How To Jump Start A Motorcycle: Find Many Ways To Do It!

Learn how you can jumpstart your dead bike battery through my tips.

Motorcycles aren’t any different from a car or any other vehicles. It also uses batteries that we used in cars. Since they used almost the same cells, only smaller, then most of the car battery problems are also encountered by motorcycle batteries. One of the most common issues is a dead battery. Will it be possible to jumpstart a motorcycle battery too? Let us find out.

How to jumpstart a motorcycle? There are several ways to jumpstart a motorcycle. One of the quickest ways to get out of the highway where you are stalled is to jumpstart it. No need for chargers or anything that will keep you waiting long.

Read on, and find out the best ways to jumpstart your motorcycle:

Method 1: Jumpstarting using another motorcycle.
Method 2: Jumpstarting using a car.
Method 3: Jumpstarting using a portable jump starter.
Method 4: Jumpstart by push starting the motorcycle.

More Details On The Ways To Jump-Start A Motorcycle Battery

Method 1: Using Another Motorcycle. If you have experienced jumpstarting a car, it probably has the same procedures for motorcycles. However, in this process, you will have a little difficulty reaching for the battery terminals. It, therefore, requires you to have a jumper cable ready.

1. You have to make sure that both motorcycles are off and in a neutral position.
2. Then, you have to look for the battery terminals.
3. You have to connect the jumper cables. Attach the positive clip to the positive terminal of the battery. It usually comes in the red plastic cover. The negative end to the good battery’s negative postl. Attach the other negative end to the exposed metal surface of the dead bike. It will prevent further damage to your battery.
4. Start the motorcycle with a good battery. Allow the engine to work for a few minutes to ensure that the battery is active.
5. Start the bike with the dead battery. It will take a few, but it will eventually start too. You have to check the connections as this may affect the process. Once both motorcycles are running, keep it on until it was able to store the charge.
6. Detach the jumper cables. You may now remove the clips using the reverse order. So you need to start with the negative clip of your motorcycle.

Use the motorcycle for around 15-30 minutes so you will be able to recharge your battery well. If you feel that your battery is getting weak, get a replacement right away.

Method 2: Using A Car. Car to motorcycle jumpstarting method seems to be possible, but I regret to tell you that this isn’t the ideal way to jumpstart your vehicle or bikes. But, if there’s no other way but using a car because it is the only means possible, it can probably get you home or quickly travel to your mechanic.

You should only resort to this method if there are no other means possible. The reason why we discourage you from doing this is the risk of creating significant damage to your battery or the motorcycle’s electrical system.

Car batteries are more significant and higher in terms of amperage and voltage compared to a motorcycle battery. Giving out a very high power too soon may overload the cell and eventually burn the starter. Manufacturers are giving out a warning against using car batteries for jumpstarting a motorcycle.

Follow this method carefully in case you will jumpstart your motorcycle with a car battery:

1. You have to ensure that your bike and the car are both off.
2. Try to connect the jumper cables as you usually do.
3. Start your bike. Only the motorcycle should start. The car should be kept off. Your bike should start cranking this time. You will probably notice that it has a more powerful crank this time than before.
4. Detach the jumper cables. You can try running around with your bike to charge it fully.

Q&A – Which Vehicle Is Faster To Jump Start: Car Or Motorcycle?

Based on the presented facts and opinions around the motorcycle and vehicle forums, it is easier to jumpstart a motorcycle. Besides being lightweight and smaller than a car, a bike can be jump started even without using a battery. It is not yet possible for a vehicle to jumpstart without the use of another car’s battery.

Method 3: Using A Portable Jumpstarter. Having a portable jump starter is an essential tool to go with you on your bike. This tool is equally important, especially if you are going on a solo ride, long distance journey, or going on to some remote areas.

Using this portable jump starter is one of the quickest and simplest ways to always be on the road without the risk of hurting yourself for trying to push your bike.

You need to follow the instructions that go with your jumpstarter, but here are some of the necessary steps to follow:

1. Make sure that both your motorcycle and jump starter are off.
2. Attached the cables.
3. Turn on the jump starter on. Ensure that the jump starter is set correctly to the right battery voltage. For a 12V battery, your jumpstarter should be set to 12V too.
4. Start your motorcycle. Try cranking it for not more than 3 seconds. Some portable jump starters are crafted to give short impulses of maximum power. Therefore, you should never attempt to jumpstart it longer, or you will burn the battery pack.
When the bike starts, remove the clip of the negative terminal then followed by the positive one. If the bike failed to start, try to wait for a few minutes before trying it again. If the bike still was unable to start, your battery could be completely dead.
5. Detach the jumper cables. Remove the clips in the reverse order with the negative clip first. Try to go around with your bike as this will help in recharging your battery. However, if you already have plans of replacing your battery, you can skip this step.
6. Try to recharge the jump starter.

Cranking the vehicle used a lot of power from the battery pack. To make you ready in any future emergencies, always charge your battery pack after using it.

Method 4: Pushing Starting The Motorcycles. This method is a more natural way to activate your motorcycle batteries. Push starting method is also used to jumpstart a car and another vehicle. This particular method has been proven effective in making your motorcycle engine running.

There is no need for a special cable or tools to keep it running. The only thing you need is your physical strength to be able to push your motorcycle. Or you can try to look for a hill where you can drop and roll the motorcycle down.

