Optima YELLOWTOP Battery Review For 2019

Guide you thorough the every topics you will have to know about YellowTop batteries.

Optima Batteries are regarded as one of the best battery that caters to all kinds of vehicles. It is known for its power and endurance. Optima YellowTop Battery is one of the bestselling battery from Optima. Find out the key features and the good reviews of YellowTop Optima and check if this is good enough for you.

What Are Optima YELLOWTOP Batteries?

The YellowTop Battery from Optima is a high-performance AGM battery. It is one of the rarest forms of actual dual-purpose assault for automobiles. It has a premium and excellent power for starting with an impressive cycling capability.

This heavy-duty battery matches the modern accessory-loaded automobiles. It has a low internal resistance that provides more consistent power and faster recharge rates.

Therefore, if your vehicles are loaded with a lot of electronic works and accessories that need to be powered up by a battery, YellowTop is the best solution to make all those electronic gadgets work well in your car. A powerful vehicle needs to be powered by an equally powerful battery, and YellowTop is the best choice for you.

List Of YellowTop Battery And Dimensions

I have come up with a list of YellowTop batteries model and dimensions. You can find here the specific Optima YellowTop battery model that will suit your needs. These are listed according to the positive reviews of people who have used the product.


This YellowTop D27F model has all the standards of an Optima battery which uses the SpiralCell Technology AGM battery. It is a dual-purpose battery which has thrice the cycling ability of an ultimate starting power for your vehicle like cars or trucks which standout over the traditional or conventional batteries.

It is suitable for empowering vehicles with heavy electric loads which include winches, inverters, audio operations, and other cars that use demanding accessories and electronic usage.

Its lower resistance provides an efficient output for power and faster recharging. With its deep cycle and cranking jobs as its ultimate qualifications, YellowTop D27F can be used under extreme weather condition.


● It works up to 3x longer lifespan.
● It is a deep cycle and starting power.
● It has 15x more resistant to vibration.
● It is virtually spillproof.
● It is mountable in any position
● It is maintenance free.
● It is fast charging.
● It has an optimal starting power.
● It has 300+ cycles.


● It has poor packaging when shipped.
● The warranty isn’t warranted at all.
● Poor customer service.

Product Specifications:

Model: D27F
Weight: 53.2lbs.
C20 Capacity: 66AH
Post Type: SAE Post
CCA: 830 Amp
Width: 6.76inches
Length: 12.16 inches
Height: 8.61 inches


This YellowTop D31A like most YellowTop Optima battery models provides deep cycling abilities and offers extraordinary performance which your vehicles ask for. This battery is considered to be the most massive YellowTop battery you can find with a standard battery post.

Vehicles which are loaded with plenty of accessories like lights, high-tech stereo and AV system, winches and hydraulics, these Optima Yellowtop D31A model is the one for you.

The SpiralCell design of this battery will give you a secure and spotless power source that ensures the safety for you and your family and even the environment.

This battery type is best for seasonal use because it has a shallow discharge rate, which only means that you can store your vehicles for a long time without charging it regularly. However, despite the long hibernation period, your car will still start with a powerful engine when you need it.

This model is specially designed for a highly accessorized vehicle that needs a lot of power and energy to supply. Accessories in vehicles draw so much power from its battery; that is why we needed a powerful battery to be able to provide the necessary strength.


● It has a reserve capacity if 155 minutes of consistent performance.
● It has an Optimal starting power which works in extreme weather condition.
● It works 15 x more vibration resistance.
● It has a C20 capacity on a 75Amp/hour.
● It is spillproof.
● It is mountable in any position.


● Poor Packaging issues.
● After-sales service is not very good.

Product Specifications:

Model: D31A
Weight: 59.8 lbs.
C20 Capacity: 75Ah
Post Type: SAE Post
CCA: 900Amp
Width: 6.56 inches
Length: 12.81 inches
Height: 9.38 inches


All these YellowTop models from Optima bears the same quality and features. They only differ in the type of post, and the clamps use. However, all the other specifications are similar to one another. They also vary in size and weight. You may check out the product specifications, later on, to compare it with the rest of the YellowTop models.

Like what I have mentioned, Yellowtop Optima models, particularly for heavy loaded vehicles. They work for power and provide power where you need them.

