Best 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries Available On The Market

the top 6 volt golf cart batteries buying tipsGolf carts are considered to be a great investment for a lot of different businesses, they provide a better experience to your clients, and they can also make the job of your employees easier.

However, to make sure that your golf carts provide the optimum or superior performance that you need, you also have to make sure that they have a good battery. Power cells that are capable of providing the power that they need and durable enough to withstand the toughest challenges that any rough or bumpy terrain that will present.

Choosing the batteries for golf carts can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any idea of what, you should look for. So to help you in your search for these batteries here is a complete product review of the best 6-volt golf cart batteries available in the market today.

A review that will introduce you to the top six-volt batteries that you can use for your golf carts. This review will not only introduce you to the best six-volt power cells in the market, but it will also look deeper into each battery, giving you the features they offer and the advantages of using them.

Allowing you to understand each product that will lead you to a smart decision which is choosing the best one that will suit all your needs.

The Top Six-Volt Golf Cart Power Cells Available in the Market

Below, you will find a complete product review of the four best six-volt batteries for golf carts. This review will provide you all the necessary and vital information that you need to know about them and help you compare them with each other. An in-depth review that will help you make a smart decision and pick the best suitable battery for your needs.

Trojan T-105 Six-Volt Golf Cart Power Cell

Price: $329 Consumer Rating: 4.7/5 Stars

If you are looking for a battery that offers extreme reliability, impressive durability, and superior performance, the Trojan T-105 model is the recommended choice for you. Built with Trojan’s signature and patented MaxGuard separator as well as its Alpha Plus formulation, this is a power cell designed to provide superior performance for years.

It is an extremely reliable and durable product that offers an exceptional vibration and shock resistance to stand against the toughest challenges of any rough and bumpy terrains. Allowing to have an extended service life as well as longer run time.

Product Features:

● Equipped with Trojan’s MaxGuard Separator feature for longer service life
● Features the Alpha Plus formulation to offer longer run time and extended use
● Offers a 20-hour rate operation with up to 225 AH and has 750 cycles
● Extremely reliable and durable product that will serve you for years

Product Specifications:

● Brand: Trojan
● Model: T-105
● Weight (lbs): 62
● Dimensions (in): 10.3 x 7.1 x 10.8
● Discharge Rate: At 25 Amps – 447 Minutes, At 75 Amps – 115 Minutes
● 20-hour Rate AH: 225
● Life Cycle: 750

Product Pros:

As a product manufactured by one of the most recognized brands in the golf cart battery industry, the T-105 six-volt power cell is an excellent choice for investors. It is an extremely reliable powerhouse that has 750 cycles and can provide up to 225 AH. With the signature MaxGuard and Alpha Plus formulation it features it is a great battery for golf carts.

Product Cons:

This battery model has a higher price tag compared to its competitors. It is also a heavy battery that can reduce the load capacity of golf carts. The battery also tends to have buildups on the cables which makes it a demanding power cell that needs regular maintenance.

Universal Power Group UBGC2 Six-Volt Golf Cart Power Cell

Price: $249.99 Consumer Rating: N/A

Another battery on the list is the UBGC2 model manufactured by Universal Power Group. It is a very reliable and durable six-volt golf cart power cell that has a 200 AH capacity rating.

As an SLA-AGM battery that features a spill-proof design, this model is a power cell that is built to have an excellent vibration resistance. It is also designed to be mounted in any position, making it very convenient and easy to use.

As a powerful golf cart battery, this is an excellent choice for investors and individuals looking to purchase a replacement battery.