1. Look for a straight and clear highway or road.
2. Place your motorcycle on a 2nd gear. The second gear is the most adaptable gear to use for push starting a bike. You may also use the neutral position as this is another easy step. The reason for this is because the lower gear makes it easier to maneuver the bike.
3. You need to pull the clutch inside and begin to push starting your motorcycle. It needs to go for at least five mph or 8 to 10 mph for the bike to make a turnover. You can wiggle or try to walk your motorcycle forward. You may also push while you run along with your bike, you have to remember to jump to your bike once it gets the speed. You may also ask somebody to push you, or you can.
4. The clutch must be released slowly and try to give it a gas acceleration. If you begin in the neutral, then you must slowly shift to second gear as soon as you get the desired speed. Gently popped the clutch as you roll on the throttle for about 1/2 -motion.

This method is one of the most straightforward procedures for a smaller motorcycle. But for bigger bikes with massive displacement, the motor engine might slip.

Jumpstarting your motorcycle is not a way to repair your batteries. Having a dead battery could only be a symptom of a bigger problem. Try to diagnose what the real question is or if you fail. There is a big chance that you will experience the same thing again.

Q&A – Is It Ok To Push Start A Motorcycle With A Bad Starter?

The straight answer is NO. You cannot push start a motorcycle with a bad starter. The starter is the one that sets your engine in action. If you have a bad starter, but you can still use your accessories like headlights, then you have to tap your starter before attempting to push start your motorcycle.

You can tap your starter with a hammer or any tool to give it a slight activation. Then you can try to push start your motorcycle and see if it works well.

2 Tools You Will Better Have When It Comes To Jumpstarting

You will need these tools in jumpstarting your motorcycle. These tools are considered the essential elements or devices to be able to perform the jumpstart process to your bike.

1. Jump Starter

A jump starter is a must in jumpstarting a vehicle or a motorcycle. When you jump start a car, you will need to carry this along to revive a dead battery.

My No.1 Choice Of A Portable Jump Starter For Your Motorcycle

Based on my experience and the reviews of people on internet sites like, one of the best portable jump starters for motorcycle is the NOCO Genius brand. It gained a lot of positive reviews and one of the best selling compact jump starter in the online portal nowadays.

NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 Jump Starter

The NOCO GB70 is one of the most portable and lightweight lithium-ion jumpstarter designed for motorcycle’s 12V batteries. You can easily activate a dead battery with its powerful jump starting characteristics.

It only takes a second for jumpstarting motorcycle batteries. It has a spark-proof technology and reverses polarity for the protection of the users.

It has a one year warranty. This model features an auxiliary port with 12V used for empowering tire pumps, lights, inverters and many more. The internal battery of this jump starter can also be used for recharging other devices like mobile phones, tablets, and any gadgets with a USB port.


● It can start dead batteries.
● It can connect to any lead-acid batteries safely.
● It has an integrated LED flashlight.
● It can recharge USB gadgets and devices like mobile phones and tablets.
● It can easily activate a dead battery in seconds.


● It failed easily.
● It is relatively dangerous to use.

Product Specification:

Brand: NOCO
Model: GB 70
Item Weight: 5lbs.
Product Dimension: 6 x 2.5 x 8.6 inches
Voltage: 5Volts

2. Jump Starter Cables

The jump starter cables are part of the jump starter kit. These cables are the wires that you connect to the terminals of the vehicles to be jumped started.

You need to handle the wires to avoid electrocution carefully. It is also advisable that you keep both wires or cables on a safe distance to one another and avoid getting close to each other.

Portable Power Pack Is Also Another Option To Jump Start A Motorcycle: Here Is Why

Getting yourself a Portable Power Pack gives you a lot of advantage, especially if you are a frequent traveler using your motorcycle. Anything can happen when you are on the road.

No one can tell if something came up while you are on your journey. It will significantly help to have something compact and portable to help you through even when you are on a single trip.

Here are some of the reasons why you should always have handy!

● You always have a portable jump starter kit with you that you can use in your car or motorcycle.
● You can use it to charge your phones, tablets, and other gadgets.
● It has a bright LED flashlight that you can use at night.
● It is compact and lightweight.

All these things are the practical reason why you should always have a portable power pack with you in your motorcycle.

Smart Charger Can Also Help You Jumping Start A Motorcycle

Yes, a smart charger can be used as a jumpstarter for a motorcycle battery. As long as the battery has some juice in it, you can still power it up with a smart charger.

The good thing about using a smart charger is that it uses a microprocessor that controls the voltage and current of the incoming electricity. It will prevent the battery from overcharging.

Is It Ok To Jumpstart A Motorcycle With A Dead Battery?

Just like what I always say in my articles, you can always jumpstart a dead battery provided that it still has some juice in it. But once the liquid is already dried out, you cannot do anything but to get a replacement for your battery.

Jumpstarting a motorcycle with a dead battery is one of the quickest way possible to get you out from where you are. The moment that your bike starts up, you should be able to charge it fully well or go to the nearest mechanic for a replacement to your battery.

Can You Jump Start An Any Type Of Motorcycle Battery like a Lithium Battery?

Yes, any motorcycle battery can be jumpstarted, just like a lithium battery. However, you need to cautious about the type of cell that you will be using in jumpstarting it. Bigger batteries like a car battery can overcharge your motorcycle batteries.

You Can Call Jump Start Service

Services like is an online portal where you can get a 24/7 jumpstart service for your car and motorcycle batteries. Transport companies like UBER are now offering this kind of services too. You can browse through their websites or call their phones for their round the clock jumpstart services.

Being equipped with the right skills and knowledge on how to jumpstart a motorcycle will save you a lot of money, time, and effort. It always helps to have a good knowledge and skills on how to help yourself, especially when you are traveling alone. You cannot always depend on other people to help you out.