So if you are specifically looking for something to power-up your high-tech stereo, your DVD player, your high-beam lights, power doors, windows, and mirrors, you need a tremendous amount of power to supply you with all of that.

Everything that needs the power to supply your gadgets and electronics, you are drawing power from your battery. If your battery isn’t sufficient enough to provide you with the load you needed, you are most likely to have a power failure.

Heavy duty batteries like the YellowTop battery D31T will supply you with the power you want. With its post type of 3/8 stainless steel stud, it will fit heavy equipment vehicles.

Every YellowTop batteries offer almost the same power and qualifications. You have to find the right terminal posts or clamps that will fit your vehicles.


● It is a 12-Volt battery.
● It comes with a 900 Cold Cranking Amps.
● It has a reserve capacity of 155 minutes.
● It has optimum power strength that performs well even in cold weather.
● It is highly durable and resistant to vibration.


● It is not for sale in Catalina islands.
● It has a misleading warranty.
● It has poor customer service.

Product Specifications:

Model: D31T
Weight: 59.8 lbs.
C20 Capacity: 75 Ah
Post Type: 3/8 Stainless Steel Stud
CCA: 900 Amp
Width: 6.56 inches
Length: 12.81 inches
Height: 9.38 inches


YellowTop D34 is another Optima battery model that gives an exceptional performance and a deep cycling operation that your vehicle needs. It differs from the other YellowTop models on the type of post used. This battery model uses an SAE post.

SAE post refers to the traditional or conventional car battery terminals. If you have an older model of cars, they are most likely using the SAE terminal post. You can use this battery for your vehicle.

YellowTop D34 battery model is also equipped with a SpiralCell design that gives off a reliable and robust power source. Again, each Optima battery is manufactured with the safety of its users in mind.

It is also safe for the natural environment. Like another YellowTop battery model, you may even store this model during the cold season and still work as usual when you need it.


● YellowTop Optima D34 is a 12-Volt battery.
● It has 750 Cold Cranking Amps.
● It comes with a reserve capacity of 120 minutes of continuous performance.
● It can work even during extreme weather condition.
● It has C20 Capacity and 55 Ampere hour.
● It has more resistance to vibration than other battery.


● Not for sale in Catalina islands.
● Some models are susceptible to parasitic drain.
● Warranty issues.

Product Specifications:

Model: D34
C20 Capacity: 55Ah
Item Weight: 42.9lbs.
Product Dimensions: 10 x 6.9 x 7.8 inches
Post Type: SAE Post
Length: 10.06 inches
Width: 6.88 inches
Height: 7.88 inches


This Optima YellowTop D34/78 is a dual post type. It is both SAE and GM post type. GM battery terminals are side mounted. So, if your vehicles have that side mount for batteries, this battery is suitable for your car.

Other than that difference, this model has all the same qualifications with other YellowTop battery like the SpiralCell design which gives you a reliable source of power that ensures your safety and that of your family.

Like other YellowTop battery, you can also use this D34/78 model for seasonal use due to its low discharge rate. You may store your vehicle for a long time without compromising its performance after. The starting and cranking power of your engine will still be the same.


● D34/78 YellowTop is a 12 Volt battery.
● It is a Dual SAE and GM post.
● It comes with a reserve capacity of 120 minutes.
● It has a durable cranking power even during extreme weather.


● This product is not available on Catalina Island.
● Warranty issues.
● Isolated issues on shorter lifespan.


The D51 model of Optima YellowTop uses an SAE battery post. SAE battery post is the conventional or traditional model for battery terminals. This battery fits the older version of vehicles which mostly have these type of battery terminals.

It also varies in size and weight compared to other YellowTop models. Vehicles bear different size and shapes for their battery compartment. Optima have this in mind, and they have specifically catered to your own unique needs.

Look through the specification of these battery model to know if the size and shape will fit your vehicle. All the other features of the Optima battery are also found in this model.
It works well with a heavy loaded vehicle that uses more power than ordinary cars and vehicles.


● YellowTop51 comes in standard packaging.
● It is another 12 -Volt battery.
● It weighs 26 lbs.
● Its reserve capacity is at 66 minutes.
● It has maximum cranking power even in extreme weather.
● It is durable and resistant to vibration.
● It uses an SAE post.


● Not available on Catalina Island.
● Poor warranty issues.
● Short life span. (isolated issues).

