Best 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

reviews on the top 8volt golf cart batteriesAre you wondering if you should pick an 8-volt golf car battery over a 6 volt or 12 battery to power your electric golf cart or vehicle? Are you worried about conversion or you are just having difficulties in deciding what is the best battery to use?

The truth is, there are situations that an 8-volt power cell is better than both 6 volt and 12-volt power cells. And you also have to keep in mind that in some situations a 6-volt or a 12-volt battery is better.

All of them has their advantages and disadvantages and depending on the situation; one is better compared to their counterparts and vice versa.

To help you with your dilemma, we are going to take a look at best 8-volt batteries this 2018. We are going to discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of each battery.

We are also going to take a look at the features they offer to be able to understand why they are the best ones.

The Top Three Eight Volt Batteries for Golf Carts Available Today

When it comes to the industry of golf cart batteries, there are two major brands that are competing to be the best. One is Trojan, and the other is US Battery.

Both of them are trusted manufacturers that produce reliable and durable products. In this part of the article, we are going to look into the products of the first manufacturer which is Trojan.

On the list below you will find the top three battery models that Trojan has to offer. Each model below is completely reviewed to provide you all the information about them.

The T-875 Eight Volt Golf Cart Battery

This battery model manufactured by Trojan is a golf cart power cell that is built for optimum performance. It is a powerhouse battery specially designed to withstand the toughest challenges presented by bumpy and rough terrains.

Product Features:

● Built with Trojan’s MaxGuard technology and patented Alpha Plus paste formula to offer longer service life and extended run time.
● Low upkeep battery with proven reliability, durability and performance that makes it a great choice to power golf carts.
● This T-875 8-volt battery model comes with an 18-month free replacement warranty to build trust with clients.

Product Specifications:

● Model: T-875
● Group Size: GC8 Deep Cycle
● Type: Wet Cell/Flooded Lead-Acid
● Weight(lbs): 63
● Dimensions(in): 10.21 x 7.06 x 11.14
● 5-Hour Rate: 145 AH
● 20-Hour Rate: 170 AH
● Discharge Rate: 295 minutes at 25 amps
● Battery Life Cycle: 650

Product Pros:

Trojan’s T-875 golf cart power cell is a specially built to provide optimum performance. It is built using the manufacturer’s state of the art technology and patented MaxGuard separator and Alpha Plus solution to extend battery and service life as well as run time. With a 20-hour rate of 170 AH, this extremely reliable and durable eight-volt battery is one of Trojan’s best products. It also includes an 18-month free replacement warranty.

Product Cons:

There are some complaints about this battery regarding on acid build ups on the battery cables. As wet cell battery, build-ups like this can cause severe issues that may lead to the battery’s demise. With issues like this, regular maintenance should be carried out which can be inconvenient for users.

The T-860 Eight Volt Battery Model for Golf Carts

Another proud product from Trojan is the T-860 battery for golf carts. As a world-renowned company that helps the top golf courses across the globe, this power cell model is also built to be reliable, durable and to provide superior performance.

With the manufacturer’s proprietary technologies like the MaxGuard design and the Alpha Plus formula, this power cell also has an extended service life, longer run time and low maintenance requirements. This is a battery built to stand against the test of time and the toughest challenges in any terrain.

Product Features:

● A powerhouse battery that has extreme durability and reliability designed to provide superior performance to satisfy clients.
● Equipped with Trojan’s MaxGuard design technology for higher durability and exceptional toughness for longer service life.
● Features the manufacturer’s proprietary Alpha Plus paste formulation to allow the battery to provide longer run time.
● Battery package comes with a one year or twelve-month free replacement warranty from the manufacturer.

Product Specifications:

● Model: T-860
● Group Size: GC8 Deep Cycle
● Type: Lead-Acid
● Weight(lbs): 56
● Dimensions(in): 10.375 x 7.125 x 11.875
● 5-Hour Rate: 125 AH
● 20-Hour Rate: 150 AH
●Discharge Rate: 240 minutes at 25 amps, 60 minutes at 75 amps
● Battery Life Cycle: 650

Product Pros:

The T-860 8V golf cart battery model from Trojan features the state of the MaxGuard Separator design and Alpha Plus formulation which is a patented technology. This advanced technology works together to extend the battery life and to offer longer run times. Reducing the cart’s downtime and helping it to be more productive on its day to day operation. This power cell has up to 650 cycles, and it can offer up to 150 AH which is enough to power golf carts.

Product Cons:

Apart from its excellent features and despite being a reliable power that provides superior performance. There are some complaints against this battery because it tends to have acid buildups on its cables and exterior parts of the housing. Due to this issue, it requires a lot of maintenance that may cost some money in the long run.

The T-890 Eight Volt Golf Cart Power Cell

Same as the Trojan products mentioned above, this T-890 battery model is designed to offer superior and optimum performance. This model is the most powerful power cell among the three because it can offer up to 190 AH on a 20-hour rate and 155 AH on a 5-hour rate operation.

Also equipped with Trojan’s Alpha Plus formulation and MaxGuard Separator, this eight-volt battery offers a much longer service life and runtime to reduce a cart’s downtime. This battery is also built to last for years since it is designed and engineered to have exceptional vibration and shock resistance. Giving the battery the durability and toughness to withstand brutal challenges a golf course may present.

Product Features:

● Highly reliable and durable battery that can offer an amount of energy within the range of 155 AH to 190 AH at a 5-hour and 20-hour rate operation, respectively.
● Featuring Trojan’s MaxGuard Separator and Alpha Plus formulation technologies for longer service life and greatly reduced upkeep.
● Built to last for years and engineered to take on the toughest challenges a bumpy and rough terrain may present.
● Trojan also provides an eight-month free replacement warranty for this particular eight-volt golf cart battery model.

Product Specifications:

● Model: T-890
● Group Size: GC8 Deep Cycle
● Type: Lead-Acid/Flooded/Wet Cell
● Weight(lbs): 69
● Dimensions(in): 10.375 x 7.125 x 11.875
● 5-Hour Rate: 155 AH
● 20-Hour Rate: 190 AH
● Discharge Rate: 340 minutes at 25 amps, 160 minutes at 75 amps
● Battery Life Cycle: 650

Product Pros:

This T-890 eight-volt golf cart battery from is the most powerful product of its kind in the market today. It is an eight-volt battery that can run on a 5-hour rate and 20-hour rate operations that can produce 155 AH and 190 AH respectively. Due to the combined Alpha Plus past solution and MaxGuard separator technology of Trojan, this battery has longer run time where its discharge rate ranges from 160 minutes to 340 minutes at 25 amps and 75 amps. It is also a long lasting product that has extreme durability and impressive shock and vibration resistance to take on rough and bumpy rides on brutal terrains.

Product Cons:

As the more powerful battery on Trojan’s arsenal, this model is also the heaviest unit among the three. This may reduce the load capacity of a cart, and it can also be inconvenient to use, especially if your day to day operations involves transferring batteries from one cart to another. It also has the tendency to have acid build ups on the battery cables that makes it a demanding unit that needs regular maintenance.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we reviewed and took a closer look at the three best 8-volt golf cart batteries manufactured by Trojan. One of the most renowned brand when it comes to golf cart batteries.

The article also provided you all the vital and important features that each battery model has to offer. With this information, you will have an idea of what benefits each product can bring and that drawback that you have to deal with.

Having this information can be very helpful because it can guide you and help you make the right decision in choosing the best battery model that will suit your needs in the future.

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