How To Charge Your Ring Doorbell Battery

Ring doorbells are sophisticated devices that brought the ring on homes to a whole new level with its cutting edge features. These devices are designed to enhance home security and to provide a convenient lifestyle to households. However, these devices are battery-operated, and they need to be charged from time to time to keep them going.

How to charge a Ring doorbell battery? Ring video doorbells are charged by using the typical micro-USB cable, like the one that comes with every doorbell model. This is the orange cable included in every Ring doorbell package.

To charge a Ring battery is to use the USB charger that comes with it, connect it to your device, and then plug the other end of the cable to a power source. You can plug it into a wall outlet or any device with a USB port, then leave until it gets fully charged.

In this article, I am going to provide plenty of information about Ring doorbells, especially with regards to its power source. This includes charging details, battery information, and everything related to them.

3 Step to Charge Your Ring Doorbell Batteries

This is where I am going to walk you through the process of charging the battery of a Ring doorbell device, in case you need to refresh your memory.

All models of Ring doorbell undergo this same process, so regardless of what model you have, these steps are applicable. So, without further ado, let’s get it charging to begin the ringing!

Step1: Removing the Device from the Mounting Brackets

The first step you have to take to charge your Ring doorbell is to detach the device from its mounting bracket. This is to allow access to its charger port, usually at the back of the doorbell.

To this, you can take the screw that comes with the package and unscrew the two safety screws at the bottom that holds it in place. Once the two screws are removed, you can lift the device from its mounting bracket for charging.

Step2: Connect the Charging Cable with the Unit’s Charger Port

Now that you have access to the doorbell’s charging port, you can now take the charger cable that comes with the device and connect it with the device. Then plug the other end on a USB power source like a laptop or use an AC adapter to plug it into a wall outlet.

Just a helpful piece of information, charging through a wall outlet, is more efficient than charging through computers or laptops.

Step3: Check if the Device is Charging and Wait Until 100%

After you made sure that the charger is properly connected with the device and plugged into a power source, you now have to check if the connection goes through by checking if the device is charging.

Check the LED light around the doorbell button and see if that blue ring light is lit. If the light is lit, that means the device is charging, and you can leave it until the device is fully charged. The charging process may take five to ten hours.

I found a great video if you like to watch below:

Using the Ring App to See if the Battery Needs Recharging

Aside from enhancing your home security, another feature that sets a Ring doorbell apart is the Ring App that makes a lot of things possible. With this powerful application, users are able to check the doorbell’s battery level on a few touches of their phone’s screen.

Here’s what you have to do if you want to check your doorbell’s power cell level and see if it needs to be charged.

First, you have to get the free Ring app and install it on your smartphone. If you haven’t got the App yet, you can get it from the Ring Website, and it is available for the following operating systems:

● Windows
● Mac
● Android
● iOS

Note: Downloading Ring App will require account details on the respective device stores.

Steps on How to Check Ring Doorbell Battery Status with Ring App

If you want to make sure that the battery level of your Ring doorbell is still enough through the App, you can follow these simple and quick steps.

1. To see how much charge your doorbell battery has left by checking it through the Ring App. Open the App by simply tapping the App icon on your phone.
2. Once you are on the App screen, go to the “Device” tab to show all of your Ring devices.
3. On the list of all Ring devices, look for the device you want to check, in this case, the doorbell. Tap that device.
4. The next screen will show you the major details about the device; battery, ring notifications, and motion alerts. The battery will be shown as an icon with a rough estimate of its current level.
5. To get more information about the battery level and see the exact remaining percentage, look for the settings button represented by a gear icon on the top right corner of the screen.
6. The next screen will display more detailed information about the battery, including a few options.

You can do this with just a few touches on your phone’s screen, even if you’re not at home. With this feature, you will have an idea if your Ring battery needs to be charged. You can also use the App to check for alerts, warnings, and other device activities.

Two Ways on How to Check the Ring Battery is Charged

If you are unsure and you want to know if your Ring battery is fully charged, there are two different ways to do it. One is to check the battery status by checking it with the Ring App, and the other is to check the lights of the unit.

In this part, I am going to guide you on how to manually check if the battery of your Ring doorbell is already fully charged. Here’s how you do it!

1. Remove the battery using the release feature.
2. Using the charger cable connect it with the battery
3. Keep an eye on both the green and red lights
4. Bear in mind that while on a charging process, both of the lights will be lit up
5. If the on the battery is shining bright green, the battery is fully charged

That is how you can manually check the Ring battery if it is fully charged. If you have the Ring App, you can also use it to check the status of the battery by opening it then going to “Devices,” and it will show the full status of the battery.

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How Long Does it Take to Charge a Ring Battery?

If you are wondering how long it will take to fully charge a Ring battery, then your answer is around five to ten hours.

According to the company, the battery life of a Ring device’s power cell only needs to be charged once or twice a year. And the average charging process will only take five hours as the minimum and ten hours as the maximum.

Final Thoughts

Now, there’s everything you need to know about Ring batteries and other essential information with regards to its charging. I hope that this article gave you what you were looking for. Let me know if you have any question. Thanks for reading my article!