Product Specification:

Model: D51
Weight: 26lbs.
C20 Capacity: 38Ah
Post Type: SAE Post
CCA: 450Amp
Width: 5.06 inches
Length: 9.31 inches.
Height: 8.94 inches


It is another SAE Post type for YellowTop D51R. The only difference between this battery from other YellowTop models is perhaps their varying size and dimensions. Other things are similar in power and endurance with the other YellowTop battery models.

YellowTop batteries always take pride in their powerful current and charge. They can supply enormous power to your vehicle if it is loaded with plenty of accessories. The amount of energy released by YellowTop batteries is all the same.

Just check this model of specification to find out how it differs with other YellowTop battery models.


● It is a deep cycle battery with a reliable starting power.
● It has a longer lifespan than the other thrice.
● It is spillproof.
● It is mountable in any position.
● It is maintenance free.
● It has a fast charging rate.


● Warranty issues.
● Factory defects which make the battery last for only three months. (isolated case).
● Not for sale on Catalina Island.

Product Specification:

Model: D51R
Weight: 26lbs.
C20 Capacity: 38Ah
Post Type: SAE Post
CCA: 450 Amp
Width: 5.06 inches
Length: 9.31 inches
Height: 8.94 inches

Optima YellowTop Batteries Lifespan

YellowTop Optima batteries are built to last. Though I cannot precisely say how long it will last, I am sure that it will last twice as long as the conventional type of batteries.

Many factors determine how a battery will last. How you use it and how you maintain it will all be considered in the lifespan of your cells. Typically, if you make good use and maintenance of your Optima batteries, it can last up to 6 years or more.

What Are The Amp Hours Of Optima YellowTop Battery?

The Amp hours refers to the ampere-hour which is the unit of electric charging. The electrical current is then multiplied by time and equals the charge transmitted by a constant current of 1 ampere that flows in one hour.

Normally, an Optima YellowTop battery recommends a maximum of 10 amps, for regular charging with 13.8 to 15 Volts. Float charging only supports one amp with a 13.2 to 13.8 volts.

Are Optima Yellow Batteries Worth It?

Yes, Optima YellowTop batteries are worth it if you know to care and maintain a battery. A person without any knowledge and skills in the battery will never really appreciate the longer lifespan of a cell.

With all the advanced features and technology in Optima YellowTop batteries, I can truly say that it is indeed worth it. SpiralCell technology is something that only Optima has.


Optima batteries offer warranties for their batteries. For YellowTop D31A models they offer a 24 months free replacement.

Other models like D31T, D34, D34/78, D51, and D51R offers a 12-month replacement warranty.

Buying A YellowTop Battery At Walmart Is A Good Idea Or Any Recommended Places?

Yes, Walmart does offer Optima batteries for their in-store and online shopping portals. However, if you wanted an extra service like installation and testing, Walmart cannot give you that. They only sell batteries, but they are not battery shops which will assist you with your battery needs.

There Are Other Recommended Places Where You Can Buy Your Optima Batteries

These are shops who can do replacement and battery testing and charging!

● Autozone
● Canadian tire
● NAPA auto parts
● Advance Auto parts

These are trusted dealers of Optima Batteries, and you can find your model of YellowTop Batteries on these places.

What if You live In Canada? Can You Still Purchase Optima YellowTop Battery?

Yes, Optima Batteries are now available in Canada. Canadian Tire is one of the dealers of Optima battery. These dealers can also ship the product anywhere in Canada. No worries if you live in Canada, there is always an Optima Battery Shop to serve you.

Best Battery Charger For Optima YellowTop Battery

Any charger can work for an Optima YellowTop battery. However, if you want your cells to work well and efficient, use the recommended Optima Special Charger made explicitly for Optima batteries.

The Special charger knows precisely the right amount of energy and voltage needed by each cell. No worries about overcharging because the charger can do it automatically for you.

Most chargers now are high-quality and have these built-in features to charge an AGM battery like Optima batteries. (You can read my article on the bset AGM battery charger).
Optima needs a special charger because there are some specific settings which need to be used by Optima batteries. Avoid using Gel settings if you want your batteries to last longer.

Optima YellowTop batteries still carries the advanced technology and efficiency that we all wanted in a battery. We can rely on this battery if what we wish to our power and energy. Optima YellowTop battery is one of the best in the market today.

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