Product Features:

● Features an impressive vibration and shock resistance for longer life
● Virtually mountable in any position that makes it easy to install and convenient to use
● It can offer up to 200 AH and offers long run time as well as service life
● Spill-proof and maintenance-free design to boost convenience
● Very reliable and durable battery that can serve you for several years
● The product includes a one-year warranty from the manufacturer

Product Specifications:

● Brand: Universal Power Group
● Model: UBGC2
● Weight (lbs): 62.40
● Dimensions (in): 10.24 x 7.09 x 9.72
● 20-hour rate AH: 200
● Voltage: 6V

Product Pros:

The UBGC2 six-volt battery model from Universal Power Group is built to offer superior performance. It has a 200 AH capacity rating, and it also offers a longer service life that makes it a great investment. With an excellent vibration and shock resistance, this 6-volt battery can also be mounted in any position that makes it a great option for replacing your 6-volt golf cart batteries.

Product Cons:

This battery requires more attention compared to the first one on the list. Since this is a sealed lead acid power cell, you have to make sure that you check it monthly for leaks and other physical damages that may lead to its demise.

Armstron AP-GC2 Six-Volt Golf Cart Power Cell

Price: $196.54 Consumer Rating: 3.9/5 Stars

The AP-GC2 six-volt golf cart power cell model is another great option that you can consider. It is an AGM battery that has a 210 AH capacity rating with a maintenance-free design.

It is also a very affordable battery perfect for those with a tight budget. This model is also a very reliable battery that can offer a longer cycle of battery life.

With its spill-proof design and excellent resistance against vibrations and shocks, it is considered to be one of the best batteries for golf carts on the market today.

Product Features:

● Spill-proof and maintenance-free design for safer and convenient use
● Great resistance against vibrations and shocks to offer a longer lifespan
● A reliable battery that can provide enough power that golf cart needs
● Includes a one-year warranty from the manufacturer

Product Specifications:

● Brand: Armstron
● Model: AP-GC2
● Weight (lbs): 68
● Dimensions (in): 10.24 x 7.09 x 10.79
● Voltage: 6V

Product Pros:

The Armstron AP-GC2 six-volt battery model is the cheapest in this group, making it very affordable compared to other batteries listed in this article. As an AGM battery with a spill-proof design, this battery is safe to use and offers a longer service life. A very reliable battery that every investor will love.

Product Cons:

There are some complaints about this battery that it takes a long time to be fully charged. Compared to other batteries in this group, it also has a lesser lifespan due to its weaker housing and thinner battery panels.

Lifeline GPL-4CT Six-Volt AGM Golf Cart Power Cell

Price: $389.99 Consumer Rating: 5/5 Stars

This GPL-4CT six-volt golf cart power cell model manufactured by Lifeline is considered to be the top choice of a lot of consumers in the market. It is a powerhouse manufactured following military grade standards that makes it extremely tough and durable.

With a 220 AH capacity rating that exceptional resistance against shock and vibration, this is a battery can stand any rough and bumpy drives across any harsh terrain.

Product Features:

● Features a military grade housing with exceptional toughness and durability
● An extremely reliable battery that offers great power and longer service life
● Offers a 220 AH capacity rating in a 20-hour rate operation with longer runtime
● Applicable to a variety of cars, boats, RVs and different solar applications

Product Specifications:

● Brand: Lifeline
● Model: GPL-4CT
● Weight (lbs): 66
● Dimensions (in): 10.3 x 7.1 x 9.9
● Amps – Hours: 20-hour rate – 220 AH
● Discharge Rate: At 8 amps – 1692 mins, 15 amps – 856 mins, 25 amps – 492 mins

Product Pros:

Considered to be the best in the market, the GPL-4CT model from Lifeline is one of the top choices of consumers. With its 5-star customer satisfaction rating, this powerhouse that can offer up to 220 AH is a very reliable battery for golf carts.

Product Cons:

There are no reports against this battery that makes it a very great choice.


There are the top four 6 volt golf cart batteries available on the market today. Make sure that you look at them closer to understand what each of them can offer.

Keep in mind that in buying a battery, you have to consider a lot of aspects including the budget you are working with, the service life and the power the battery has to offer. So be careful in choosing and make sure to compare them thoroughly.