How Long Does Your Ring Video Doorbell’s Battery Last?

Ring is a popular brand that brings a cutting edge and sophisticated approach to home security, especially in doorbells. The company innovated the doorbell and added plenty of security features to it. Today, we are going to take a look at the battery life of Ring devices and other related information.

How long does Ring battery last? Typically, a Ring doorbell can last from six months to twelve months. However, it will depend on several factors like the model of the device and the amount of activity the device picks up.

Later device models offer longer battery life compared to the older models. The biggest factor that can drain the battery a lot is the amount of activity of the device.

In this article, we are going to discuss all things about the Ring battery. I will provide you with all the essential information that has something to do with it, like the charging information, checking the battery status, and everything in between. So, sit back, relax, and read on to learn more about Ring batteries.

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Taking a Look at the Various Ring Doorbell Devices

There are four different models of Ring doorbells, and as mentioned earlier, each of them offers different lengths of battery life. The later the doorbell model is the more features it has to offer, and the more sophisticated it is.

It also has something to do with their battery life, and the same as the features go, the later the model of the device is, the longer the battery life it also has.

To get a better understanding, let’s take a closer look at each model and see how they are different from each other!

1. Ring Video Doorbell

This is one of the first two models of Ring devices manufactured, and they are the only two models that are mainly powered by power cells. The battery life of this model is expected to last up to one year, with six months the least.

However, this device’s battery life depends on various factors like the way it is installed, the temperature of its surroundings, and the activity of the device. The more activity this device picks up, the faster its battery will be drained and be depleted.

2. Ring Video Doorbell 2

Almost the same as the first one, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is the other prior devices manufactured by the company.

Although it is considered as a slight upgrade of the first version and it has a little better features, this model also has a battery life that can last from six months to a year. Again, there will be several factors that may affect the battery life of this particular model.

Since it has slightly advanced features, the battery life of this model can be depleted quicker. However, it is designed to be more energy-efficient than can cope up with its demands.

3. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The third model is the Ring Pro, where some later versions of it are designed to have an option to be hardwired and function without its battery. This device is also built with more advanced features with regards to motion detection and connectivity.

Same as the other prior two versions, this model also has a battery life that can last up to a year. But a lot of people prefer the hardwired version of this model since it is a more practical option.

However, the battery-operated version of this device may have a shorter battery life due to its extreme sensitivity as well as its more advanced features.

4. Ring Elite

Like the prior device model, the Ring Elite is a more sophisticated and advanced version of the doorbell.

This particular device has more cutting edge versions that can be hardwired with a power source that allows it to operate when it is directly connected with a power source. It also has more enhanced motion detection features, and it is built with excellent connectivity.

Like the Pro model, this device also has the ability to allow users to answer the door through smartphones. Users can also monitor their homes from the app that can be directly linked to the device.

Those are the four different models of the Ring Doorbell and their major differences. As you can see, the later the device model is, the better features it can offer, and the longer the battery life can be.

It clearly shows that the two latest models have the option to be hardwired, which means the better for households since they can operate while directly connected to an outlet.

The Two Major Factors that Can Drain A Ring Battery Faster

As we kept on mentioning earlier, there are several factors that contribute to a quicker Ring battery depletion. Here we are going to take a closer look at these two major factors and try to understand why they drain a Ring device’s battery a lot faster.

1. Home’s Environment: One of the major players involved in the fast depletion of a Ring battery is the environment around where the device is installed. When I say the environment, it includes the normal temperature in the area of the house.

Since batteries are greatly affected by temperature, I can safely say that the normal climate can be a huge factor in how fast the Ring battery can be drained.

If a Ring doorbell is installed on the house with a normally hot climate, it will definitely be discharged at a higher rate but with excellent performance. Elevated temperatures optimize the performance of its battery but also shortens its life.

2. Activities Captured: The other major player that plays a huge role in draining a Ring battery on a quicker phase is the activities the device picks up.

Basically, the more activity the device picks up, the busier it can get. The more the device gets triggered, the more it will be activated, leading to more recordings.

It simply means the more work it does, the more power it burns. So, if the Ring device picks up a lot of activities daily, then the more energy it will use, draining the battery faster.

3 Helpful Tips to Help You Extend a Ring Battery Life

If you are concerned that your Ring battery won’t last enough to protect your home longer, the good news is that there are few tweaks that you can do to extend its battery life and squeeze out more run time from it.

These simple tweaks may affect the performance of your device, but it will help to add more operating time. So, let’s not keep you waiting and give you some of these helpful tips.

Tip1: Set the Device’s Light Sensors to 0 or 1

By doing this, the light of the device will only turn on when it is really dark, lowering the load of its battery. It may affect the performance of the device, but it will still do what is expected from it.

Tip2: Lower the Sensitivity of the Motion Settings

Lowering the device’s sensitivity to motions will reduce the number of its activities, which is one of the greatest factors that drain its battery.

By doing so, the device will not react to lower motions that can be caused by rodents and other animals. It will only be triggered by bigger disturbances that can be very suspicious. This will also reduce battery usage, which allows it to conserve energy.

Tip3: Reducing the Brightness Settings of the Device

Another thing that can further extend a Ring battery life is by lowering the brightness settings of the device. The brightness of the device can demand a lot of power, and lowering it will squeeze out more run time from its battery.

If you can do these things with your Ring devices, they will definitely help you extend your device’s battery life. It will allow it to run for a longer time and protect your home better than ever.

Yes, they may affect its performance, but if you take a closer look at these tweaks, it won’t really be a big deal, and some of them make a lot of sense. It can make the device more power efficient by reacting to the right activities, optimizing the device a lot better.