How Many Batteries Does A Golf Cart Need To Have?

How many golf cart batteries should you have to have to run the cart?

When it comes to golf carts and golf cart batteries, having the basic knowledge and awareness regarding the things related is necessary for you to get the most the most of your investments. It will also allow you to troubleshoot some problems that may occur easily.

Saving you time, effort and money for addressing the issues on your own. Being familiar with the basics and having a firm grasp and understanding on this basic concepts will also enable you to open a lot of options that will help you finely configure the setup of your carts to unleash their full potential.

This article will help you expand your awareness with regards to golf carts and their batteries. It will also help you understand the basic concepts behind machine allowing to be familiar with vital information about them.

One of these concepts is telling how many batteries a golf cart should have or how to determine the system voltage of your cart. Details like this will enable you to be creative and allow you to make some minor changes on your cart to maximize its potential, reduce the maintenance cost and a lot more.

The Number Of Batteries Golf Carts Should Have For Its System

For you to determine the number of batteries a golf cart needs, you first have to look closer into your golf cart. Make sure to determine its system voltage; then from there, you will have an idea of how many batteries it should have.

Typically, golf carts will have either a 36V or 48V system, that can be powered by either four, six or eight power cells. This will depend on the battery voltage that you will use.

If your cart has a 48-volt drive system, then it can be powered by 8 six-volt batteries, 6 eight-volt batteries or 4 12-volt batteries. So, if you are wondering how many batteries a golf cart should have. The answer will depend on its system and the type of battery used to power the drive system.

The Simple Way Of Discovering A Golf Cart’s System Voltage

Now, if you are having difficulties in determining the system voltage of a particular cart and the user manual of the machine is not available. Don’t lose hope, because there is a quick and simple way to how you can get this information. All you have to do is to refer to the quick guide below and make sure to keep it in mind.

To determine if your golf cart is running on a 36-volt or 48-volt electrical drive system, all you have to do is to observe and check the cart. Analyze the cart’s battery compartment and then follow this guide.

● Look for the compartment for the batteries in the cart and gain access. Typically, golf cart battery compartments are located under the cart seat.
● Check out the quantity of holes by counting the physical holes on the compartment. The normal number of holes will play around three, four and six.
● Now, to determine the system voltage of the machine. Take the quantity of holes that you see and multiply it by two (2). This is because each hole will be equal to two volts.
● Then the final step is to multiply the result on the previous step by the quantity of golf cart power cells.


If the compartment has THREE holes, then (3 X 2) = 6. That will be 6V Battery.

Then if the machine has 6 units of battery then (6 X 6) = 36, it means that the cart runs on a 36V system.

Now if you find FOUR holes, that will be (4 X 2) = 8 (8V battery)

Then there are 6 units of battery, (8 X 6) = 48; the cart has a 48V system.

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Several Benefits You Can Gain From Knowing These Things

Being familiar with these concepts, will not just make you aware and knowledgeable about the basics of golf carts and batteries. It will also enable you to set up your golf carts in a way that can help you lower maintenance cost or maximize their load capacity. To get a better picture, please refer to list below.

● Reduce Battery Expenses – If you are going to look at the market, battery prices vary according to their voltage. Obviously, 6V batteries cost lesser compared to 8V batteries which also cost lesser compared to 12V batteries. If you know the system voltage of your cart, you can set it up to use a cheaper option that will be more budget friendly. Let say, your cart’s system voltage is 48V, then you can set it up to use 6 eight-volt batteries which can be cheaper than 8 six-volt batteries from the same brand.
● Maximizing Load Capacity – You can also set up your golf carts into cargo type machine that can carry more items compared to the typical ones. By knowing the system voltage of your cart, you can power it with the batteries that will have lesser weight to expand the cart’s capacity. For example, your golf cart has a 120-volt system. It can be powered by 20 6-volt batteries, 15 8-volt batteries or 10 12-volt batteries. You can choose to use the 15 units of an 8-volt battery which is lighter than the 20 units of 6-volt batteries. By doing this, you will increase the load capacity of the cart without sacrificing the cycles of the batteries of the cart.

Tips For Choosing The Right Golf Cart Battery For Your Needs

If you are having difficulties in choosing the right battery for your golf cart due to the overwhelming choices available in the market. Here are some important things to think about before buying a golf cart power cell. Thinking about these things will help you come with a smart decision in purchasing the battery that will perfectly fit your needs and your golf cart.

● Battery Voltage – In choosing a power cell for golf carts, the first thing you have to do is to determine the system voltage of the cart. That will provide you the amount of voltage you need to operate the cart. From there, you can now consider the different types of batteries available. It will allow you to weigh all of your options and decide whether a 6-volt, 8-volt or 12-volt battery is best for your cart.
● AH Rating – Another thing you have to think about before buying a battery for your golf cart is the capacity rating of the battery. The amount of energy the battery can provide. Keep in mind that you can increase the capacity rating by connecting your batteries in a parallel connection. If you have two batteries with 210 AH rating, with the parallel connection, you will have a total of 420 AH rating.
● Life Cycle – You also should think about the amount of cycle the battery has to offer. It will give you an idea of the service life of the battery, so the idea is to go for the batteries with higher cycles. Because they are the ones that will provide you a longer service life.


Having a firm grip on the basic concepts involving golf carts and batteries. Like how many batteries are in a golf cart or learning how to determine the cart’s system voltage will open a lot of options for you.

Options that will allow you save money by reducing battery expensenses and maintenance cost. It will also enable you to reconfigure the setup of your golf carts to enhance them in specific areas.

The article also provided some of the factors that affect your decision in choosing the right battery for your golf carts. Allowing you to pick the right power cell that will satisfy all of your needs.