Does AutoZone Charge Car Batteries For Free?

Leaving your headlight on is one thing that can see you waking up to a flat battery. Well, you know how your car lights can be consuming. A flat battery is never a thing to smile about, especially when you have got an important matter to handle.

This dilemma often leaves most drivers confused about what to do. There are two options here, and that’s jumpstarting your car or charging the battery.

Does AutoZone charge batteries for free? Yes, the AutoZone does recharge batteries for free regardless of the circumstance. You are only expected to bring your battery to the store where they put it in a quick-charge unit. It only takes half an hour to bring your battery to full performance.

What if I Can’t Get My Battery Out of the Car?

Such cases are familiar with some vehicle models. You will find drivers who aren’t sure where the battery of their car is located. It’s allowed as some models even have their batteries hidden in the trunk.

If you happen to fall into this category, you can call AutoZone and ask for help. The store can send a staff to your location with a portable charging box. Therefore, you shouldn’t let your flat battery stress you while you have got an AutoZone location near you.

What to Expect During an AutoZone Battery Charging

AutoZone is one of the leading auto retailers in the USA. Today, the store has over 6000 stores spread across the USA. The store is ranked among the best when it comes to their customer services.

Not only do they offer car parts, but they also provide free services, such as battery charging. Therefore, if you head to one of their stores looking for a battery top-up, you can expect to find the guys there busy.

However, there will always be someone to assist you. Within the shortest time possible, you will have your battery inspected and removed for charging. As stated earlier, it takes about half an hour to charge the battery fully. Therefore, you can choose to wait for it to load or leave the cell there. Both way, their stores are safe, and so your battery will be in good hands.

What Other Free Services Can I Expect from the Store?

As said earlier, AutoZone has managed to remain relevant in the industry for offering free services to its customers. That’s in addition to the quality parts you may find at their locations. Apart from free battery charging, there are other free services you can enjoy from the store. They include:

1. Battery Testing

It’s is recommended that you test your battery occasionally. Checking the battery helps the owner understand the state of his or her cell. The test can tell you what needs to be done to boost the life of the battery in question. Unfortunately, most people lack the battery testing kit. What does that leave you? It doesn’t mean that you allow your battery to die unexpectedly.

AutoZone has got you covered. You can, therefore, drive into one of their locations near you and request for the test. Usually, it will take less than an hour to carry out the procedure if you find the place less busy. Using the starting and charging tester, the professional over there helps collect the reading from your battery.

The fantastic thing about having the guys at AutoZone test your battery is that they can advise you on what to do in case the battery has a problem. Also, if a replacement is needed, the guy testing the battery can guide you on the best selection based on your car. (Check the battery prices from AutoZone).

Also, the fact that the store has various battery brands in stock makes the entire process smooth.

2. Battery Recycling

By now, you understand that the components found in your battery are harmful to the environment. It’s for this reason that the government partners with environmentalists to ensure that all batteries are disposed of properly. If you’re a driver, you probably have some dead cells hidden somewhere in your garage.

At times, the busy schedules might hinder you from doing the necessary, disposing of the battery, at a junkyard, for instance. (Click here & learn more about this topic).

Luckily, AutoZone has got you covered. The store can take care of the disposing part that is bothering you. The store collects old batteries from customers who get new ones from their store.

In return, they empty and neutralize the battery content before sending the casing to the manufacturers for recycling. Therefore, if you have an old battery somewhere in the house, remember to bring it in the next time you’re visiting their location for service.

3. Alternator and Starter Testing

Having a problem with your alternator can be annoying. Remember, it’s the alternator that is responsible for charging your battery while you’re on the move. Therefore, you may charge your battery today only to realize that it’s empty, the following morning. If you’re sure that the battery is in check, the next thing that should come to your mind should be to test the alternator.

At AutoZone, you can have the alternator tested for free. The process is quick. It’s something that can be done while you wait. It’s best to check the alternator using these guys as they are professionals in what they do.

After the test, the pros at AutoZone can advise you on the way forward in case the alternator has a problem. If a replacement is needed, they can as well help you with the makeover.

4. Check Engine Light Testing

Maintaining your car can be expensive. The price can even go further if you fail to detect problems before they emerge. Engine tests, for example, can help one figure out a problem while it’s still small. At AutoZone, you can utilize their fix finder program to test your engine.

The light engine checks are usually free and can be of great benefit to your car. During these tests, the mechanic over there can help you understand every complication while providing solutions if needed.

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