Can Electric Car Battery Be Recycled?

Like any other part, car batteries have a lifespan. Some can serve you for three years, while others can take up to five years before they crush. It, therefore, means that with time, your car battery is going to fail one morning. I find many people confused about what to do with the worn-out battery.

What is the best electric car battery disposal method? Electric vehicle batteries can never be trashed in a regular bin. Council garbage pickers have a list of items they can’t collect and that include car batteries. Therefore, the remaining disposal methods include recycling or taking the worn-out battery to a renowned old battery depot.

Car batteries contain lead plates and acid as part of them. Therefore, if disposed of wrongly, the two may find their way into the surrounding water bodies and soil. In return, the exposure may pose a threat to both plants and human life.

For, instance, the chemicals found in a car battery are known for messing with one’s blood, kidneys, brains, reproductive organs, and even the nervous system.

If you’re reading this piece, the chances are that you care about your surrounding and you’re not sure of the best ways to dispose of your worn out electric car battery. Without saying, here are ways in which you can do away with your old battery without causing any harm to the environment.

4 Ways to Dispose of Your Electric Car Battery

1. Scrap Metal Depot

A shallow dive over the internet, you will realize that there are many scrap metal depot around us. Well, the presence of these depots is vital. They have helped in reducing the amount of waste released into the environment. Scrap metal depots have made it possible for metals to be recycled instead of being disposed of anyhow.

Did you know that you can take your dead battery into a scrap metal dealer in exchange for cash? Most likely, you had no idea. Now that you know, whenever your battery dies, the first thing that should run through your mind is a scrap metal depot.

Disposing your battery at a scrap metal depot works perfectly for any driver out there. When eliminating a car battery at a scrap metal depot, your first step should be to gain contact with your local dealer. Thanks to the power of the internet, today, you can easily find all the scrap metal recyclers near your vicinity.

Most of these recycling centers have websites and through which you can find their rates. Therefore, you should take time to research online and find that one depot that offers better rates for your old battery.

Apart from the prices, you must also consider the location of the depot. It’s advisable to choose a dealer near you because you will have to take the battery there by yourself.

2. Take it to Your Battery Retailer

What is a core charge? I learned about the word a few years ago when carrying out my routine vehicle checkups. A core charge is a fee applied to components such as battery where the element has value to the retailer. The spoilt parts can, therefore, be brought back to the retailer for recycling or rebuilding.

Before discarding your EV battery, check your new battery’s receipt to confirm if there was a core charge applied. If the core charge was in place, then you must take the necessary steps. You should bring the old battery to an auto store or retailer.

You must remember to use safe handling procedures, including gloves when handling your old battery. Once done with the removals, bring the old battery to the retailers counter along with the receipt.

In return, your battery retailer should give you the core charge in exchange for the old or worn-out battery. Disposing your old battery at a retailers store is recommended as the guys there know how to deal with it properly.

3. Take it to a Collection Event

Now and then, government bodies in collaboration with environment organizations come up with activities aimed at reducing risks associated with improper disposal of waste. If you’re not sure of how to dispose of your spoilt battery, then you can utilize such events. During these events, one is allowed to take the old batteries for proper disposal.

For instance, the events do take place around April 22nd as part of the celebrated Earth Day acknowledgment. The fantastic thing about participating in such activities is that you get to learn more about how to best handle your worn-out battery, as well as other harmful waste materials.

Besides, it feels good participating in such a noble act, saving the environment. Also, the fact that it’s an event makes the deal sweeter as you get to meet and interact. Meeting people with whom you share dreams of saving the environment feels super amazing.

4. Recycling

Over the past few decades, governments have played a crucial role in pushing forward the campaign about recycling. Recycling, especially, electric vehicle batteries is vital as it helps reduce the risks associated with improper disposal. As opposed to the SLI batteries, electric vehicle batteries are designed to help power the engine for an extended time.

Therefore, these batteries have things such as zinc-air, lithium, nickel, lead, acids, and other harmful products that may pose a threat to the environment. It, therefore, makes sense in recycling these batteries as they are likely to cause more harm to the environment.

Recycling a car battery is quite a simple process. As stated earlier, most of the scrap collection depots do take old batteries for recycling.

According to the records provided by the recycling agents, about 99 percent of the components found in an electric vehicle battery is recyclable. Therefore, recycling is actually the best option. Recycling an old car battery is a simple process which entails various steps.

First, the old cells are hammered, breaking them into pieces. After striking, the broken pieces are placed into a vat to separate the heavy materials from the plastic. The plastics are blown dry and sent to a plastic recycler for smelting.

On the other end, the heavy elements are melted and purified before being sent to the battery manufacturers for recycling to take place.

At this point, the acid found in the battery gets extracted. The acid can be neutralized and turned into the water, which is treated to meet the water standards. The acid can as well get converted into an odorless white powder used in the laundry (sodium sulfate).

You don’t need to understand how the whole process works. There are experts whose job is to ensure that every component finds its rightful place.

How to Tell if Your Electric Car Battery is Beyond Repair

1. Runs Out of Charge Sooner than Expected

How long should a fully charged battery run? It’s a question that you will find many electric car owners asking. The answer to this inquiry is quite complicated to come up with one solution. Every car model has a specific design and thus, a different run-time.

For instance, a Tesla model is known to handle over 300 miles on a full charge while the Chevrolet Bolt is said to go about 240 miles.

However, the battery’s power may reduce by a significant margin hence calling for a repair. Say, for instance, does the battery drain its charge when you’re half your journey. I know how disappointing that can sound, especially when you have a crucial meeting to attend. The disappointment should act as an indicator that you need to do away with the battery.

2. Doesn’t Start the Engine

The electric vehicle battery’s primary purpose is to light up the engine. Well, your car battery may serve this purpose, but fail within time. Does your car fail to crank and even roar when you set the ignition key?

Most likely, your battery is getting old and needs to be el. Often, this problem may come and go. However, this doesn’t mean that it should get undermined.

3. The Audio System Shuts Off Unexpectedly

Have you noticed your sound system shutting suddenly? Have you tried checking the audio wiring and found no problem? Well, the problem might be your car battery and a sign that it requires to elimination. Disposing of the old battery can be the solution to all your audio troubles.

4. Dim Headlights

Your car’s headlights need power from the battery to light up. The light may, however, turn dim even when on full brightness. Dim lights may be as a result of many conditions, the old battery being one of them. Therefore, if you notice dim lights even after rectifying all the problem within the car, it’s time you disposed of the battery and acquired a new one.

5. Your Dashboard Warning Light Won’t Keep Mum

Thanks to the power of tech, today, most cars come equipped with a dashboard warning light. The indicator is usually in the shape of a battery. If you notice the light that doesn’t go even with the regular checkups, you should consider shopping for a new battery.

Learn more about this topic here.

6. Its Casing Swells

A car’s battery functions based on chemical reactions. Often, the process can go s south calling for a new car battery. For instance, too much heat or cold can see its casing swell. In return, the swelling can trigger leakages while shortening the strength of your battery. A swollen casing should act as an indication that you need to dispose of the battery sooner.