Can You Charge A Motorcycle Battery With A Car Battery?

Jump starting a car requires another car to do it. A working vehicle, another car with a dead battery are typical to see in a jumpstarting session. However, can we use a motorcycle and a vehicle to jump start it? That is the big question that runs in the mind of most motorist and car owners. Will that be possible?

Can you charge a motorcycle with a car battery? Yes, you can, but it is not advisable to use a car battery for charging a motorcycle. However, if you will be doing it with caution and proper procedure, you can do it.

For extreme situation and emergency purposes, you can do this thing. Follow the steps I am going to provide here before you proceed with the charging process. Again, I repeat that this is not a healthy thing to do and is not advisable.

Steps on How to Charge a Motorcycle with a Car Battery

Step 1: Position of the two vehicles as close as possible. The motorcycle should be near the car’s hood without touching it. The jumper cables should be long enough to reach the two vehicles.
Step 2: Both engines of the motorcycle and the car should be turned off.
Step 3: Locate the positive and the negative terminals of the car and motorcycle batteries. If there is visible corrosion, try to clean it first to see the markings.
Step 4: Look for the positive and the negative side of the jumper cables. The red ones are usually positive, and the black ones are in the negative clips.
Step 5: Connect the jumper cables to the battery terminal posts. The positive end goes to the positive terminal, and the negative end goes to the negative terminal.
Step 6: The positive clip should be clamped to the car battery. Be sure that both clips are well-attached to the battery terminals and should not fall off. Be careful not to allow any metal to touch on the positive end of the jumper cable of the motorcycle.
Step 7: Do not turn on the car yet. Allow the car battery to transfer the energy and power slowly to the array of the motorcycle. After a few minutes, start the bike while the jumper cables are still connected. If this one failed, wait for another round of twenty minutes and then try again.
Disconnect the cables in the reverse position if the motorcycle has started running. Remove the negative clip first, followed by the positive clip .

Some Points to Remember

Remember not to turn your car on while you are charging the motorcycle. A car battery is much bigger and stronger than a motorcycle battery. Doing so may permanently damage your motorcycle battery.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Motorcycle Battery?

A motorcycle battery using a trickle charger may take around 11 to 12 hours of charging. It also depends on the type of cell and the quality of the charger you are using.

However, when you have a dead battery or a damaged battery, it will no longer hold its charge no matter how long you do it. If this is the case, you can replace your battery with a new one or recondition it.

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How Does a 12v Automotive Battery Differs with a 12v Bike Battery?

A 12v automotive battery and a 12v motorcycle battery may sound the same. However, an automotive battery is more powerful than a bike’s battery in terms of amps and CCA ratings.

A motorcycle battery can run at 7.5 amp. while an automotive battery can have 350 amp and higher. The surge of power will be enormous if we use an automotive battery to charge a motorcycle cell.

That is why it is never advised to turn on the car engine if you are using it to charge a motorcycle array.

 Can You Use a Car for Jumpstarting a Motorcycle?

Yes, I have already mentioned that in the first part of our article. You can use the car for jumpstarting a motorcycle in case of emergency only. You cannot do this regularly or on purpose. A car battery is generally more significant and more powerful; it will damage the motorcycle batteries if you do.

Can You Use a Car Battery to Replace a Motorcycle Battery?

No, we do not use a car battery for a motorcycle battery. First, a car battery is too large to fit a motorcycle. Most motorcycle batteries are installed right under the seat. However, a smaller car battery could fit in as long as you make sure that it is a 12 V battery.

As this can work, it is not recommended by experts and other car enthusiasts. Do the right thing by purchasing a battery meant for a motorcycle. It could save you from some trouble and added burden.

What is the Voltage of a Typical Motorcycle?

The typical voltage of a 12 Volt motorcycle battery ranges from 9,5 to 10.5 Volts. However, when the battery starts holding and drops in energy, then it has a problem. If the voltage drops instantly to 0 Volts, then it is another problem.

We refer to this as an open-cell. It can be a result of manufacturing defects, but the build-up of sulfate crystal can also cause it.

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Ways to Jump Start a Motorcycle

There are many different ways to jumpstart your motorcycle. Some methods are considered safe and proven effective, while others have to be done with caution.

1. Jumpstarting by using another motorcycle.
2. Jumpstarting by using a car battery.
3. Jumpstarting by using a portable jump starter.
4. Jumpstarting by push starting.

These simple solutions to make your motorcycle work and engine running again will help you get through the road once more. Whatever method you choose for starting your engine again depends on what the situation calls for.

The million-dollar question that runs through the mind of many people and asking can I charge a motorcycle battery with a car battery has been answered several times in this article. I do hope that you get the meaning and understand the precautions if ever you will be compelled to do this thing in the future.

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