What Are The Best Car Batteries For Nissan Juke?

Nissan Juke is seen to be more on the sporty side. It is bold and fierce and goes beyond the ordinary thing. This Nissan car model has an aggressive design.

However, it will be less adventurous and thrilling when it doesn’t get the power it needs from its battery. You have to choose a battery or upgrade to a battery that can show that sporty side of your Nissan Juke.

What are the best car batteries for Nissan Juke? For a sporty and adventure-driven car like Nissan Juke, it needs a cell that has the same level of power and endurance to move without issues and to maximize the power and torque of the engine.

I have three battery names that will fit precisely for Nissan Juke: Duralast Platinum Battery 35, Optima Battery D35 Group and Odyssey Battery 35. These names are known in the battery industries to be delivering the power where it’s needed. Let us see how each battery differs from one another.

Nissan Juke requires a massive power to maintain its sporty and adventurous image. A sluggish battery will diminish the model for this sturdy SUV. It is built to overcome terrains and rocks during your camp out. You need a battery as secure as your Nissan Juke, or you will spoil the adventure.

List of the Top 3 Batteries for Nissan Juke

1. Duralast Platinum Battery 35-AGM Group Size 35 680 CCA

Duralast Platinum Battery uses the AGM or the Absorbed Glass Mat technology. It is styled and created to provide you with the maximum combination of power, flexibility, and durability. It can deliver the maximum Cold Cranking Amp and Reserve Capacity. It gives safe and reliable energy to cars and vehicles having multiple loads of electrical accessories.

It dramatically fits vehicles like Nissan Juke because it has advanced technology for cars having high electrical loading. It can fight against vibration with its enhanced vibration resistance and durability. It is leak and spill-proof, and you can be sure that it is 100% maintenance-free.


● It is maintenance-free
● It can go against vibration with its vibration resistance technology
● It has advanced technology for cars with high demand for power
● It can provide you with the cranking power you need to start up the engine
● It has a deep cycle capability
● It can cycle more and recharges fast
● It has a longer life cycle than other batteries


● No known issues yet

Product Specification:

Brand: Duralast Battery
Model: Platinum
Weight: 39 lbs
Voltage: 12V

2. Optima Battery D35 Group Size 35 620 CCA

The YellowTop Optima Battery is a deep cycle battery with a high cranking power to start-up in extreme weather conditions. It also has a spill-proof design which adapted the AGM or the Absorbed Glass Mat technology of most modern battery.

This battery is highly resistant to vibration. You can mount it in any desired position, and it can recharge faster than other ordinary battery. Optima batteries have a longer lifespan compared to other cells.


● It has twice longer lifespan than other battery brands
● It is suitable for high-powered car audio
● It can be mounted in any position
● It is built to withstand extreme weather condition
● It is tried and tested to work against vibration


● It has warranty issues

Product Specification:

Brand: Optima Battery
Model: D35
Weight: 36.51 lbs
Voltage: 12V
Cold Cranking Amp: 620
Cranking Amp: 770
Reserve Capacity: 100

3. Odyssey Battery 35-PC1400T Group Size 35 850 CCA

The Odyssey Battery has a reliable starting power. The profound cycling ability of this battery is simply amazing. You can always depend on this battery, whether it is for everyday use or emergency purposes. It is suitable for vehicles that are loaded with a lot of electrical accessories and gadgets.

Odyssey is the name you can trust for battery brands. It continues to upgrade with the latest technology. The plates used in Odyssey batteries are made from pure lead and not alloy. With that, you can always put in more plates.

The more plates you have, the more power it has. It can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Your battery can go longer than the life of other cells in the market.


● It has a Cold Cranking Amp of 850
● It has 3 to 4 years of full replacement warranty
● It has a longer lifespan
● It has a flexible mounting position
● It is a spill and leak-proof
● It can withstand all weather conditions
● It is resistant to shock and vibration


● Battery failure after a few months

Product Specification:

Brand: Odyssey Battery
Model: 35 PC-1400T
Weight: 50 lbs
Product Dimension: 13.5 x 11 x 9.8 inches
Voltage: 12 V
Amperage: 55

Dead Battery Problems for Nissan Juke

Just like any other car, Nissan Juke also experiences dead battery problems. It is but reasonable to experience this, especially if your battery is already up for a replacement. However, if you have a new battery and you are experiencing a dead battery syndrome, then it is time to have the battery checked with the experts.

If you happen to experience battery problems with your Nissan Juke, try to inspect all electrical system. You might have left a door light overnight, and this could cause the parasitic drain in your battery.

Some electrical short circuit must be happening without ever noticing. This problem will cause the battery to drain and die eventually. If the problem persists, better have a trusted mechanic check your car and battery.

The Start/Stop Light Starts Flashing on the Dashboard, What Should I Do About it?

The same issues have been reported under Nissan Juke. This auto Start/Stop is a European feature for Juke. Other Jukes don’t have these features, so only a few people can relate to this problem.

One of the reason could be an alternator problem. It is not charging correctly. Another issue would be something that is draining your battery when you parked it. Stuck relays may cause battery drain issues as well. Better allow a mechanic to check through your battery to be sure.

Nissan Juke a sporty car that you can use for all your travel adventures. It needs to have a car battery that can last longer and work as powerful as the torque of your vehicle. The best car batteries for Nissan Juke are mentioned here. I am sure that you will never be sorry about your choice.