27.8 x 17.5 x 19.0 cm
  • It has a CCA of 720
  • It has a warranty of four years

Because of its unique design, the battery is completely sealed to ensure no instances of leakages, thus ensuring safety to your vehicle and passengers. Because it is leakage-free, once you purchase this unit, there is no need to worry about maintenance practices.

When you compare the Rombat start-stop battery to conventional flooded batteries, the battery has a service life that is ten times longer. This is the main reason why the battery has extended battery life.

Similarly, the battery has a high acceptance of charging. It is designed to allow large surges of electrical power generated in the event of regenerative braking.

Rombat is designed to have low internal resistance because of its incredible design.
Because of this, the battery has the ability to deliver remarkable power for a long time, even in the event of deep cycling. The battery also provides reliable electrical power, and when compared to standard batteries, it is a bit light.

This battery is resistant to sulfating, thus the reason why you can store it for long without charging it. Therefore, it is characterized by a low discharge rate and can work incredibly even when exposed to shallow temperatures. It is also five times faster when compared to standard batteries and incredible deep cycling abilities.


  • It has robust starting power
  • It is maintenance-free
  • The battery is completely sealed to ensure there are no instances of leakage
  • It has low internal self-resistance
  • The battery has a low self-discharge rate
  • Has an extended shelf life
  • The battery’s warranty is reasonable


  • Rombat tends to be expensive
  • It is relatively heavy

2. BOSH S5 Starter Battery

Most battery products from BOSCH are designed to offer amazing cranking power to most vehicles. With its unique AGM design, the battery ensures all appliances installed in your sedan are supplied with continuous power for their efficiency.

It perfectly works in vehicles with start-stop systems where a battery recharges efficiently through the regenerative brakes’ energy. It doesn’t matter which temperatures you expose the battery to because it will readily crank your engine once you turn on the ignition key.


  • It is designed using the AGM design
  • The battery has dimensions measuring 27.8 x 17.5 x 19.0cm
  • It has a voltage of 12 Volts
  • The battery has a capacity of 70 Ah
  • It has a warranty of five years

In matters concerning deep cycling and service life, the battery has incomparable capabilities. Despite that, it is also designed to ensure the self-discharge rate is minimized by using micro-fiber glass mats.

Once you install this battery under your hood, be sure that your vehicle will always be supplied with the power you need to ensure you have a peaceful driving experience. It doesn’t matter where you use your sedan for daily purposes, or you are in a stop and go traffic. Power is readily supplied to your vehicle when you need it.

As stated before, the battery is constructed with incredible technology to ensure optimal performance. Therefore, the battery has the ability to produce an optimized current flow through the help of the patented power frame. It has double leads with a labyrinth design that prevents loss of water from the battery during reactions.

Similarly, the lid plays a significant role in ensuring the electrolyte doesn’t leak in vibrations or during the installation and removal processes.


  • The battery has leads that ensure it is leakage free
  • The patented power frame renders the battery terminals corrosion-free
  • The battery has a fast recharge rate
  • You can store the battery for a long time without recharging because they have a reduced recharge rate
  • It is a perfect fit for vehicles with start-stop systems
  • Because of its design, the battery reduces the burden of maintenance


  • This battery has a relatively high purchase price
  • It is relatively bulky

3. Exide Mileage ML75D23L

The battery is designed to ensure you experience no challenges when installing it after purchase. It is also an excellent unit for vehicles equipped with a start-stop system since it can tolerate repeated instances of cycling from the start-stop system.

Once you install this storm under your hood, be assured that toxic emissions are reduced, reducing the cost spent on fuel because of its fuel conservation nature. The battery is not just designed to fit any vehicle; it is intended to ensure it fits vehicles with recent adjustments because of advanced technology.

To ensure that you have a wonderful experience once you install this battery, the battery’s deep cycling abilities and recharge rates have been boosted.


  • The battery has a voltage of 12 Volts
  • It has a total capacity of 68 Ah
  • It weighs 17 kg
  • It has a warranty of fifty-five months

Exide starting battery is designed to ensure that it readily accepts the charge and has a long service life. The battery’s casing is robust to prevent vibrations from damaging the internal components. This also contributes greatly to ensuring the battery has extended shelf life. The technology used to design this battery is a perfect shower for vehicles with start-stop systems.

It is a perfect unit for commercial vehicles that need excellent cranking power for optimal operation. Despite being a great product from Exide manufacturers, the battery is constructed to ensure that the power supplied to your vehicle is of good quality.

Once you install this battery, all electrical appliances on board are supplied with power that ensures their continued operation. It is also a maintenance free battery, thus saving you the maintenance costs. Since it is completely sealed to avoid leakages, the battery is safer than you think.


  • It has a longer service life
  • It is a good battery for commercial vehicles.
  • It is 100% leak proof
  • Resistant to vibrations


  • Its price is relatively high

Bottom Line

To sum up, always ensure the battery you buy satisfies your vehicle’s power needs for optimal performance. Also, consider several specifications when shopping for a replacement car battery for Hyundai i20. This article has reviewed three models, making it a simple task to choose one that will serve you better.